EPMU Staff get $45k Pay Rise?

Another Observation by the Owl:

The EPMU Registered Charity, The Engineering Training And Education Foundation have awarded their staff with a $45k pay rise

The 2009 Annual Accounts as filed show there was 3 staff earning a total of $183,709.00 (Average $61,236.00)
The 2010 Annual Accounts as filed show there was 2 staff earning a total of $213,989.00 (Average $106,994.00)

This information is filed on the document and they are required to file the number of full and part-time staff which the Charity has done.

All information has been sourced off the Charities Commission website and is available in the public domain.

The Owl’s Observation:
I actually think the staff numbers are 3 but there must have been someone away on the day of the head count or one person left and they appointed 2 part-time staff. If it is actually still 3 people then the average pay increase $10,094.00 or a 16.4% pay increase.


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  • Petal

    Well, it’s only fair and reasonable.  They are setting the example for the rest of the members to aspire to by showing what are real-word and achievable wage increases.

    • Dave

      So Petal, I sincerely hope they are able to explain to their members, the rank and file, that the increase they and their staff received was justified.   

      The increase is between 11%~14% above CPI, and what the majority of NZ received (if any) in contrast to the 2.5~5% the same union managed to get for their members and then after weeks out of work and without pay.  Complete failure for the members fees yet again, when will the Wank and Vile wake up Ditch the union, and simply employ an bargaining agent / advocate 

  • Butts_McButts

    I’d also see if you can find any talk of anyone leaving – organisations that don’t limit the amount of leave you can roll over tend to have these blowouts when someone who’s been there a while leave  with a huge amount of accumulated paid leave they’ve never used. 

    • Dave

      Accumulated leave becomes a liability, and should be represented in the accounts.   Accrued Liability.   If it is not in the accounts, one has to question the validity of the accounts, and the Auditor!!

      • Butts_McButts

        Yes, but when it’s paid out, it’s often coded as salary and wages. Either way if it becomes a liability to the extent that it is the driving factor behind these changes in salaries and it isn’t noted in the accounts, then I would also not be lining up to have these people give my books the once-or-twice over. 

  • Phar Lap

    Wonder could it be Andrew Little is moonlighting.That would explain the mystery.Yeah!   Right!

  • The joys of using averages to represent the individual gains.  Did you not learn anything in high school mathematics?

    Did 3 people start, and only 2 survive?  or did 3 people start, two leave and a higher paid position was created in their stead?  

    Did the three people represent 3FTEs for the entire financial year?  Did it go from 0.25 + 0.75 + 1 to 2 FTEs? 

    No, they all musta been earning the exact average and two of them went up to the exact new average. Stupid socialists.

  • johnbronkhorst

    Did they actually make this open to the members of the union (the ones that paid) or did they just send in te return to the charities commission, know the appathy of their members, who would never ask…They are having their pockets picked, while they are watching the thief do it!!!

  • Timandtim

    Thanks OWl…just checked the charity is making huge losses as well…so how can you be paying big wages and making losses as well…isn’t there no company rules on this? My maths not that good but looks like the charity has lost $ 2-3m dollar as well. Doesn’t see right?
    Anyone found out where thebEMPU paid their labour party donation from yet?
    Any news WO?

  • AngryTory

    Who the fuck can pay a mortgage on only $106,994.00.  

    If that’s the best they can do, I hope their employees are in a better union than the EPMU!

  • Quest

    Seriously members need to ask a lot of questions