Electoral Commission spanks Police

NZ Herald

The Electoral Commission isn’t happy with progress from the Police on the matters it has referred to them. They have a good point too, if Electoral Act breaches are not properly investigated or prosecuted then there really is no point in having the laws int he first place. The fact that Labour so outrageously breaches the laws so frequently is proof that they know the Police are toothless and lazy when it comes to doing anything about it:

The Electoral Commission has taken a swipe at the police for an apparent lack of action in investigating and prosecuting electoral law offences and suggests the job be handed over to another agency.

In its report on the 2011 general election, the commission said that although police dealt with simple matters such as dual voting promptly, they did not do so for more complex issues.

“Some are more difficult and complex and the commission is concerned about the priority the police seem able to accord these referrals.”

It recommended the Government consider whether procedures should be strengthened, noting that some of the breaches of the Electoral Act were serious and carried heavy penalties.

“Effective and timely investigation and prosecution of electoral offences is critical to ensuring public confidence in the integrity of the democratic process.”

One possibility was to hand over the breaches to another enforcement agency or a Crown solicitor to decide whether to prosecute.

If we had an Independent Commission against Corruption they could easily handle this.


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  • ban_everything

    I have never been happy with Electoral Commission getting police to investigate electoral breaches.  If, for example, there is an immigration case needing to go to court, Immigration do the prosecuting.  Tax Commissioner same.  SPCA the same.  Fisheries the same.  Conservation the same.  Customs the same.  And so on.  So too should Electoral Commission, surely.

  • AngryTory

    The fact that Labour so outrageously breaches the laws so frequently is proof

    a) that we urgently need a real, plenipotentiary independent commission against corruption  (ideally headed by say Rodney Hide)


    b) that its first and second acts would be to disband the Labour party and the Unions. 

  • Steve5365

    A friend was telling me last evening that he had instructed his wife that if she feared an intruder during his absence she was to call the fire brigade.
    The local volunteer fire brigade can guarantee that they will be there quicker than the police.  The firemen do not get paid; they are volunteers.  The police get paid handsomely.
    I think this is just another indictment upon the society that we have allowed to develop.