Calling bullshit on Red Radio and Shane Jones

In it’s effort to help Shane Jones out, Red Radio NZ went with a soft piece on him this morning.  It is riddled with inconsistences:

Strike 1:
The story says: “he could face the death penalty if he was returned to China”
Truth:  As a permanent resident he would not have been sent packing, citizenship makes little difference.

Strike 2:
The letter confirms that Billington QC told Jones about unresolved fraud issues

“Mr Yan faced unresolved fraud claims brought by the Chinese authorities”

So there’s absolutely no doubt Jones knew about the fraud allegations and ignored them.

Strike 3:
The story says:

“there had been no attempt to recover any funds allegedly taken.”

Truth: Australian authorities did repatriate money from Bill Liu – he eventually agreed to settle rather than go to court.

“NZ$5 million was eventually confiscated and repatriated to China by the Aussie courts last year. “

And in the coincidence stakes; John Billington QC is/was also Dover Samuels’ lawyer in this matter.

Red Radio strikes out again.


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  • Blokeintakapuna

    Maybe the BSA can make them attend Remedial Journalism 101?

  • The all mighty buddah

    Blue have a lot more stations on their side than red. At least give them this small morsel. 

    • Gazzaw

      Listened to Andrew Dickenson, Danny Watson, Paul Holmes & Wendyl Nissen on ZB lately? One reverse racist and three pinkos on the country’s largest network makes Red Radio pale into insignificance.

      • The almighty buddah

        I try not to, i’m afraid my ears will bleed and my shoes will explode if I do.

      • Simo

        They all tiptoe along the fence, but every now and then they unleash…….especially Danny Watson

      • Patrick

         Sorry there is no such thing as REVERSE racism – racism is racism.

    • AngryTory

      That’s because we fucking pay for ’em

      Why the fuck should have have to pay for the commies too?
      Like the railways, or state school – close down, sell the lot! 

  • Scanner

    Shane should stick to what he is really good at – spanking the monkey in front of taxpayer funded porn movies, and leave the rest to the grown ups.

    • Troy

      That’s why he is thinking of leaving politics – choking the chicken is probably more fun for him than trying to strangle Mallard, Little, Fenton, Moroney…. so on so forth.

  • @BoJangles

    What about – throttling the snake?   Shane is a puller and is past his use by date in politics.

  • Frederico

    It’s always puzzled me why it’s call National Radio when a more accurate title would be Labour Radio! 

  • David

    I heard that report when is was drivingntomwork this morning, laughed so much at the breathless apologist/reporter I nearly drove into the ditch. How can a media outfit with 50million of taxpayer largesse be so gullible defyed comprehension. Perhaps all the highly paid underworked correspondents should flick a few bucks to WO to get the facts before rushing to air.

  • Jester

    This is starting to hot up :)

    One question I cant get an answer to that other people may be able to help with.

    How long had Liu been in NZ before he married his NZ wife? It appears that it was very quick courtship when he married his Australian wife and applied for Aust citizenship. What happened with his Aust marriage after he moved to NZ and married a NZ resident?

    • 4077th

      I wouldn’t mind betting WO’s info received by mail this week has prompted the interest of the SFO. This Liu guy is a snake, there is a shitstorm brewing about this and I think Jones is being deliberately setup as the fall guy (he is also aware) in an ridiculous effort to shut down the story. Immigration officials asked to stop asking questions…there are multiple pairs of pants on fire.