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Daily Mail

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Like your ducks cute and fluffy rather than drizzled in gravy? Best look away now…

These images capture the moment a hungry heron plucked a tiny yellow duckling from the pond in Dublin’s Herbert Park – and proceeded to swallow it whole.

Photographer Paul Hughes took the shots after a week of stormy weather, which flooded the nearby River Dodder and left the grey heron unable to fish.


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  • Troy

    Ducks of the Mallard kind are best drizzled in gravy.

    • Dave

      Yes Troy, but that type of duck is full of shit and past its prime.

  • Euan Rt

    Typical SOCK behaviour.

  • Michael

    I’m part of a local environmental group doing remediation projects for an urban stream. We’re trying to educate people not to feed the ducks in the stream as this has caused over population. The ducklings are in turn becoming an important food source for rats. So I think most ducklings are ending up like this one.

    • johnbronkhorst

      Best, human beings but out and let NATURE do what it must. Every time we “HELP”…we screw it up. Entirely due to well intensioned ignorance!!!

  • Shows the adaptability of animals in the wild to find alternative food when their usual source is in short supply, whats that about the strong and best survive to carry on the species?

    • johnbronkhorst

      Using that theory Neil….Explain…….chris hipkins…..the walking medical miracle….It’s a miracle that a mammal with so little brain function, can still be breathing.