Dompost on Jones and Shearer

Dominion Post

The Dompost editorial is scathing of the cash for citizenship scandal currently enveloping the Labour party. In particular the woeful leadership of David Shearer and the pathetic excuses of Shane Jones:

It is a toss-up which is more embarrassing for the Labour Party – former associate immigration minister Shane Jones’ explanation for granting citizenship to a shadowy Chinese millionaire with multiple identities or leader David Shearer’s initial acceptance of that explanation.

According to Mr Jones he granted citizenship to Yong Ming Yan, otherwise known as Bill Liu, because an official told him Mr Yan would be arrested, executed and his “organs harvested” if he returned to China.

According to Mr Shearer, he chose not to take action after speaking to Mr Jones about the case because the process by which the former minister ignored official advice appeared “considered and proper”.

It was not till others pointed out the incongruity of Mr Jones’ claims that Mr Yan’s life was at risk if he was denied citizenship and Mr Yan’s claims to have fostered better relations between New Zealand and China that the Labour leader decided to stand Mr Jones down as a party spokesman and ask the auditor-general to investigate.


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  • Pete George

    Just more media bashing, it’s not their fault.

    Someone accused me of making excuses for suggesting our tepid economy had been influenced by a bit of a GFC – and then they offered this insight into the real problem:

    “why the government are able to occupy the treasury benches when it is so obvious that they aren’t competent to govern….and what inducements are being offered to get reporters protecting them from the backlash that should be happening…”

    Shearer and Jones are only battling a corrupt media, as they crack a Tui.

    • I like your comment – but think you’re
      giving the repeaters in this country a bit to much credence – I don’t think
      anyone other than their owners has enough political savvy to recognise biase….

  • Richard McGrath

    Ironic that Shane Jones was able to harvest his own organ thanks to a stimulus package from the taxpayer.

    • Joe_Bloggs

      Oh that’s rich!! Great observation.

    • You mean Shane might be going to flog his own organ, not necessarily in China

  • fecnde

    This would be the same time as Taito Phillip Field was ripping off people working on his houses and Clark was supporting Winston Peters claim that he didn’t receive a donation from Owen Glenn (he did). Can we now say that the Clark government was the most corrupt in NZ history?

  • Blokeintakapuna

    I bet Jones is wishing for the “good ole days” when the MSM just blindly repeated the rhetoric and propaganda spoon-fed to them from the 9th floor with the appropriate amount of obfuscating and complicity to be led by the nose… no other opinions wanted or tolerated… 

  • Dompost??? Shearer and Jones are covering themselves but in Compost more likes.

  • Guest

    Every cent of welfare is borrowed. Bill the Greek’s budget is a national disaster and a national shame.  Without ACT (Banks doesn’t count) there is no real opposition in Parliament – the only politician who stands against borrow-and-hope welfarism is Colin Craig. 

    Things need to change and change fast – and Labour is never part of the solution, only part of the problem.  That’s what the papers need to tell us every day – not some political crap about which corrupt Labour/Union pollie is worth than some other one

  • Guest

    Shearer has no control, this has been proven today with Mallard and his cheap shot on an old lady posting her picture everywhere . labour is now a complete joke pity we have to pay them for the crap they dish out everyday. Note to Trev that lady helps pay your wages.