Daniel Hannan on John Key

The Telegraph

Daniel Hannan has just been down to New Zealand and he blogs at The Telegraph about John Key and hwy he is now Daniel’s favourite Anglosphere politician:

To be honest, I’m slightly surprised to find myself admiring him as much as I do. I have blogged before about the two heroes of the AnglosphereStephen Harper and Tony Abbott. Both men are idealistic conservatives. Harper is comprehensively dismantling the Trudeau settlement, cutting taxes, devolving power and making Canada the Anglosphere’s foreign policy hawk. Abbott horrifies Australia’s metropolitan establishment by opposing restrictions on free speech, attacking carbon taxes, believing in God and pwning Labor in the polls.

John Key has a very different style: practical, moderate, distrustful of doctrine. Like David Cameron, he bases his appeal on competence rather than ideology. The two men, as you’d expect, are close, and our own PM often cites John Key as a soul-mate.

The thing is, his competence is visibly yielding dividends. New Zealanders know an able manager when they see one. While other countries have toppled into recession, theirs is growing. Most Kiwis understand that this didn’t just happen on its own and, being a level-headed people, they see their PM’s background in international finance as an asset rather than a cause for resentment.

This week, John Key will come to Britain to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. I asked him what advice he had for us. ‘Get into Asia,’ he replied simply. ‘It’s growing while Europe is shrinking’. Put like that, it’s impossible to disagree, no?


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  • BJ

    A completely unbiased outsiders take on how lucky we are to have John Key as NZ’s Prime Minister at this time.  
    Any half decent MSM journalist worth anything at all should grab this article of Daniel Hannan’s and run with it against the flow of the usual proverbial reporting. 

    • ConwayCaptain


      How many reports did you see in the main stream media about Danile’s visit to NZ????

      Apart from 1ZB that is

      • Le Sphincter

        Does Hannan know Key increased GST in spite of promising not to, and is  aligned with the Mana party on no increase to pension age.

      • Bunswalla

        @ Sphincter – perhaps not, but then he doesn’t know you’re a goat’s cock either. What’s your point?

  • Hannen – I wish.

    I think he makes a rather large and noticeable error….unfortunately for us, only 30% or so of New Zealanders actually have the intelligence to recognise how good this government has been and will be. Only 2/3 of NZers bothered to vote and only half of these people voted National.

    In sharp contrast to Hannen I find the immense and overwhelming stupidity of our population extremely disconcerting. The masses are fools and with the growing trend of “ask not what I can give to the world but what the world can give me” and subsequent left-wing momentum (thanks to the lazy, self-obsorbed people with no concept of personal responsibility being caught out in the recession), I think this country is on its way down. And fast.

    Our daughter had a book for her homework called The Ant and the Grasshopper. The ant had no qualms with telling the grasshopper to rack off when, unlike the ant, he was too busy have fun, doing what he wanted and failed to prepare adequately for winter. When the grasshopper came begging for food off the ant in the middle of winter the ant said no. http://www.dltk-teach.com/fables/grasshopper/mstory.htm

    If only our government and the majorty of the population had the same nous and courage!

    • AngryTory

      WFF. ACC. EQC. Super. Student loans. DHB. Plunket. Kindy. 

      If only our government and the majorty of the population had the same nous and courage!

      The vast majority of our population are bludgers and they elect the government – 
      including our State-house-kid, state-school-kid, DPB-mom PM. 

  • Gravedodger

    Only 2/3 bothered to vote and 1/2 of them voted National.
    Thanks be for that.
    That is why any taxpayer funding to encourage the dopy ignorant to vote is a waste of valuable funds.

  • AngryTory

    Harper is comprehensively dismantling the Trudeau settlement,… . Abbott horrifies Australia’s metropolitan establishment by…, attacking carbon taxes, believing in God and pwning Labor in the polls.

    Meanwhile John Key just continues every single one of Hellen’s policies, including massive borrowing – in an environment where every single one of Rogers and Ruth’s reforms had been completely reversed.

    There really is absolutely no comparison.

