A reality check for Helen Kelly and Simon Oosterman

In their ongoing protest against AFFCO wanting workers to do a fair days work for a 5% pay increase, Helen Kelly and Simon Oosterman are using 1970?s tactics and media manipulation to try to win a battle they lost when Stan Rodger sorted out the unions in the 1980s.

Council of Trade Unions president Helen Kelly has been with the striking workers as they travelled around the Talley’s houses, and will join them for a march in Nelson at midday.

”We’re showing what is going on in these communities of Wairoa, Wanganui, the Manawatu, and Morea to the communities of Nelson and Motueka,” she said.

The Talley family, ”one New Zealand family”, had inflicted incredible hardship on 1300 other New Zealand families, she said.

Helen and Simon ? this is 2012. Not forty years ago. The public of New Zealand are not on your side. The public do not care for your stupid rhetoric about one family causing hardship on another 1300 just as they didn?t side with the wharfies in Auckland who were getting paid $91,000 or more to work 26 hours a week.

If you really cared about your workers suffering hardship you would come to terms with Talleys rather than fighting your stupid, 1970?s ideological battle. In what might be news to you AFFCO have taken hundreds of your members who want a 5% pay increase for doing an honest days work, rather than fight your battles for you. And Simon, you have lost your touch with getting repeaters to repeat your stories in the media, maybe because you sold them a pup with people like Cecil Walker.