Daniel Hannan and Leighton Smith

For those of you who missed yesterday’s discussion between Daniel Hannan and Leighton Smith here is a the link and audio.

It is well worth a listen. He talks about the Eurozone and the Eurocalypse.

[audio http://arntrnassets.mediaspanonline.com/radio/n00/330361/A673_20120523233428937_0.mp3]

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  • Pokerface

    Thanks for that, Cam. I was unable to tune in at that time.

  • Mark

    I loved the quote from Upton Sinclair “It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his job depends on not
    understanding it.”
    It explains a lot of why so many left-wingers are incapable of understanding things that are as plain as day to the rest of us.

  • nzd.gbp

    Devaluing your currency (aka quantitative easing) is a fudge. It means you don’t have to mark your inferior goods down (deflation) to match your lower productivity compared to germans. You dilute your ccy and let the currency markets reprice your goods for you – and by ccy markets I mean any foreigner who wants to buy your shitty feta cheese and ouzo. 

    Greece reverting to the drachma isn’t the real answer. Living within their means is the answer. If they can’t pay europe back for all their past excess and refuse to face austerity and instead try to default then they should dissolve the greek government and let the eurocrats sell off their islands until the debt is paid and then go back to herding goats. That’s all they deserve. And as for those who fudged greece’s books to enable them to qualify for entry, throw them to the germans.

    • Boss Hogg

      I suggest that you are heading into fantasy land with your suggestions.  It might be what they deserve and what we would like to see, but Daniel Hannan stays with logical reality and what actually can happen.

      I do wish that he would move from Europe to NZ to establish a good quality right wing party to balance our left leaning National party – wishful thinking……..meanwhile we get shackled with Peter, Banks and pillocks like Mallard.

      • nzd.gbp

        They’re only a fantasy in the politically doable sense but they’re less fantastical than expecting a devaluation of your currency to achieve anything real.

        NZ had an excellent free market small state party and they got no votes because New Zealanders are Greeks at heart. We love living off other people’s money. I doubt Hannan could stem that tide, as great an orator as he is.

  • Mediaan