Apparently the world is waking

Chris Trotter thinks the world is waking…he posted a nice little video about all the “uprisings around the world including Occupy…

Now watch one of the leaders of Occupy Wall Street get torn apart bey Sean Hannity.

HANNITY: I have a suggestion for you. You are 29 years old. Stop wasting your time at “Occupy Wall Street.” Here’s a novel concept, get up at 6:00 a.m., shovel some coffee down your throat.

Hit the pavement, find a job, get to work, stop whining, stop complaining, stop blaming and get your — out of bed and get to work. How does that sound?

SCHULTZ: Give me a job. I will go to work.

HANNITY: If you pound the pavement and stop hanging out at the park, you might find one.

SCHULTZ: I am online all day –

HANNITY: Go work as a cook, a dish washer, go work as a contractor. Go do something –

SCHULTZ: More menial. Would that make you happier?

HANNITY: Listen, I did it in my life and guess what?

SCHULTZ: I have done it too.

HANNITY: Go get a job. That job is beneath you?

SCHULTZ: Definitely.

HANNITY: Hanging out with rapists, drug addicts, people having sex in public is more fun.

SCHULTZ: It’s more dignity in that than it is hanging out in this show with you.

HANNITY: OK, listen, I’m glad to say goodbye. See you later.


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  • Kosh103

    Sean Hanity is a right wing nutter who has been caught out telling lies soooooo many times. I would not trust anything FOX news broadcasts.

    And this fellow Schultz is right – hanging out with low lifes has more dignity to it than hanging out with Sean.

    • Magoo

      Of course Hannity’s point of this guy making at least some sort of effort to get a job is beside the point isn’t it Kosh, the real point is an ad hominem attack on Hannity instead in an effort to avoid the issue. As far as lying goes, the left telling their supporters that they can get ahead in life by parasitically bludging off those who earn an honest living tops them all, and those who vote for the left & perpetuate such garbage are just as full of shit – wouldn’t you agree Kosh?

      • Ksh103

        Well thats not what the left is saying at all, so thankyou for demonstrating yet again how the right is either amazingly out of touch, or lie.

    • johnbronkhorst

      OK Kosh…here’s where the rubber meats the road…….List the lies he has told….You say he has “been caught out soooooo many times.”…then it shouldn’t be hard for you to list say 5?….3?…1?

      • Hawker

        Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh dont ask Kosh to supply any lists. I’m sure he has them all stored away somewhere. It is just that they cant be found on the internet.

         I know it is unfortunate as Kosh, I can only imagine always deals in the truth. The sad thing is that the internet is just not able to keep up with his amazing thoughts and statements.

      • TravisPoulson

        More silence from kosh103. 

      •  Quite so Hawker and Travis; people like Kosh deal in absolutes and glib statements and slogans, but they suddenly disappear when you challenge them to put up or shut up; funny that!

      • Kosh103

        Seriously how far in a hole do you lot live??

        He has lied about Obama, about the war on terror, used clips from stories and claim they are for something else (caught out by John Stewart last year and he had to fess up on here the next day), in 2010 him and his mate Newt had a nice lie filled day when going after Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan. He uses quotes out of context (not by accident, but in order to create a lie).

        That us a VERY small bit of what he does. Hell even Bill O’Riley has tried to defend Hannity and his lies by saying that because he isnt a jurno he isnt bound by the same rules. Its just Seans “opinion”.

      • johnbronkhorst

        Ahhh kosh……you reply with inuendo not the actual lies but what are your perception of lies…now I know you are a leftie!!!

      • Kosh103

        In other words John you will never accept it because Sean is a right winger no matter the proof and truth.

        Good to know.

    • Work for a living

       You might find in life there’s more dignity earning respect and money, rather than being a freeloader getting something for nothing.

      Try it :-)

      • Kosh103

        Well given that I prob work harder than you do or ever have (intersting name there, over compensating much) you might want to educate yourself a bit.

