Andrew Little: Employers are parasites

Andrew Little is a pretender to Labour’s throne and often touted as a future Prime Minister.

That will be a big task for the man who thinks employers are parasites.


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  • Big Bruv

    Oh dear!…more ammunition to use against this wanker when he rises from the shit pond to lead the corrupt Labour party.
    The only parasites are unions, they take money from the terminally stupid who join a union and from those who can least afford it.
    Union employees never go on strike, union employees never have to worry about not being paid yet these are the same parasites who are happy to sacrifice the living standards of their members in an effort to further their own political goals.

    Fuck them!, unions are scum and anybody dumb enough to join one (or weak enough to let themselves be bullied into joining one) deserves no sympathy from us.

    • AngryTory

      Fuck them!, unions are scum and anybody dumb enough to join one (or weak enough to let themselves be bullied into joining one) deserves no sympathy from us.

      They deserve nothing except to starve in the gutter.

      Unionists should be liable or exemplary damages for all costs they impose on businesses.   Negotiate a $100 dollar pay rise?  Fine every damn unionist at least $300 to pay for it!  Go on strike to get locked out?  Fine every damn unionist the total cost of the loss of business! 

      NZ has to decide if it is a country that wants to work our a country that wants to bludge.

    • Philip ure a cock

      Well said! Well fucking said!

  • Hitchy

    This guy is a complete monkey. Didn’t see him working in the electorate where he got his arse handed to him over the recess either.

  • victoria

    tell that to all the small business owners around NZ Andrew, and see how the polls like it

    • Guest

      He already has by this post. labour has now alienated all employers in nz. well done Mr little.

  • What about parasite employers who withhold PAYE, Kiwisaver and Student Loan deducted from their employees from the IRD which they are legally, morally, and ethically bound to pass on on the 20th of the month following? And when one of those parasite employers is a union leader acting like a parasite towards his own staff, surely Little would be condemning him.

    No; not a mutter towards Matt McCarten; Little is not only an ideologue; he’s a hypocrite too, when he ignores one of his own ilk doing what he condemns others for.

    • AngryTory

      I’m an employer its my FUCKING MONEY that keeps you and yours out of the gutter.

       withhold PAYE, Kiwisaver and Student Loan

      If you bought-and-paid-for unionist politicians hadn’t put that rort in in the first place, I wouldn’t have to pay a cent.   KiwiStealer, WelfareForFamilies, and the rest of the Clarkist communist apparatus (to quote the current PM for fucksake) are unconstitutional and corrupt.  Key should have abolished the lot as soon as he was elected.   

      If I make a stand on not paying these evil taxes, good for me – say again: its my fucking money

      • Azza

        “I’m an employer its my FUCKING MONEY that keeps you and yours out of the gutter.”

        Aren’t you just an arrogant wee man? While I’ve never had time for unions I do have time and respect for those that work under me and above me. It’s called mutual respect and every leader has it. I can see by the tone of your writing that you don’t have respect for anyone except yourself and I pity your poor workers working under someone with such an obvious lack of leadership skills.

        Perhaps you might one day realise you, as an employer, have what is know as a symbiotic relationship with your workers. They need you, you need them. Get off your high horse and start getting a fucking clue. 

      • Alex

         @6d2854a67e5e0e8c5da11fc115cec906:disqus well put.  I despair when AngryTory and his ilk come online.  They resemble their left wing kin in their expletives, childish hyperboles and vitriol.  I like to believe it is possible to be right wing without being discourteous and disrespectful.

      • James Gray

        Uhhh… No it’s not. Even following what you said above, it should all go to the employee.

      • Quest

        Alex what does code you posted mean?

      • Geez man you sound just like one of  those employers he’s talking about – please note the rest of you he hasn’t called employers parasites – he’s defined those employers who he calls parasites – and if I worked for one like he described I call them worse names than parasites…..geez read what’s in front of you.

      • Mike

        Yet without your workers you would have no money – idiot.  It swings in roundabouts, you need each other to succeed. 

  • Guest

    well as far as I can see the Charity filed with the Charity Commission they had 2 full time staff and the previous year 3 – so the calculation seems fair. Interesting though Andrew Little says in his comment Union staff dont work for nothing – fair call but is he referring to the staff in the Charity because their main job is training and education – are they working on Union employment negotitations?

    I might of mis-read the above

    • AngryTory

      Union staff don’t “work” — they bludge.
      They bludge on my fucking money just as much as someone on the dole, DPB, super, or sickness.
      And adding insult to injury I’ve got to collect their pathetic damn salaries and had it over to ’em with a smile or the “Labour” department will be down like a ton of bricks.

      The sooner we get rid of the Employment Relations Act, get back to Ruth’s Employment Contract Act or better still an Employer’s Bill of Rights NZ’s economy might just start to turn around.

      • Kosh103

        By the sounds of it more like the sooner you can start freezing wages and filling your pockets more.

        Perhaps you are one of the bad employers Unions are needed for.

    • Guest

       Angry Tory – hmmm less of the language but consider this. Employers employee people. The Unions take a cut each week called subscriptions. That then employes Union members – who then jump on the political bandwagon and pay donations to political parties. Then jump on list MP lists – get elected via party vote and pick up an MP salary.

      How did Andrew Little get there – from employers employing people and Union taking a fee.

      I think this post will go viral – quote me if I am wrong but doesnt 80% of the NZ workforce are employed buy businesses under 10 to 15 staff.

