As stupid as the Argies

The Telegraph

Queen Sofia of Spain has been ordered to turn down an invitation from the Queen to a Diamond Jubilee lunch for the world’s sovereign monarchs because of an escalating diplomatic row over Gibraltar.

Someone needs to tell the Spanish they are dreamin’. They aren’t going to get Gibraltar back. Ever. British politicians will be thrown out of office if they let Gibraltar go, and the Spanish have never beaten the Poms in a war, and are suspected as being almost as good at marching backwards as the Italians.

Maybe they should consider giving back Ceuta and Melilla.

Someone else could point out that a good part of New Zealand is named after Poms who saved the dagos sorry arses from Napoleon. Wellington, Nelson, Salamanca Road, Trafalgar Park are all named after Britain fighting to save the spanish from the french and their own uselessness.


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  • JBS

    oh come on! Gibraltar want to remain British, as do the Falklands… Neither Spain, nor Argentina have claim over them. Falklands were no man’s land when the British arrived. Argentina wasn’t even invented. As for Gibraltar, it’s a pimple on Spain’s pride… A relic that Spain was an empire that never was. 

    • fuerot

      No man´s land was always Spanish as you should know if you´ve read the Treaty of Utrecht.  It is right that the ROCK is British and there is no thought about that BUT only the ROCK, not the rest of the land nor the waters but you may want to only understand the seceeding  of Gibraltar and that´s all. Well, I´m sorry to say that you are not correct. 
      The “No Man´s Land”  was and is Spanish soil and it was made to separate the Christians from the Jewish but when an epidemic started in Gib., the British asked Spain to please let them put up tents (where the Gib. airport is) and heal the sick ones there and keep them away from the rest of the Gibs in order not to spread the illness.  Spain gave its permission but “little by little” the British stayed with it and since Spain had other things more important at that time, let it go for the moment…  You people should READ (the history is for everyone to read and see for oneself) more and not repeat what “others” tell you.  Now, I agree that the ROCK is not Spanish and that the people of Gibraltar are the only ones who should decide what they prefer but always with recognition and fairness.   The soil where the airport is and  the waters are Spanish whether you like it or not.

      At the same time I give thanks to God that Gib. is not Spanish but you people should also give thanks to God that  you can come and pass through Spain anytime you wish.

      Just a short advice, I repeat that before talking here and there and putting Spain down, you should read the history.  Ceuta and Melilla were Spanish even before Morrocco was considered a country. 
      This advice not only goes to the Gibs but also to Spaniards who keep thinking the Rock is Spanish….

  • ConwayCaptain


    The ONLY Battle honour carried on the colours of Her Britannic Majsety’s Royal Marines.

    They have so many there isn’t any room for the rest!!!

    Gibraltar was seceeded IN PERPETUITY to Britain under the Treaty of Utrecht.  What part of the word PERPITUITY don’t the Spanish understand!!!

    Cam you forgot Collingwood who was Nelson’s 2nd in Command at Trafalgar.  Hawke who beat the French at the Battle of Quiberon Bay.  An attack of great daring and SUPERB SEAMANSHIP.

    • JBS

      the British capture of Gibraltar (1704) is older than the United Kingdom itself (1707)

      • ConwayCaptain

        Union of the Crowns 1603 and Union of the Parliaments 1707.

      • fuerot

        Sorry to say that the British did not capture Gibraltar. It was given to the Britsh and only the Rock, no more land and no waters…

    • fuerot

      Can you forget that thanks to the USA THE UK and the rest of Europe are not under Hitler´s command?  You see there  are heres and theres everywhere.  Up to this moment The Uk can yell a little louder due to the fact that the USA backs it up. It wouldn´t do much on its own… just give it a thought. 
      This is the last thing I´m writing  or reading.  Good night and my intentions are not to offend anyone.  Just trying to be fair. No one´s better than anyone.

  • A-random-reader

    There’s not much point being Queen if your country gets to order you around.

    They could save a lot of money by simply appointing a poodle as their head of state.

    • fuerot

      Please read the Spanish Constitution.  The Monarchy in Spain is different from the UK.