Finally a balanced article on the AFFCO dispute


Jon Morgan doesn?t repeat Simon Oosterman’s bullshit press releases and stage managed protests, probably having read the Cecil Walker story and realising that Simon is very, very economical with the truth when talking to reporters.

Obviously not a left wing media hack Jon makes the following obvious point:

The protagonists, the Talley family on one side and the Meatworkers Union on the other, are an irresistible force coming up against an immovable object ? or, as one industry source puts it, “a rock hitting a rock”.

Both have fearsome reputations, but the union’s is on the wane while the Talleys’ is on the rise.

A pity this is not obvious to the Meatworkers Union. Their unwillingness to let AFFCO manage their plants and their staff is the cause of this dispute. It is an ideological battle from the 70s that was lost a long time ago.

It is not just the ideological battle lost, the union is losing membership flat out as workers realise AFFCO will pay them a fair days wage for a fair days work and increase their salary by 5%.