      What does he want – government to own all businesses – Employers are parasites – they are hard working citizens who are absolutely in love with NZ and will defend it to the hilt. We in NZ love our No 8 wire mentality and every small employer should given a big pat on the back for working hard and having a great social attitude in employing people. I know so many small businesses who have cut their own wages to make sure their employees are paid each week – EMPLOYERS are not parasites – they are good NZ citizens – its Unions and politicians that make them out too be baddies.

      Lets set up International Day for Employers – to be celebrated on this day each year 6th May.

  • AngryTory

    Christ the commies are out in force today!

    Starting with the most important fact: as an employer its my fucking money I’m paying you

    In free country I have the right to pay you what I think you’re worth for what I want you to do.  If you agree to work for me and then break that contract then I should have criminal and civil remedies against you – especially if you conspire with other communists to destroy my business

    In short:   union staff who negotiate employment agreements, enforce those agreements and other employment rights and campaign for better conditions and laws for all workers   most certainly are parasites of the highest order

    Little and the rest of his commie friends – including his bought-and-paid-for politicians in the Labour, Green, and Mana parties, should all be in gaol.

    Maybe it’s time for a referendum on NZ’s union “movement” and communist “policies”

    • Kosh103

      It might be your money, but here in NZ workers have rights – if you dont like that move to China, it would be more suited to your attitude.

      • johnbronkhorst

        NZ workers have a RESPONISIBILTY…to do a FAIR days work to get that pay. They are protected by laws that say they MUST be paid. If they STEAL time from their employer by NOT doing the prescribed work in any one Day, week…They still retain their jobs!!!

      • Dave

        Kosh – Please publish that in the Teachers journal under your own name, and tell all your employers are scum.    And Kosh, PLease MOVE to China yourself, I am told there is a good market there for English teachers.   

        I will even start a collection for you to FUCK OFF to China.   Anyone else happy to contribute ??

        PLease see my general post below Kosh!!

      • Robert Anderson

         They also have responsibilities. Something you lot like to forget. And rights are conferred not by the employr but by bullies who manage to get Laws made. We would be better off without much of that paper wrk. The rest of the world survives without much of it. We are slowly going broke becauase of it.

      • Kosh103

        Dave, my opinions about the previous Education Minister are well known and I do not just mean on line.

      • Bhudson

        So what you meant there kosh was “it might be your money, but here in NZ workers have rights to it…”

        Interesting viewpoint

      • Kosh103

        Fact – without the workers you have no money.

      •  Another fact Kosh. Without employers (like myself; we’ve grown our staff by 25% this year so far), workers won’t have jobs, nor will they have any money.

      • Mediaan

         Kosh, (“rights” is a silly word, signifying nothing) one of their options (the word I prefer) is to leave that job and get another.  

        Maybe even to start their own business.

        Then they could take all the risks employers do, work hard and succeed perhaps, and then maybe even pull money out of their pockets to employ somebody to help with all the work they have managed to bring in.

        Try it.   How it works is, you deprive yourself of some of the profits coming in so as to get help with all the work.  

        At the same time, you give some other human being a start, and (if he is smart enough to realise it) free training in your industry.

        AngryTory has every right to be angry.

    • Mr_Blobby

      AngryTory, Relax take a chill pill, break, count to ten. I agree 100% with your sentiments; I used to be like you. Yes it is your fucking money and yes you are paying for everybody else. 5 years ago I had had enough of being a third class citizen and decided to move up. My household is now Tax neutral what we pay in tax we get back in handouts. Best time of my life, I actively work to reduce compliance costs because it is more cost effective. Not to mention less hours and stress.
      Stop banging your head against a brick wall join the revolution and enjoy the ride while it lasts, because it won’t last forever. It can’t, the system will collapse under its own weight, when enough people have opted out and a tipping point will be reached, when we run out of suckers to fund it, and can’t borrow anymore.
      This is because everyone votes in there own self interest and those on the receiving end hold the balance of power. The process is inevitable and unstoppable we will just have to let it run its course. Plan accordingly. Fortunately other developed Nations are ahead of us, just look at the civil unrest in Greece, Spain and many other EU countries. Fore warned is forearmed.  
      Unless you are in the top of the 1% then you will have the option of joining the rest of the Tax Exiles, who have relocated and are tax resident elsewhere.

      • AuntZinnia

        where would you go that’s more favourable than nz but still civilised?

    •  Been trying to analyse why industry you might be in that you treat you lthis way and I’m flummexed…..A fair employer would pay their workers a fair days pay and expect a fair days work for that – you seem to begrudge your workers even that. I agree with your rants about taxes and fees though – being an administrator and collector of taxes and charges is a pain in the arse you we don’t get paid for doing that…If all employers treated their employees fairly there would be absolutely no need for unions end of story!

      • Euan Rt

        I think that is a little idealistic Neil. There will always be disgruntled employees who can convince others that conditions are unfair/less than some other workplace, and there will always be someone prepared to fight on their behalf for money (union). Employees often think greed of he bosses is the reason for not getting better pay or conditions without having a clue of the tightrope businesses have to walk to know that they can meet their responsibilities on a long term basis. 

        In one of my earlier businesses I tried to be really proactive and pay my employees above average, also taking out and paying life assurance policies on their behalf. But then the economic situation tightened in my line of manufacture and I found I had dug myself a hole I couldn’t get out of. Needless to say, that business doesn’t exist any more but my employees thought I was a great employer. I work a lot smarter these days, knowing there are seasons of plenty when you need to store up for harder times which will come, and I am sure for many, are here now.

