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Message: You really piss me off. I’m a Green/Labour voter (but you’ll be pleased to know I voted for Tim MacIndoe as Sue Moroney was the alternative), so I obviously think a lot of your politics are really shortsighted and dopey.

But you’re so often incredibly decent, compassionate and fair (in some of your assessments).

It’s comforting to know that decency can exist in the heart of a political fucktard.

Keep up the (often) good work.

Thank you to my correspondent. That email made my night.

I value all opinions, especially those who can understand that underneath I respect and care for my opponents even if I have a go at them.


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  • jabba

    that was nice of “him” .. didn’t the Greens, Winny1st or lack of Mana stand a candidate?

  • Johnbronkhorst

    A bit of contraditory thinking here!! Shortsighted, National, in the last 50 years, are the only party that ,when in govt., built anything that still exists and we rely on for our daily living. So history would appear to disagree with thie semi polite person! Besides, ALL of labours current policies show, that they haven’t changed their LACK of vision policies yet. Tax and spend on welfare.

  • rouppe

    Sounds conflicted…

    • Nah – not conflicted – obviously just having difficulty deciding what box they should fit into – my solution is create your own box and bugger the existing ones…..have said here before that there are too many that seem to accept bad bahaviour in their “box” just because they support other things in that “box” – history shows us that’s a really really bad idea…..

      • BJ

        You are the only one talking ‘tunnel vision’ with putting everyone in a “box”

      • Pukakidon

         That is the problem.   People do not have to fit in a box.   They can be unique in some areas and common in others.   Placing people in boxes is judgmental.

  • Salacious T Crumb

    “I obviously think a lot of your politics are really shortsighted and dopey.”

    Could the first three words ever display so much irony in the context of a sentence?

    •  Ha ha!!! Nothing else…..

  • Mark

    A slightly bi-polar email there. I could imagine this wanker twitching and slapping his head as he types trying to come to terms with what he is writing. P.S. Green emailer – the Greens are the biggest fucktards in NZ (and that’s saying something with Winnie stil around).

  • BJ

    It was a rather stingy compliment – I guess so they don’t have to question their whole belief system.  

    Green is the party of ideals. Labour is the party of sabotage. National is the party of realists – they don’t operate from a belief in magic – and their grownup supporters know when it’s the time for fantasy and when its ‘time to get real’

    • Nice box you’ve put yourself in – same box the supporters of Hitler thought they were in – not suggesting for a moment our NATIONAL party is like that, but then why else would you call yourself something so close to nationalist  – dare you to ask if I’m kidding – or not.

      • BJ

        I have labeled myself no such thing at all.  

        I want all people in this country to enjoy successful and happy lives but I also don’t believe in aiding and abetting the ‘hopelessly unmotivated’ or those that have no self control over their childish spoilt brat ‘wants’ and ‘sense of deservedness’. No one owes us anything. I have compassion for those that can’t help themselves and admire those that help others that need it.  This present National party lead by John Key is the grownup party – mature, reliable and contributing and I’ll continue to slam the other parties that have no grasp on the reality of this country’s situation for as long as they deceive the masses.  

        Oh – and I don’t care whether you are kidding or not.

  • Mark C

    I like that message. I think that many, if not, most of us frequent Cam’s blog is because we can be informed, debate, agree and disagree. I reckon I’d also miss hearing from Kosh if he decided not to contribute.

    •  Yep – that’s me too Mark… the debate – wish it would stay at adult level all the time – but then some is so much fun to wind up….

    • la la land

      I agree – its great to have a forum for debate like this… and its always good to see some compassion alongside a lot of slaying of the bad guys!

  • guest

    fucktard we all know who loves that word

    • TravisPoulson

      I was thinking that, but then words like compassionate, assessments and correspondent were included with correct spelling, and used in the correct context so it can’t be him. 

  • Pukakidon

    Hmmmmm  I wonder?