Does National have a strategy for Local Government?

The National Party has its LNI regional conference this weekend in Napier.  Delegates should ask the party hierarchy what they are doing about local government elections in 2013, especially since National opponents hold the mayoralties in the three major cities.

In Auckland Len Brown is vulnerable for numerous cock ups and generally looking like he is incompetent. He wants to spend all sorts of tax payers money on things National doesn’t want to spend money on, and has put rates up excessively in many National voting areas. He should be vulnerable but no one in National seems to be doing anything to run against him. Auckland based board members Alastair Bell and Peter Goodfellow seem to have done nothing to find a competent candidate to take on Len.

Wellington sees the Green Mayor Celia Wade-Brown facing a tough battle with Annette King. National have no potential candidate lined up to run against the two left wingers.

In Christchurch Bob Parker is not a National friend. Gerry Brownlee called him a clown, and probably wishes he could have said what he really thought. Lianne Dalziel will win and win easily against Bob. Internal polling show Bob has negatives that are absolutely unprecedented, so unprecedented that the poller suggested that Boober Fraggle would beat Bob by close to ten to one, and not even an earthquake would save Bob.

Does National have any good mayoral candidates?


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  • RolandS

    Mayor Bob Parker is totally down the tubes – gone, washed up
    and leisurely riding out the last remnants of his term by hopping off on little
    trips and being seen for photo opps.  Now
    we can thankfully see that Lianne Dalziel has very publically stated that she will not stand for the
    mayoral job and has decided instead to aim to replace Gerry Brownlee.  I would think that she should be looking at
    leaving parliament altogether and perhaps getting a community support job. At least
    it will give Gerry B a good chuckle this morning.  But now the question hangs in the air – Who
    should be the next mayor of Chrsitchurch? – my vote would certainly go to Tim
    Carter, he is smart, intelligent and works hard, he has a business mind but also
    empathy and understanding of what people are going through – but mostly he has
    the sheer guts and tenacity to stand up to Bob and his gang.  Livingstone and Beck are both good, god fearing men, but never strong enough to be considered mayoral material.

  • White Conference


  • Cam – you know anyone from the Centre-Right going to stand against Len that is NOT Cameron Brewer. I am really head scratching here for someone who would stand against Len.

    Then again if National via C&R or just National (a name comes to mind here) were to stand someone, then the candidate should have been shoulder tapped after Banks got thumped in 2010. 

    Maybe an expose on the centre-right getting their act together for next year?
    That term Cam uses keeps coming to mind though :P 

    • Actually I don’t think standing someone against the Mayor is needed. Winning control of the council is a far better strategy. that way Len sits impotently in his office fuming while his silly projects get knocked back.

      • Now that is easier said then done winning Council. Taking the independents out C&R would need a 5-7 seat swing in their favour to have “control” of Auckland Council. While possible, pushing shit uphill would seem more apt there.

        Why does Buggers Muddle keep coming to mind?

      • AngryTory

        Get grip Whale. Labour switched to a general franchise to ensure Labour would always have a majority on councils.  Hide should have switched Auckland back but didn’t. 

        Our best bet would be some BoJo like Grammar-boy with the gift of the Gab to take out Red Len – don’t suppose you’d stand yourself? 

        In the medium term, a National party with guts to eliminate councils and move back to city corporations is the right way to deal with local government

  • ConwayCaptain

    George Wood for Akl??

    • George Wood for AKL

    • Guest

      George is a nice guy, but past it. too old. Shame really. Needed to be 10 years younger.

  • AngryTory

    Apparently National’s strategy is to abolish it.

    Remember this is all Rodney Hide’s fault – and perhaps a little of Keys. I was completely flabbergasted when the super-city didn’t revert to ratepayers franchise! How the fuck did that happen!

    With a ratepayer franchise in the super-city, and then rolled out into Christchurch by CERA and into Wellington too, all three cities would have been solidly National/ACT on the councils in perpetuity.

    But no, Rodney kept Labours reforms, kept the general franchise, kept Labour in forever.

    Thanks a bunch, Rodney.

  • AnonWgtn

    Firstly abolish Regional bloodsucker Councils.