      • Frosty

        Who are you to say you work harder than someone else Kosh – how the fuck would you know?  Try working more and making pointless comments less and you might be able to fool someone into believing you.  
        ‘Educate yourself a bit’?  Rich coming from a teacher.  Assume that’s what you tell your pupils too.

    • Mr_Blobby

      Respect is earned not a right. What have most of our human trash ever done to earn our Respect.

      •  Is that the new name for politicians? “human trash” seems legit to me….

      • Kosh103

        More than Sean Hannity thats for sure.

    • Pukakidon


      I am glad we have losers like this cretin and his mates.   Every time I walk past them it makes me feel good that I worked hard myself doing cleaning as a youngster and other menial jobs, but I worked very hard and every penny I have now is because I earnt it.  

      Fools like this will always be a nothing, they will marry a nothing and their kids will be nothings..    He is a loser mixing with losers.  Wasting breath on a shit stain like this is a total waste of energy.  In the thirtys at the time of the recession these idiots starved, they are very lucky that every tax payer now are good enough keeps this bludger alive.

    • Dion

      Kosh, none of this changes the fact that one of the leaders of the occupy movement went on television accusing the police of unleashing violent criminals and rapists (presumably they stockpile them somewhere??) on the unsuspecting population of New York just to score some political points. 

  • TravisPoulson

    The calibre of Schultz is more at John Campbell’s level, he clearly can’t handle someone like key. But more to the point it shows what a crock of shit the ‘occupy’ protests were, NOBODY knows what they’re protesting about, even when capitalism is explained to them and their hypocrisies are pointed out.

    • There’s a wee bit of difference between capitalism and Wall Street circa 2010 – thought you might know that….

      • TravisPoulson

        Oh come off it NEIL, you’re just arguing for the sake of it. Schultz didn’t have the foggiest. He just threw his arms around with constant gesturing and verbal diarrhoea. I’m not surprised Hannity was getting so annoyed with him, I would too in the face of interviewing someone so fucking stupid. I don’t know Hannity from a bar of soap, not defending him, but at least he isn’t of the same ilk as the dropkick opposite his desk. 

  • Quintin Hogg

    Pre setting up my own business and becoming one of Mr Littles parasites I worked in a variety of jobs. 
    All but one (where i was head hunted) I got off my arse and found. 
    The first job was the hardest one to get. after that it became easier.
    I did not sit waiting for jobs to be presented to me on a plate like Mr Schultz.

    • johnbronkhorst

      Similar story here….To get the job I got in 1994 after being made redundant. I had a stack of applications on my kitchen table at least 4 inches high. So many in fact, that when they called me for an interview, I could remember who they were or what they did, I had to research my application, their company and what they did, before  went for the interview. Looking for a job, is hard work, finding one is difficult, NOT impossible and besides who inyour life promised you it was easy?

      • Same in 2001 – 217 applications, 13 interviews, one job at the end of three months……it happens…

  • captain kidd

    Jesus,Schultz was made to look child like.I bet he will cringe when he looks back on that interview in the future.Came across as a poor wee bou who really just wants work but has no idea how to get a job.Now no employer will hire him.

    • TravisPoulson


      Finding employment: -step .1: stay off tv
                                       step .2: if you must go on tv, don’t alienate potential employers
                                       step .3: fuck it, if you’ve got brains you’ll just stay off tv. 

  • Chris Trotter

    You sad, sad people. Sean Hannity … sheesh!

    • Jester

      Thanks Chris, the musings of New Zealand’s own political Ken Ring is appreciated.

      • TravisPoulson

        haha brilliant. (no, not you Chris)

      •  Did you see that Wellington got a quake this morning – did Ken predict that?

      • Jester

        Well if he did predict the Wellington shake he would be up on Mr Trotters.

        In February 2008, he said that Helen Clark should stand down before the election and be replaced by Phil Goff, who he thought may have been Labour’s only hope of regaining ground with struggling families. He has since recanted, recently arguing that Goff should stand down in his turn before the New Zealand general election, 2011, arguing that David Cunliffe should replace him.[7][8]


    • Thanks Chris – hey he’s just another in the wide world of delusional people – great he found a job where he can get paid to be like that – a lot just end up in straight jackets….

