Boris won

?The Telegraph

Boris Johnson has seen of Red Ken for the Mayor of London. Poms obviously have exceedingly short memories too, crawling back into the cold embrace of socialism and the Labour party.

Boris Johnson rescues Tories from disastrous local election results, bucking national trend to be re-elected as Mayor of London.

He narrowly beat Ken Livingstone, the Labour candidate, after second preference votes from the five losing candidates were taken into account. The Conservative victory in London came despite David Cameron?s party receiving a mauling in local elections outside of the capital.

Both Coalition parties suffered heavy losses as they were apparently blamed by voters for a series of policy blunders, including new taxes on pensioners, pasties and charity donations.

The Tory performance was so poor that the Prime Minister faced calls from within his party to ignore Lib Dem policies and adopt a more Right-wing agenda.

Labour gained more than 800 council seats and seized control of 30 additional local authorities, including Plymouth, Birmingham and Southampton. The party also regained control of Cardiff and Glasgow councils.

Ed Miliband?s party even won council seats in Witney and Chipping Norton in the Prime Minister?s constituency.