    • Le Sphincter

      Why is it you are the only tory who can see they are  spending more than labour , and borrowing to pay for it.

      It helps that 99% of the voters want that too

      • In Vino Veritas

        Of course they are Sphincter, this is what happens when you are left with a permanent structural deficity by an outgoing government, and you don’t want to hit ordinary NZ’rs with a sledgehammer.

        Also on debt, you may recall (but I doubt it) that when Labour came to power in 1999, debt to GDP was about 25%. At the beginning of 1998, it had been 30%. So in one year, National had shaved 5% off debt to GDP (source: David Rea. Government Expenditure and Revenue in NZ, a Brief Overview). Which gives lie to your view that National do not pay debt down. When Labour were ejected, debt to GDP had swung sharply upwards. Permanent Structural Deficit. Read it and weep Sphinc. 9 years of the best economic conditions equated to no money in the bank and massive future commitments that cannot the country cannot afford. That is socialism as we know it.

      • AngryTory

        this is what happens when you are left with a permanent structural deficity by an outgoing government

        No, you do what Ruth did: terminate welfare.  

    • BJ

      We live in a time of great impatience.  If everyone, critical that National is not doing enough to stimulate  the economy or not being tough enough with welfare reforms, would just sit on their hands and bite their tongues and have some faith and trust – you will see John Key has a plan – to be revealed on a need to know basis for the masses that can’t handle too much at once so always get reactive.

      National was voted in at that last election so why should they be listening to any groups telling them what to do about policies and timing. They’ve got a lot more up their sleeve so there’s no need for anyone to get in a flap.

      • JBS

        And the last election was November 2011 – A mere 7 months ago… There may be important policies that are dependent on international conditions; they may have taken a wait and see approach.

      •  “We live in a time of great impatience.” Boy did you just hit the nail BJ –

        Everything you look at these days is assumed to have an instant fix available.

        Example the Christchurch Earthquakes, with only total population of 4+million and yet people are still comparing us to Japan with their population and complaining why is the rebuild taking so long…

      • Roger Hayward

        He has a plan, sure, but asset-stripping is not my idea of a good plan.

    • napalm in the morning

      Angry, I dont generally like your comments, but thats the best comment I have seen on this blog for a very long time!!

  • Magoo

    John Key, the prime minister who taxes his own country via an emissions trading scheme so he can ship the money off overseas. John Key – the prime minister who does this even though he knows the AGW scare is a crock of shit. John Key – the prime minister that knows that ripping off the country he is supposed to represent will not result in ANY lowering of global temperature. John Key – the prime minister that set the price of carbon credit at a grossly overvalued price, and makes it illegal for anyone to buy them elsewhere.

    I’m a right wing voter, but until Key stops ripping us all off then I think the guy, & his administration, is nothing but a sellout fuckwit – almost as bad as Ellen Clark.

    • BW_Lord

      Does anyone know if there is any movement towards forcing a rejection of this bullshit policy? Whether through a referendum or any fucking method.

      I personally believe that this is as much of a farce as any of the welfare handouts. Pouring money down the shitter in an endless flood.

      • Le Sphincter

        Dont forget the $800 mill for treaty settlements and costs.its spread over a number of departments. And this from a party who once wanted to abolish the Maori seats. of course that was before the votes were counted

      • Apolonia

         The Conservative party of NZ, like Harper’s Canadian Conservative party are opposed to the ETS and want to scrap it. Currently money collected is payed to forest owners. 70% of NZ forests are owned by overseas interests.
        The ETS is nothing but economic sabotage.    

  • Cullen’s Sidekick

    Wait for the toxic media to get hold of this and see how they argue against it. The left leaning idiots don’t understand how NZ is doing far far better than other countries that too without a cent of tax increase. I am thanking my lucky stars that we are not ruled by Labour now, They would have slapped every single possible taxes on earth on us by now.

    • CJA

       And they would spend it rather than save it for a rainy day and we would end up like most of Europe.

  • George

    Daniel Hannan’s been had here.  What our bloke did to charm him I dinna ken. Key has just been less of a PR disaster than Phil Goff.