      • TravisPoulson

        Really NEIL. They do, do they? Or you’re just spouting. 

      • TravisPoulson

        2 in the 70’s…hardly ” a lot just end up in straight jackets.” and things are a little different since…..40 odd years ago. I’m not sure if you watched that interview or not, but if you did then I can’t for the life of me figure out how you came to the conclusion Hannity was delusional. 

    • BR

      Have you any comment to add regarding the interviewee?


    • johnbronkhorst

      The real chris trotter???….Been dying to say this to you….you are one eyed left wing PRATT….An excuse maker for some of the most incompitant group of misfits, liars and corrupt devients this country has ever seen….THE LABOUR PARTY….Hope I spelt it out simply enough for you, didn’t beat around  the bush or imply anything less than DISGUST!!!!

  • SJ00

    The police sent the rapists down to the park… brilliant… because the police have rapists sitting round doing nothing, just waiting to be deployed in the field. Of course, the people raped would then complain to the police, but thats ok because they knew who did it, so can just round them up again, process them, and send them back down to rape again. Its a win win really, police solve more crime, free up cells, etc. They have nothing better to do than arrange plans like this.

    It must be hard work making up bullshit like this. No wonder the occupy people don’t work.

    • TravisPoulson

      The police sent the rapists down to the park… brilliant… because the police have rapists sitting round doing nothing, just waiting to be deployed in the field”

      +1 nomination for a Billy T award

    • Pukakidon

       How did you get hold of Labours law and order policy?

  • captain kidd

    Why does it make any difference if anyone knows of Sean Hannity,Look at the interview,he made that kid look like a retard,in fact the kid didnt need any help to look like a retard he was quite capable of doing it by himself.
    Much like key did with campbell the other night.

  • Dibdabs

    We clearly need a branch of ANTIFA in this country

  • Bunswalla

    I really hope we don’t confuse right-wing politics and personalities in the US with those in NZ, or much worse think they’re somehow the same. O’Reilly is a vain peacock without an original thought in his head, Hannity is (and I was sick in my mouth a few times even contemplating admitting this, but Kosh is 100% correct in his opening sentence) a right-wing nutjob caught out in many lies, and caught fabricating video evidence to prove a point. A simple Google will find half a dozen examples in the last couple of years alone.

    The political spectrum and media landscape in the US are so different from New Zealand’s that comparisons are pointless. Anyone that has briefly scanned any of my comments on this blog would not take long to work out where I stand on NZ politics. But the US is a different worl politically, with the opposite ends of the spectrum much further apart than in NZ, and I hope we don’t immediately rush to the defence of someone, or something they said or did, just because it looks like they’re on “our side” of the political divide.

    Fox is not a serious news channel, it’s “journalists” are bogus, populist tub-thumpers. George W Bush is an idiot and was the most dangerous man in the world for 8 years, Sarah Palin was exposed by Katie Couric to be as dumb as a sack of hammers, and don’t even get me started on Glenn Beck.

    Ignorance, chicanery and bullshit needs to be called without fear or favour – one of WO’s defining characteristics over the years. Having said all that, the OWS guy didn’t do himself or his cause any favours either.

  • DunedinTaxPayer

    go the suited tax payer…..who knew just what the occupy movement required on this particular evening.

    at least 5 of the individuals in the background of this wee ‘occupy inspired & edited’ movie can still be seen rummaging for cigarette butts and half empty beer bottles from rubbish bins most weekends in dunedin, note: they are no longer allowed to ‘camp’ in the octagon in central dunedin, and only one of their group could spell and was prepared to teach the others what spelling was…

    • Dave

      Was that Kosh in the movie???    1 minute in.

      • Guest

        don’t think so, that guy had what looked like a new cigarette in his mouth, not a butt picked up off the street.