Derryn Hinch on Craig Thomson

Derryn Hinch, announcer from 3AW in Melbourne, blogs and tweets on Craig Thomson and his payments on a union credit card for hookers:

Gotcha!  It was a real gotcha moment for Craig Thomson last night. That was just after 6.30 when A Current Affair revealed a $770 payment by the much-sullied MP, on May 7, 2005, to a front company for an escort agency.

After all the protestations outside and inside the supposed safety of Parliament. All the claims about forged signatures cloned phones, stolen credit cards, conspiracy theories, tears, claims of persecution and a plea for mercy. After all that, one credit card bill for $770 brought him undone. Gotcha.

Why is it different to all the other suspicious credit card transactions allegedly involving hookers and those dozens of $500 withdrawals from ATMs?

Because on this one Thomson has admitted to the Fair Work Australia investigators  that he incurred that expense, that he was in  Sydney that night and – although he couldn’t remember the exact details, it was for dinner expenses on union business.

The account, for $770, was in the name of an outfit  called International Immobiliare – a front, a holding company for a sex agency called  Boardroom Escorts, operating out of an apartment at Circular Quay. Later that night Thomson’s Commonwealth Bank MasterCard was used for services with Boardroom Escorts for…. $770. What a coincidence. Boy, that card got around,

And, according to the ACA investigation ‘By his own admission to Fair Work  Australia, he made that transaction for what was identified as a dinner function’. To be fair, he didn’t say what he was eating.

His tweets are hilarious:

Followed up with:


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    Fishy Steakmints, Creme of Sum Lion One and years later, some Fowl Steakmints to a Parli-mint source on a bed of lies and deceit sliced and diced to avoid cronic indigestion!

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    Know quality when you see it.
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