Best political campaign description ever?

New York Magazine

I thik this qualifies as perhaps the best description of a political campaign ever:

But certainly the winter and spring provided ample cause for Obama to be cheerful. The rising poll numbers. The signs of life in the economy. The anniversary of Bin Laden’s death. And best of all was the sight of a spectacle that would quicken the pulse and gladden the heart of any Democrat in possession of both: the spastic goat rodeo that was the Republican nomination contest.


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  • Mitch

    Another Journalist that’ll go down in flames with Ron Paul sweeps up the nomination. Obama’s spending a truckload to crap all over the wrong person.

  • I love the quote – but shouldn’t it be a spastic elephant rodeo? When did the GOP change their animal symbol from an elephant to a goat?

  • carpentaro

    Now that the candidate has been selected [Romney wraped that up today with Texas], the debate can start. Obama is his own worst enemy, his record being the most difficult to dodge. As tactic after tactic has come from the Obama campain [attack private capital, Obama as a tight wad [lmao]…] and failed. Obama is on the ropes.

  • Super_Guest

    All thing’s being equal Obama should lose. All things aren’t equal though, and he’s got a definite chance to win. Anyone with even the tiniest concept of economic rationalism in their heads should realise it’s best for the world if he goes.