Dompost on Jones and Shearer

? Dominion Post

The Dompost editorial is scathing of the cash for citizenship scandal currently enveloping the Labour party. In particular the woeful leadership of David Shearer and the pathetic excuses of Shane Jones:

It is a toss-up which is more embarrassing for the Labour Party ? former associate immigration minister Shane Jones’ explanation for granting citizenship to a shadowy Chinese millionaire with multiple identities or leader David Shearer’s initial acceptance of that explanation.

According to Mr Jones he granted citizenship to Yong Ming Yan, otherwise known as Bill Liu, because an official told him Mr Yan would be arrested, executed and his “organs harvested” if he returned to China.

According to Mr Shearer, he chose not to take action after speaking to Mr Jones about the case because the process by which the former minister ignored official advice appeared “considered and proper”.

It was not till others pointed out the incongruity of Mr Jones’ claims that Mr Yan’s life was at risk if he was denied citizenship and Mr Yan’s claims to have fostered better relations between New Zealand and China that the Labour leader decided to stand Mr Jones down as a party spokesman and ask the auditor-general to investigate.