At least I don’t wear a wig


Winston is a little pissy…the problem he has is that several of his loyal lieutenants are a bit worried about some things financial and are squawking:

“This is the kind of allegation that that lazy, idle, indolent commentator Whale Oil makes about a number of people including me and New Zealand First and it’s totally baseless.”

He says Whale Oil should be sued, but he can’t be bothered doing it.

At least I don’t wear a poorly thatched wig….and I don’t have a history of saying No when the facts are the opposite.


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  • Whafe

    Does Winston wear a wig, if he doesnt, it would be more noticeable that he is like a mudguard, shiny on top and full of shit underneath!

  • Gazzaw

    Where’s the money Winston?

  • Macca

    See him milking the Banks thing for all it was worth thismorning on breakfast – good thing I hadn’t had mine or I would have lost it watching this bag of slime!

    He neglects to say that during his own scandel,  he was actually found guilty by an independent comittee and the only thing that stood between him staying in Parliament and being thrown out,  was the Labour and Gween members on the panel that somehow (in their desperate effort to stay in power), managed to turn a blind eye!!

    And he and Liebour have the cheek to compare his circumstances to being less corrupt to that of Banks – and the MSM for that matter!  Hypocricy knows no bounds with the left!!!!!  

    To anyone reading this who voted for this clown,  go and hang your head in shame!

    • Milking the entire Banks thing and check out this pic from our rag The Herald  
      Chums much?

    • Neil

       I don’t like getting in to this you did it too – type of argument – Key in particular said he wouldn’t stand for this type of thing in his Government when the Winston shit fight went on – so it’s more about his comment than anything else for me. If you’re going to play the holier than thou game you have to follow it through.  What hold has Banks got on Key that John doesn’t want brought out?

  • Random66

    I actually thought horns would make a nice accessory to that picture.

    • Troy

      …and a good candidate for Grumpy Old Men 3. What a sour looking prick.

      • Random66

        ha ha, yep totally agree.

  • Blokeintakapuna

    If he sucked on a few limes, it might help sweetend him up a bit.

  • Duncan Brown

    “Winston Peters is dismissing claims he too received a donation from Kim Dotcom” – I’ve checked your posts, and can’t see the claim (unless it’s in the comments). Maybe Winston should check his facts.

    • johnbronkhorst

      who needs facts, when you’re winston peters.

  • Whafe

    One of the most sanctimonious pricks this side of the black stump

    • SthnJeff

      That should be either side og the black stump!

  • Positan

    If ever a would-be political figure’s time was well and truly past …

  • Phar Lap

    Wondered if this was the face of the day.Then i realised it was the face of every day.He has a face on him like a well smacked arse.

    • Doug_S

      He’s got a face like a bulldog licking the piss off a thistle

      • double d

        always preferred …” a face like a bulldog chewing a bumblebee…”

    • Cfletch

      A face like a dropped pie.

      • Doug_S

        Almost there Double D. A face like a bulldog chewing a wasp..

    • TravisPoulson

      Face like a bucket of smashed crabs.

      • Greg M

         Face like a busted onion?

  • Bunswalla

    Wow, “lazy, idle AND indolent” – that’s new. I know what a tautology is, but is there a name for when you use three synonyms in a sentence? Tri-tology?

    I loved the question on 7 Days – how come all your support is from people who’ve retired but you won’t?

  • Dr Wang

    Give the little shortarse a break – so he wears a rug, and (according to CK) doesn’t take his socks off when he pops a viagra and tempts some silly old slapper into the sack, can’t remember who gave him $100K to pay his lawyers, etc etc.

    When you’re 75+ years old like Winnie, senility can lead to all sorts of odd little quirks – think of it as adding character to one of the true dinasours of the NZ political scene. There are only a handful of poor deluded souls (most sitting in God’s waiting room) who actually believe anything that dribbles from his nicotine-stained gob – the rest of us should just treat it as satirical entertainment.

  • Neil

    No sure if it’s a rug or not – but the patch you highlight is similar to the way I’m balding and I don’t wear a rug……

  • Mully

    To paraphrase Gin Wigmore:
    Winston’s got you, under his skin, Whale…