      • Akka

         Sounds like opting for state payments, WFF tax credits etc.
        Why not ?  Maybe a vasectomy reversal can be funded by the government so I can get on the gravy train
        ……… no wait I like suporrting  myself and 4 staff in the business we are in.
        Must get tee shirt printed with parasite employer

      • Guest

        Akka I will buy one – set up a company called A Little t shirt production

    • Angry Tory, man where did you escape from or were you released in this fading nations last predatory lending bankruptcy receivership and the mentally unwell institutions had to be closed and the residents sent to sleep under bridges.
      If you are what you say you are, well done for recovering from such a predicament but I respectfully suggest you may still need some sort of meds? 

    • Mike

      It’s not YOUR MONEY – the moment you have an agreement with someone to do a service for you or make something on your behalf, it becomes THEIR MONEY.  their output or what they produce as a result of their effort is yours to do with as you please (sell it to make more money to keep for yourself – thus continuing the cyce)…..surely?

  • Timandtim

    where do you get the link to this post – I want to see what Rusty asked?

  • Kosh103

    While not all employers are scum, there are ones out there who are and without Unions they would be gettng bashed about more so by the boss.

    Yes this is something Key and the right wing would just love to happen, but the unions are not going anywhere.

    •  So; is Matt McCarten “scum” Kosh, given that he IS a union boss? How would you feel if YOUR boss withheld your tax, Kiwisaver and Student Loan deductions for EIGHTEEN MONTHS, which just happened to be before and after an election campaign? Don’t forget; the interest lost on Kiwisaver contributions over 18 months can never be regained; it’s gone, thanks to McCarten’s actions.

      • Hitchy

        you’ll be lucky to get a reply to that, taking responsibility doesn’t figure anywhere in a teachers mentality, if the money was needed to fund the election then it’s fair game in their minds.

      •  True Hitchy; so let’s see if Kosh is a blind follower of the bosses-bad;unions-good brigade, or whether he has a mind of his own!

      • TravisPoulson

        More silence from kosh103. 

      • Kosh103

        Nice try Inven. But if you bother to use your limited comp skills you will see I said not all employers. Or are you going to try and claim all employers are perfect and the workers should have no protection and just do as they are told?

        Trav – its called having a real life. You should try it sometime.

      • Here are the questions again Kosh, because you obviously missed them:

        So; is Matt McCarten “scum” Kosh, given that he IS a union boss? How would you feel if YOUR boss withheld your tax, Kiwisaver and Student Loan deductions for EIGHTEEN MONTHS, which just happened to be before and after an election campaign?

        That’s pretty straightforward; how about an answer…

      •  Had a think about the answers to those questions yet Kosh? I’d hate to think you’re avoiding me…

      • Kosh103

        Ivn – as I said to trav before, its called having a life in the real world, something you may want to try.

        IF he did that, then he would be a bad boss. And IF you say he did that, what proof do you have of him doing it?

      •  I have a life too Kosh, for which I am eternally grateful.

        Right; you asked for proof, so here goes:

        This post –

        includes this link –

        Is that proof enough for you Kosh? $134,000 for Unite Union, and $150,750 for Unite Social Services Limited, of which the sole director is Matt McCarten. What do you reckon McCarten would say if some other scum employer withheld more than a quarter of a million bucks worth of deductions from the IRD?

        Can you see now why some of us on the Right think Mr McCarten is a bit of a hypocrite?

      • Kosh103

        In that situation I would call him a very poor employer.

      • Pukakidion


        Unfortunately it seems the Labourites such as Kosh are very selective  when they apply their morals.

        It is “do as we say not as we do” as far as they are concerned.

    • BJ

      Kosh if the government were to stop employing teachers you could set yourself up in business as a contract teacherr.  I wonder how you would fair as a business owner in the real world then Kosh.  Does the thought of having to organise yourself and your livelihood scare you just a little?

      • Kosh103

        Given the amount of orginising I do, along with everything else I do, I would be just fine BJ.

  • Phar Lap

    So thats what he thinks of his employers,the New Zealand taxpayer.Seems Shearer will have to start doing or saying something to his many wayward out of control  Liebour rank and file members. Mallard from ticket scalping fame,now down to his retread flap jaw Little.Seems Shearer has no control over his riff raff associates,or maybe they have no respect for the Lie-bour Leader new boy.

    • Acting Up

      Spelt as “Labour” Phar Lap, or as “Labor” if you prefer US or Australian dialect….

      Oh – wait – I get it now.  It’s satire.

      Good stuff. Very fresh.

      • Kosh103

        Phar is many things – fresh or clever isnt one of them.

      • Pukakidion

         Acting up and Kosh, together you are as funny as a fart at a funeral.

  • Gutted

    My Father is an employer of 5 people for some 30 years – he has endured good times and hard times – hisnet profit has never exceeded $40,000.00. He has raised foster kids, donates to all the local communities at a drop of the hat – works really hard for the local rugby club, opens his house to every person available, has given countless after school jobs to young kids who have gone to get work elsewhere – made sure everyone of staff is paid each week – even when there was no money in the kitty – he is still working hard and is about to turn 70.

    My Father is an employer and is no way a Parasite 

    • It wasn’t a generalisation – read the post again – he defined WHO he thought were parasites as employers. Thanks for posting your father’s history as an employer – if only there were a greater number out there like him there’d be no need for unions…

    • Acting Up

      Fully agree, Gutted. Sounds like a good bloke, and I wish everyone was like him. You should be proud. He is like most employers in NZ – working hard, with a social and community conscience.

       Sadly, some are not like your Dad – like Talleys locking out about 1,000 meatworkers for several weeks. They are the types who break down the communities that people like your father have built up.

