Dan Savage is a cunning bastard

Andrew Sullivan

Brian Brown, the head of the National Organization for Marriage, publicly challenged me to a debate in the wake of Bullshitgate. Brown said he would debate me “anytime, anywhere.” Brown expected, no doubt, that I would pack a hall with hooting, hollering supporters of marriage equality who would boo and shout him down. (Which was probably what he was after—it would’ve allowed Brown to play the victim and complain about hypocritical, intolerant liberals.) Instead I invited Brown and his wife to come to dinner at my house and meet my husband and son. No booing crowd, no grandstanding. Dinner. I would have to acknowledge Brown’s humanity by extending my hospitality, he would have to acknowledge mine by accepting my hospitality. …

It looks like I’m gonna have to clear all the Catholic kitsch out of our living room and dining room—my 5′ plaster Jesus, our 3′ plaster Mary, all my other plaster saints, the dozens of rosaries hanging around their plaster necks, the stack of disintegrating hymnals on the mantle, etc.

That is a level of low rat cunning that should be admired.


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  • Dan should really be using one of those dozens of rosaries every once in a while.

    You either stop sinning or stop saying the rosary.  There is no both.

    • Alex

       Time for an auto de fe Lucia?  Light those faggots

  • Rodger T

    Whats he doing with a stack of disintegrating hymens on his mantelpiece?