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Andrew Sullivan

On of the arguments against same-sex marriage is that it will destroy the fabric of our society and the sanctity of marriage. Quite apart from the fact that heterosexuals have done a pretty good job of destroying that ourselves the facts simply don’t show that is the case:

Start with Massachusetts, which endorsed gay marriage in May 2004. That year, the state saw a 16 percent increase in marriage. The reason is, obviously, that gay couples who had been waiting for years to get married were finally able to tie the knot. In the years that followed, the marriage rate normalized but remained higher than it was in the years preceding the legalization. So all in all, there’s no reason to worry that gay marriage is destroying  marriage in Massachusetts.

The other four states that have legalized gay marriage—New York, Connecticut, Iowa, Vermont, and New Hampshire—have done it more recently, somewhere between 2008 and 2011. But from the little data we have, it looks as if the pattern will be more or less the same—a temporary jump in marriage followed by a return to virtually the same marriage rates as before gay marriage became legal. Washington, D.C., which started accepting same-sex marriages in March 2010, saw a huge 61.7 percent increase in marriage that year, though it’s too soon to see where it will settle. Again, no signs of the coming apocalypse.

Ask yourself: if conservatives were simply told that in Washington DC, we’d seen a miraculous increase in marriage rates, they’d be thrilled. But because it affects gay people, it doesn’t count. Marriage is a vital social institution, a critical buffer zone between the government and the individual, a rampart of limited government, an incubator of social responsibility … and yet, if gays are involved, none of this counts. It is rather the end of a civilization and an attack on the family.

Or let’s put it another way: what is socially conservative about bemoaning and trying to prevent a huge uptick in marital responsibility and engagement? The real social conservatives are for marriage equality; it’s the fundamentalist reactionaries who cannot handle it.


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  • Andrei

    Still promoting this foolishness.

    Un natural marriage is a grotesque parody of marriage.  

    The damage the destruction of marriage and family has already wrought is apparent to those of us who are awake but while useful idiots continue to wreck it in the name of “equality” our socity and culture becomes ever more degraded and frankly repulsive as our civilization dies.

    • So you are opposed to things that are unnatural…good luck living in modern society…hope you aren’t wearing anything with polyester in it, or polypropylene…

      I would have thought that anything that hasn’t civilisation dying and the end of days would be welcomed with open arms.

      • Mitch

        Meh, you’re both fucked – working on Sunday, death by stoning.

      • Mitch the Sabbath was yesterday.

    • Mitch

      Perhaps you should start building camps for them? See if Kiwirail could do you a special to get them there..

      • Andrei

        You don’t get it do you?

        Nobody gives a toss how other people choose to live their lives – it is their business who they choose to fuck, whether they smoke, drink or eat bacon. 

        Who gives a toss.

        Marriage however is a fundamental thing created for the purpose of conceiving, raising and nurturing of the next generation and rewriting it is suicidal because if people do not raise children and do it well we die out.

        Marriage is a very very serious business and should not be trivialized as it has been, not only by this. Gay marriage is just the latest in a series of assaults on the institution – assaults that have their genesis in Marxism

    • Mike Hunt

      Which branch of the invisible pink unicorn brigade do you barrack for Andrei..?

  • jock

    gay marriage advocates like to point out that marriage is dead anyway. they’re correct in that observation. christianity is partly at fault. no argument there either. the claim that gay marriage is some form of restoration of the sanctity of marriage is where it comes apart. gay marriage is the metaphorical equivalent of pissing on the corpse of marriage.
     technically, you’re correct. it doesn’t matter if you piss on someones corpse at an open casket funeral. after all they’re already dead. but for some crazy reason, people would probably get upset. go figure.