  • johnbronkhorst

    Bit contradictory from little isn’t it??? First they asked…where are the jobs??? Now he berates those who create them!!!..Mr little… are by every and all definitions ….an IDIOT!!!
    As I work for myself, getting the larger contracts ALWAYS begets the question (from the customer), How are you going to fullfill obligations? How many staff do I (yes me personally) have? So I know after a period of growth (yes I have some), my business will REQUIRE staff to expand further (as I can’t do it all myself). As “Angry Tory” so ellequently put it “It’s my fucking money I’m paying you”. YES it is also the expense of vehicles, ACC, tools, premises (would be impossible to work from home, Kiwisaver etc etc all to expand my (yes MY) business. An employee, trades his time and skills (never absolutely the skills a business needs, so must be trained [more cost]) for money. There needs to be a mutual respect, but in the end the business, BELONGS to me, in this case. The employee can walk away at any time without consiquence. The employer, cannot. If the profits of the business drop, the employee, demands and gets, his wages. It is my mortgage and personal expenses that suffer. Therefore when it does well, it is my business, my risk and therefore MY reward!!!!!!!!!

    • Dave

      In total agreement John.   Well said.   

    •  Hear Hear John – well put….

    • Mr_Blobby

      Well said. My advice don’t expand it is just not worth all the extra drama.

    • Robert Anderson

       If we stopped emplying and put everybody on their own business contract then I guess Little of Mind would be happy? No need for him then.

      • Dave

        An example……   Owner Drivers, 30 years ago most were employees.   Couriers, were employees, they found productivity increased by around 30% by moving to Owner Drivers.    POAL should be contractors as well.    a Lot of Security guards are contractors……. the list goes on.    If the union model was so strong, why are  these owner operator models working, and why are more and more workplaces becoming unionized.   Thankfully, union membership is falling worldwide.

  • Bhudson

    Vote Labour, we’re ‘business friendly’… [tui]

  • Magoo

    Well he’s right in one respect, the government are employers & they’re a pack of parasites, especially left wing ones.

    • johnbronkhorst

      OH….I get it…..I do appologize andrew….I didn’t realise it was a description of YOURSELF.

  • BJ

    I would challenge the brainless sh..stirrers like Little to get the balls to start up a business and then show us all ‘how its done’ – the business model that makes for a successful business while putting ahead, the wants and desires of the the employees at the expenses of the owner (who carry’s all the risks and costs)  – then we’ll all sit back and see how that goes.

    Anyone who has never put themselves on the line is not in a position to comment on anything to do with being an employer fullstop!

    • Don’t agree – you don’t have to experience all things in life to be able to comment on them – Shit where would posters on this blog site be if that were the case!!!

      • TravisPoulson

        at The Standard, where those kind already are. 

  • Charles

    if you read what Little actually said instead of your usual blinkers being worn
    he did not state all employers exploit their workers as some are good employers but as usual most who write into this take out what they want of it and never read the whole story.
    That is why we have unions to make sure workers are not exploited.
    Reading some on here who claim to be employers I certainly would not want to work for you such is your hatred toward unions and and I would say to your workers.

    • johnbronkhorst

      As an answer to your naive comment, 2 words come to mind……..COLLECTIVE BARGAINING…..remember those??..This means that no matter what the personal circumstances of the employer or his business, he is BOUND, by the collective agreement that takes into account the circumstances of other employers, over which he has NO control. So the union uses a one size fits all approach, therefore even though excuse makers like you SAY he is only talking about the “BAD” employers…his/their ACTIONS…say the opposite!!!!

      • johnbronkhorst

        Besides…bad employers…in WHO’s definition????…Mr littles?…Well I don’t think I’ll be trusting his judgement any time soon!!!!!

      • So would I be right in saying you don’t support world commodity pricing either? How would farmers feel about the price they get for milk solids? Isn’t that a form of collective bargaining?

    • Robert Anderson

       Most employers don’t hate their workers you dumb arse. They have to work, eat  and pay them every fucking day. If they hated them how would that work?
      There are some dumb fucks out there. You and little included who only considers good employers to be the ones he can screw regularly to justify his being paid.

  • captain kidd

    While not all employers are scum,Thats rather charitable of you,but  most are?.Well if you hate us so much why dont you grow some balls and start your own business,then you can employ your kind and make your fortune.Too scared or to dumb? which one is it.

    • Robert Anderson

       Hasn’t got the balls nor the brains nor the idea’s.. A gutless mouth piece.

      • Kosh103

        More brains that the right wingers in this thread. It was very clear that Little was not attacking ALL employers, just a particular type – just as I was.

        But the lies and right wing spin in this thread only further demonstrates the corrupt nature of the right wing and why the left always seems to be so much better.

    • Bunswalla

      It is an entirely practical decision, for which Kosh sould be commended. It’s not his fault that the market for whiney gay-marriage lobbyists has collapsed.

  • toby_toby

    Ban employers! Let the state run everything! Vote Little!

    • Gazzaw

      Worked perfectly in the Soviet Union.

    • Pukakidion

       Unfortunately we don’t have 20 million people to murder in the salt mines.

      The left will need to create another economic policy, their last one was a complete disaster.   Maybe not, North Korea is still going isn’t it?

  • captain kidd

    Why is it that lefties are so negative and non aspirational,seem to enjoy basking in their own self pity and try to make the rest of the world join with them.I think I would rather jump of a tall bridge than live life with that outlook.

