A restaurant to visit


Next time I am in Wellington I will make sure I visit this restaurant, not for the foie gras ( I don’t like it) but to annoy the wankers protesting the restaurant.

A Wellington animal rights group has vowed to carry on its protests outside Le Canard restaurant until its foie gras dish is taken off the menu.

Speak Up for Animals says it will “politely” carry out weekly protests at the French restaurant in Thorndon, with a growing group of activists joining its campaign against the controversial food.

Foie gras is a traditional French delicacy made from duck or goose livers that have been engorged by overfeeding them with fat-covered grains.

Le Canard owner Pascal Bedel has been taunted by placard-wielding animal-rights protesters every weekend for more than six months, which is putting a strain on his business.

Zoologist Michael Morris, a microbiology teacher at UCOL in Palmerston North, and one of the leaders of the anti-foie gras campaign, said Speak Up for Animals was focusing on Le Canard because it refused to follow other restaurants in removing the dish.

The group of five campaigners, who he said were “professionals with sensible jobs”, had regularly been outside the restaurant handing out leaflets and “politely” talking to customers about foie gras.


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  • Carver Media Network

    Do they have pussy?

    • No but I hear a certain takeaway in the Manawatu is currently facing charges for cooking cat

  • Mr_Blobby

    Not my kind of food either, sounds a bit like whale blubber.
    I hope the customers “politely “tell these Wankers to fuck off and get a life.
    The problem with Wellington is it’s filled up with a bloated public service and Politian’s.
    “Professionals with sensible jobs” = Snouts in public trough

  • Basil

    I’ll do the same just to piss off the tosser’s complaining…..

    • acting up

      Or to toss off the pissers complaining

  • Kthxbai

    With you guys supporting it, I’m sure the restaurant be full of diners wishing to share your refined company

  • Rodger T

    I`ll dine there providing they serve Le lion Rouge.

  • Gazzadelsud

    nice restuarant, i will go there next week.  I love traditional french food, and real goose liver pate is a wonderful treat if you can get it.  If only we could have whale tartare or the kiwi one egg omelette to go with it.  :)

  • acting up

    Yeah, heaven forbid that anyone should actually quietly, politely and appropriately stand up for something they believe in.

    Handing out leaflets is truly wankerish behaviour. Better to keep quiet …. hush …. don’t wake up the locals …  everything is fine ….zzz….

  • Jman

    So you approve of disgusting cruelty to animals so that some wankers can enjoy a gay French delicacy?

    • Alex

       Not necessarily.  I think it’s disgusting too.  But I also think disgusting is what they are doing, which is to cause the restaurant (with all the people who rely on its financial success for their livelihoods) economic damage.  At the end of the day, the restaurant is acting lawfully — there is no law against foie gras.  If you have a problem with that, then protest at the government to have it banned.  Not attack small business owners trying to provide employment for others.