Edwards on Cunliffe’s gagging

? Brian Edwards blog

Brian Edwards is brutal on David Shearer’s gagging of David Cunliffe. Perhaps he is still mad at getting the axe for media training…well that is what Labour MPs are quietly whispering around the beltway if anyone asks them why Brian has gone feral.

Anyway, ?the top team? didn?t like Cunliffe?s brilliant speech and he was apparently bawled out by Shearer and others and told the ?speech was? naive and stupid.? That tends to be the price you pay for idealism. And, according to the extremely ?well informed Duncan Garner, the ?price may be high for Cunliffe who has been ?put in his place, somewhere down the bottom of the pecking order?.

This is so utterly stupid that it beggars belief. Cunliffe is not only intellectually brilliant, he is by far Labour?s most accomplished debater in the House and on television and radio. ?No-one in the Labour Party can hold a candle to him as a media spokesperson. Stammering and stuttering seem to be the main criteria for that at present.