    •  Think that’s a bit unfair – most are there only because they form up the workers of the nation and therefore things always hit them bad first and hit them good last. And yes so they must end up feeling like the runt of the litter….could be why that sector of our community makes up the majority of our suicides – as you suggest…..pray you don’t ever have to face that bridge Eh?

      • Jester

        Finland has a statistically much higher suicide rate than NZ.

        Just saying.

      • Jester

        WHO Suicide per 100k per year.

        Finland 17.6
        New Zealand 13.2
        Mexico 4

        Hooray for Mexico

    • Bunswalla

      It’s their nature, Cap’n, their compass is set to Miserable at birth and never changes. The old story is true – in America if a working Joe sees someone drive past in a Porsche, they think “If I work really hard and take some risks, one day I could have that car”. In England the dsame working Joe sees a Roller driving by and he thinks “Come the revolution, I’ll have that off you, you bastard.”

    • Kosh103

      Why is it the right hate workers rights so much?

      • Dave

        Kosh   See my post above, I don’t hate them.   I really like my team and reward them when they step up and work hard.    But, Koshie, I have also sacked a few, for things like smoking in non smoking area, not turning up for work constantly, theft, even having a poor attitude.  Oops, i didn’t sack one for that, his team told him he wasn’t worthy of working with them, he left.   

        Don’t state your negative Leftie views all over anyone with right leanings.   

        Its just an unfortunate fact most of the unionists and poor workers are of a left persuasion.

      • Owl

        I don’t hate workers rights…there just a $45k pay rise…Mr Little thinks employers are parasites.

        The OWL is awake. Hello Mr Little see you got in a little bit of trouble on Facebook with Rusty.

      • Owl

        Dave out of interest what industry are you in and how many people do you employ…just curious nothing more

      • AngryTory

        Scum don’t have rights. And neither do you. 

      • Dave

        In reply to Kosh.  Again, its not the right, and its not about workers rights Kosh.   Workers have rights as well as I have rights, i pay them for their work efforts, they are welcome to leave if they want to, its their RIGHT.

        Owl.   I am in Home Services, we provide services to the home/domestic sector.  Very reluctant to say more, but happy for Whale to pass on my email.   I appreciate your insights and posts!

        WOW  what a post – Owl and Kosh in one post – quite the juxtaposition!! 

      • Kosh103

        Oh Dave I do love it when you shovel large amounts of bullshit.

      • Kosh103

        Ahhh Tory, you are a person who is better suited to a place like China where you can be your own little tin god.

      • Kosh103

        Dave, workers have rights to protect them from scum employers. The only reason you would have to fear unions or want workers to have less rights is if you are a scum boss.

        Yes employers have rights, but one of those rights is not to treat their employees like shit. I suspect you would be a VERY nasty boss if someone got on your bad side for whatever reason be it genuine or perseved.

  • captain kidd

    Have you even noticed how allot of  people who willingly join a union are people who need pity and help and think all their problems can be cured by other people.

    • Kosh103

      Are you saying you have never had help from anyone and advocate no one ever supporting or helping anyone?

      What a horrid world that wold be – Tory heaven.

    • AngryTory

      People don’t join unions.

      Scum join unions.

      • Kosh103

        Workers need unions to protect them from scum bosses. Are you a scum boss Tory?

  • Quest

    He didn’t say “some” it was very inclusive of all employers. He worked for EMPU – they are an employer – are they parasites.

    Unfortunately he has twittered or face booked these comments. It is his job to retract apologize or clarify. Just like it was the union filed the returns stating wages and staff. It is the same type of employee range listed companies use. Eg 100 staff earning 6 figures. They are EMPU numbers not WO.

    Now it’s the employers of new Zealand’s fault because 2 staff are earning on average $100k

    • AngryTory

      What apology or retraction is possible?

      This is class warfare that’s absolutely what these commies – Little, Shearer, Mallard. Chikpins, Clarke and all the rest believe. Now they’ve just made the mistake of saying in public what they believe in private.

      What would be an acceptable apology from Little: resign from parliament, resign from the Labour party, donate all his massive assets to the Business Round Table and then hang himself.  

      That’s what we’ll take and nothing less.

  • Dave

    I am an employer who employs quite a few ppl now, all are PAID over the minimum wage, and I sponsor some to improve their education, i also fund a few of their kids to go on self development activities.  Yup, Education activities KOSH.  Things like Outward bound.   I have refused 100%, but have gone to a 50% contribution, plus in some cases a small loan for some extra costs, so they learn to WORK and pay it back.    Recently, a new employee started, and immediately started throwing around his weight.  Nothing was good enough, and off to his union he trotted.   In walked mr Union organizer, telling everyone how much scum I was as an employer, and how low the wages were.    Then, THANKFULLY the workers saw the light.   Looking around the walls in the meeting room seeing the pictures of their colleagues enjoying great times, and their kids at outward bound etc, they slowly started asking questions and seeking clarification of the union rep.   A week later, he did not turn up for his next meeting, the staff had collectively told him to FO they could not see how he or his union could add anything but cost.  The new employee left soon after and normal work relationships resumed.   

    Many years ago, i told a union rep to FUCK OFF and not to ever come back.   He was from the Electrical workers (a non militant) union, and he was insisting i join the union now I was a tradesman.  He threatened my boss, and was quickly asked – Are you a Electrician…. No was the reply.   Well, this is for tradespeople only, there are live wires around so for your safety, don’t come back, you might get electrocuted.    I was receiving way above the award, and was well looked after by my employer, and in turn worked very hard for him.   I have continued in this fashion, and believe my workforce reacts positively to this environment and culture.   

    The model unions operate in, went out mid 20th century, as our law, and employee motivation reward and workplace safety become a focus.  

    Hence, people like Little, Kelly and definitely Parsley deserve the wrath of every employer, and nowadays, most employees.   They are parasites, who do not add any value to the workers, employers let alone Aoteroa.   

    • Blokeintakapuna

      Yep – Unions… the cancer posing as the cure – preying on the gullible and those who don’t have the ability to question the unions worth / value – especially when things like the union financial / statutory compliances aren’t even being met or are deliberately filed to obfuscate, confuse requiring the skills of a forensic accountant to make any sense of it…

      What hope then does the layman, blue collar worker have then when the so called “Worker saviours” are actually the cancer posing as the cure? 

    • AngryTory

      That’s so right Dave – how hard is it for these communist, parasitic SCUM to understand that it’s your fucking money and you have the right to do with it absolutely as you like.  You paid em above the min wage — they should be fucking grateful.

      The only sad part of this story is that the “new employee” — the industrial terrorist — wasn’t found curb-stamped in the gutter where he most certainly belonged!

    •  Sounds like my experience with Health and Safety inspectors….

  • Robert Anderson

    Someone please save that and turn it into many huge billboards at the next election.
    That is classic warfare stuuf the likes that only John Ansell has ever put forward. 
    A billbpoard like that wil kill stone dead most Labour votes as most of them work for good employers.

  • Robert Anderson

    Hasn’t got the balls. Gutless mouthpiece.

  • Robert Anderson


  • Guest

    Doesn’t the trustees have to justify the annual losses and from what I can read some $3m loss. How can a business be paying all these wages…from what I can read is that the EMPU is lending this charity $100 thousand of dollars. Even the auditors say that if it wasn’t for the EMPU underwriting the charity then it would be broke.
    This is a training and education trust not a union organizing business…that is a worry

  • Guest

    Will if they did get a pay rise – who are the paying the money too…..he doesn’t answer that question…Andrew little needs to explain …. Rusty ask mr little to explain since he was happy to respond.

    Ball is in your court EMPU!!!!! On behalf of your members

  • Timandtim

    Hell looks like WO and OWL scored a goal here. There are really two question for him now. Who gets paid what at the charity, are they EMPU work or the charity work and name the parasites

  • Dave

    I did a little research.   Not much in the public domain on this, but I can’t imagine the unions are going to publish meaningful stats, given their membership is declining faster than people smoking!!    At least cigarette packets come with warnings!!

    Union member ship has declined as follows in NZ (stats are a bit old, but follow the trends)

    * Union Members:  1985 ~ 700,000. 1998 ~ 300,000.  MORE THAN a 50% drop in 13 yrs

    * Union members as a % of population:  1985 ~ circa 44%  1998 ~ 17%     

    The interesting Stat, one of the reasons I say the Union model is outdated and that they can’t continue this way, it defies best practice worldwide.

    *  % of unions with membership lower than 1,000   1991 ~ 5%   1999 ~ 60%   That means 60% of our unions, have less than 1000 members (in 1999).

    NB:  Above numbers were taken from graphs, all approximate.

    My prediction:   Based on my 15 minutes of research, and on the STEEP decline in membership, both real, and as a % of population, unions ripping off their members will INCREASE so they can fund their own operations, salaries, and make huge contributions to the Labour party.   This is another reason, they are incurring losses and dipping into members funds, their income pool is disappearing.   

    Sources, Many.   Main document:

    • AngryTory

      17% is still 17% too many. Bring back the Employment Contracts Act – or better still an Employers’ Rights Act and end this parasitic farce once and for all!

  • Oldaccountant

    Looks like a 45,000.00 pay rise to me based on the info provided

    • Dave

      Precisely OldAccountant.   On the info provided in the Public Domain, there can only be two possible conclusions.

      1)   a 45,000 pay rise, or:

      2)   Figures provided were deliberately inaccurate – if so – WHY.

      So is Chicken Little now stating:   The figures are inaccurate.   if so why are they published???

      • Sarrs

        All I’m hearing is the shrill echoes of Helen Kelly adamantly denying union branches have to file audited accounts. She was wrong because she is ignorant. Little is also wrong because he is ignorant. What’s to bet they didn’t even review the information themselves, they just took their union mates’ word on it without question. How about double check your facts before you go denying it in the media. 

      • AngryTory

        She was wrong because she is ignorant. Little is also wrong because he is ignorant

        Bullshit. Ignorance is no excuse. These parasitic scum are actively corrupt and corrupting NZ’s democracy.  

  • Sarrs

    Who else thinks Andrew Little is following Helen Kelly down the rabbit hole here – going out in the media, taking a position that is clearly not backed up by facts, and will then be made to look more of an ignorant fool when the charities commission come knocking on the door?

    Or he could just be using weasel words – no one got a payrise because someone new was employed on a much higher rate than the previously employed people. 

    • johnbronkhorst

      He’s the only one that woudl follow that troll!!!..But, looking at them both, maybe helen kelly is andrew little in………………….drag???..No surely andrew is prettier than her?

  • Jeepers some of the sociopaths commenting here just show why workers need protections!
    Rusty, your not going to enter the low life Cameron Slater game of playing on words are you? ” the only parasites are employers who exploit their extraordinary powers to pay their staff the least and otherwise treat them appallingly”. “Who”, Rusty, as in those that do exploit there workers and ups to those that dont. I seriously thought you were better than that?Its all about sustainable balance in the end and when you live under the current money system in which inflation is a systemic tax transferring ever increasing amounts of wealth to senior elements of the banking system who have been gifted the extraordinary powers of renting to NZ at an interest bearing price money gained for free in a manner that is not very obvious to most the population becomes disorientated and devolves into a dog eat dog shit fight for mere survival. I believe Andrew is aware that unfettered greedy unionism is just as impacting as unfettered crony capitalism in that under the current monetary system it becomes the the other side of the inflationary coin that favours only the senior elements of international banking in increasing their exploitive extractive profits.The senior elements of banking are adding atleast 50% odd to the cost anything government attempts to do and stealing 40% odd of private individuals purchasing power due to ever increasing debt factored into pricing.Wake up and start slinging it in the right direction.

    • johnbronkhorst

      Surely you’re not suggesting a return to the gold standard?..Where an ever fixed pile of gold is divided up into smaller and smaller portions for an ever increasing population?

    • Timandtim

      Ummm iain it is Andrew Littles words not whale oil or rusty. Where you coming from. It was Andrew little who said it…no one else…it was EMPU who filed the one else….and the response to a very simple point made by Owl.
      a little responded on Facebook that
      Employers are parasites and now you are saying it’s the bankers faults that the EMPU gave their staff a $45k pay rise. That’s the facts…it’s black and white on the charities commission not to mention some incredible losses

  • Timandtim

    Will I reckon right now the labour party strategists are going…xfxgxfdgdgxf. Little what have you done here. Shearers aim at wooing the business world gone….so he has these to pillars of support..the liberal left and the militant unions…what a platform. At least with act you know what you are getting and they are outside your party…here it’s right in your party.

    Cut it anyway Andrew Little says employers ,some ,many few, -who cares are parasites!
    Shearer all the best … The right think you are actually nice bloke … Green behind the ears but honest….look in the mirror and your biggest donor hates business.

    It won’t be you who fails it will be your rank and file who just DON’T get it. The world doesn’t do angry anymore.

    Little you should stand down

    • AngryTory

       liberal left and the militant unions

      and in one serious riot we could wipe ’em all out.


  • Well I will be buggered for all is bullying bluster Cameron Slater is a coward. Come on Cameron I dear you to put that post you deleted back up in its entirety and show the good folk where it came any where near as close to crossing any line of decency as your mates above?

    • Timandtim

      What post?

    • Pukakidon

       Iain Parker, you have been buggered?    Have you been Annette Kings flat for a party, I hear that happens often there.  Especially to young Labour party members.

    • TravisPoulson

      ‘Dare’ is the word you’re looking for Iain, not “dear”. As for you wanting to be buggered, the majority of us here won’t judge you for that. 

  • Acting Up

    The comments are getting a little foam-flecked, people; I notice this tends to happen on this site when unions are mentioned.

     Andrew Little did not state that employers are scum. He defended people he has worked with from accusations of being scum (you know, that thing called “loyalty”); then he pointed out that employers who use their power to treat their staff badly should be the ones accused of being scum. 

    I think that the vast majority of employers who are decent people , along with the vast majority of workers who are decent people, do not want to see exploitation and poor treatment of anyone.

    • Timandtim

      Ummm parasite Is parasite when I last used it in a sentence. All he has to do is clarify his comments as rusty has offered. Parasite is a horrible word.
      He went on line to justify a calculation – didntgive an answer just attacked Employers.
      It is his word – parasite…….I will spell it again. PARASITE

      • Acting Up

        OK Timandtim  – fair call – I have overgenerously paraphrased.

        Hi everyone, when I say “scum” in my comment above, please mentally replace with “parasite”.

        My substantive points remain.

    • Timandtim

      Umm acting up he did – he called them parasite. Which employers – he needs to name them. Which employers are parasites? There are a whole lot of employers who have just been defamed. He needs to apologize quickly or expect a whole lot of law suits from employers

  • Owl

    Wow this story has taken some legs. The original post on the $45k stands on it’s own to feet and was for the members. The mere fact that Andrew Little has waded into the debate clearly shows that the issue is real. Reading all your posts I agree with timandtim – mr little has really slammed all employers – a few employers may take a slander approach to mr little comments.

    However a few mention something that I hadn’t really thought about. This is a charity we are talking about. It has a code of conduct. If any of it’s funds were used for anything else other than the charities purpose…well that opens a BIG can of worms. What gets me thinking is MR Little comment when he is directly defending the pay increase but goes onto to justify that union organizers has the right to get paid. Q: is it the charity paying for union work?

    • Greg M

       Now THAT is a very good question Owl. I am thinking the same.

      • Owl

        I am onto it Greg. Mr Little has opened the door. This charity needs further investigation.

    • Pukakidion

       Very interesting, this has a real stench of corruption.   There needs to be a lot of questions answered. Forget the nonsense with John Banks.

      • Kosh103

        Yes lets forget that Banks has prob broken the law, told lies upon lies, the right would love for all that to be just forgotten wouldnt they.

        As for us who want a Govt that isnt corrupt – we would like it sorted and this National lead Govt gone. For the betterment of NZ.

      • Pukakidion

         You are a very funny man Kosh. 

        You go on about morals and ethical standards such as liars, yet you support a party that had a leader in David Langer who sold murders for 13 pieces of silver and cheated on his wife with his speech writer. 

        Mallard takes advantage of young people by scalping tickets for their concerts and Helun lied about paintings that she never painted and speeding through country towns to get to the rugby and then blamed the police.   Either stick to your morals and stop being selective in who you support when it comes to your perceived accusations of corruption.

        If you think politicians are honest you must be very naive, they all bend the truth usually on instruction from their ex media spin doctor liars. 

        However what John Banks did was not illegal, stupid for listening to his liar spin doctors yes, but he apologised for that. If he did indeed lie, he is no different to all the other Labour liars who were caught out, such as your good buddy who kept slaves to tile his house in Samoa or the guy who used the tax payers check book to take his boy friend on trips and buy presents such as bouquets of flowers for him.

        Remember the old adage that has to do with glass houses.

      • Greg M

         Double bollocks Kosh.

        You are off topic again so I will respond off topic.
        I am a member of the ACT party, not because I agree with all their policy, but mainly to support a small coalition partner, and here is my take on the Banks saga.
        1: Has Banks broken the law? No
        2: Has Banks told porkies? yes, and it’s not a good look.

        Back on topic,Little has clearly demonstrated 1930’s cloth cap socialist bullshit that has no place in the world anymore. Yes there is bad employers, The “T” family from the south island would be a prime example, but then again maybe they have been turned that way by employing people from the bottom of the heap for 60 years. Note that point, they have employed THOUSANDS of people over the years, what has Mr Little ever contributed?

        Even his mother wouldn’t vote for him.

  • Neil Forde

    Some employers are pricks and some employees are jumped up bastards as well. Most Kiwi’s seem fair minded. Its always a debate who pulling the oars the hardest and whose the most important to the process. Whats the most important part of the body? The heart, the lungs or the arsehole. You just need one of them to pack up and pretty soon the eyes are going around in circles. Same with employees and employers. Andrew Little didn’t say all employers, he defined who are the pricks.

    • Kosh103

      But you forget – the right are not intrested in facts. They saw a Labour MP state truths about SOME employers and they attack him and pretend he was attacking all employers.

      • Pukakidion

        Little has been outed for being a hater of employers.    He is one of many in the nasty party.

        Not surprising.   As already stated he has a personality only a mother could love……   No wait she doesn’t like his dirty politics either.

  • Fenqcesitter

    Over a hundred post….this has really taken off…more questions than answers. Gauranteed labour spin people are all over this. How can a charity lose millions…have list mp as a trustee fighting to elected…big payrises and the list mp trie to defend it on Facebook. This one is with my popcorn in the microwave. I stole that of another post haha

  • Timandtim

    I have been a fan of WO ever since the ports strike. There’s a lot of bullocks that is written on here sometimes but this would have to be the best storyline yet. With the exception of angry Tory ( who needs a chill pill) …the left and right on here have been very constructive. I think everyone agrees that Andrew little did not choose his words well but calling employers parasites without naming has shown why he should never ever be in charge of new Zealand and has serious socialist views which are not what new zealanders are about. I would go to say his words are even unpatriotic.

    We love this country….it’s about Andrew little and his unions mates need to show they love this country. Being a list MP is not a mandate for jack sxxt!

  • Greg M

    Spot on comment 2 Tims, says it all very well.

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  • Pete George

    I asked Andrew to clarify and this is what he said:

    No, I wasn’t referring to all employers. It was a reference to those employers who do so exploit. There are plenty who don’t but there are those who do. Unlike the proprietors of Kiwiblog and Whaleoil I have worked with literally hundreds of employers and their workforces, and I’ve seen great employers (a couple of weeks ago, one of those employers reminded me of how I had spoken publicly of their qualities as an employer; I had described them as one of the best in NZ) and I’ve seen the truly appalling employers. The latter are disrespectful of workers and their rights, and of their representatives.

    David Farrar is up to his increasingly more common mischief. He has previously commented on my ability to forge good quality relationships with employers, so any conclusion he draws that I am hostile to employers takes an extraordinary leap on his part.

    • Dave

      Pete.   Twisting facts are you.    I have listened to Chicken little often, listened to his words, and his beliefs are OBVIOUS.  

      His little rant above, captured IN TEXT, his comments say it all.   How dare you act as his mouthpiece, and say its just WhaleOil and David Farrar twisting things, when he is too gutless to come on here and simply apologize. 

      Your comments, about employers are obvious for all to see, and the problem for you and your like, are constantly putting employers down, and how can you realistically write something and then try and defend it.

      It seems to me, he has seriously dented his reputation with his beloved Labour movement and is now backtracking.   Too f’n late.

    • Owl

      See my response above to David Kennedy

    • Fencesitter

      What a lot of rubbish….he called employers parasites…that Is reality. Even worse he repeats himself. Look at this in the first Facebook post he says whale oil is mischievous and then it is kiwi blog. Guy is obviously not sure what he stands for.

      I like the oops post today ….sums it all up if you ask me

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  • Believe it or not there are situations where unions, employees and employers have a mutual respect for each other and the value they each provide to the relationship. In such situations bargaining is managed in “good faith” and the outcomes benefit all. I know many good employers  but it is a fact that in the current political climate, bad employers are thriving. 

    New Zealand workers now work longer hours than most OECD countries for less pay and jobs are becoming increasingly casualised. Wages have not increased at the same rate as productivity and we are now an attractive environment for Australian businesses due to our cheap labour force. 

    We need employers and unions to work productively to restore a proper balance between fair pay and working conditions and the ability of the employer to maintain a profitable business. 

    • Owl

      Nice try. EMPU staff got a $45k pay rise..that was the my observation. Andrew Littles response…employers are parasites.

      Tell Andrew Little to fully explain the $45 k discrepancy, the faliure to file annual accounts, the foundation which makes huge losses, the union annual accounts which have lost millions over the years, and then his response on the parasite will be accepted.

      Ps: tell him the OWL is over the moon that he is a avivd reader of my observations.