It appears that David Cunliffe has been gagged by the Labour leadership.

Tensions on the Labour front bench have just got even worse.

David Cunliffe’s speech on an economic direction for Labour did not go down well with many of his colleagues. The Nation reported today that Cunliffe was told in the following caucus meeting that his speech was stupid and foolish. I think it was neither of those – rather very calculated. But many MPs got up to criticise Cunliffe for his speech, including David Shearer.

The Nation invited David Cunliffe on this morning to talk about his views on economic development, and the problems he identified with current and previous policies. He was happy to do so, but Shearer’s office banned him from going on.

Now this is a very rare thing. Certainly some Ministers will sometimes not accept an interview request, but Opposition MPs pretty much never turn down such opportunities. We now have a situation whereLabour’s Economic Development spokesperson has been gagged from speaking publicly on economic development and related issues. This is not the sign of a happy camp, and indicates how tense things must be.

The Nation even promised that they would not ask any questions at all about leadership. It would be an interview only on economic issues. But even that was enough for Shearer’s office to gag Cunliffe and ban him from being interviewed.


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  • Blokeintakapuna

    Felching…I mean, fetching attire for a Labour Party spokesperson… now if only their rabid union bully boys would STFU too, the world would be such a more peaceful place without all their noise polution.

    Jacinda gagged too – now there’s a thought for ya! Anyone got any pics of that?

    Bradford… not so much – kinda makes ya a little bit sick in ya mouth trying to digest breakfast… sorry readers.

    • Ihaterightwingnazis

      You sad little neo-con fucker.  You need to get gang-raped by some bikers you repressed queer woman-hating cunt!

  • Scanner

    Who leads this circus, what a total fucking shambles, FUBAR

  • Random66

    Shearer must be losing sleep at night worrying about this guy to take such action.

  • Gazzaw

    Since when would Cunliffe not grab an opportunity for an interview on national TV?

    I can see Robertson at work here. Who would most benefit out of throwing fuel on the fire?

    Love or loath Cunliffe (& I am of the latter persuasion) his loss would be bad for labour. As Goff kept telling us last year it’s all about perception and should Cunliffe choose to return to academia in the US it would be a very bad look for them. As a man of serious intellect he must be as much detested by the dullard unionists of the party as he is bored by their brainless dogma. Why would he hang around in the hope of leading such a disparate party into another one or two terms of opposition. A teaching role in politics at Harvard or Georgetown must be much more appealing.   

    • Blokeintakapuna

      or being a lap dog ensconsed in the UN somewhere with the NY affiliate perhaps?

  • AnonWgtn

    Stupid is, Stupid as.
    Typical Labour – no idea where they are going to.
    So they made the wrong decision in Shearer – stuff anybody else.
    ABC remember.

  • johnbronkhorst

    Said it before …shearer or cunliffe whats the difference…same meat different gravy…..cunliffe is just a bitter tasting version and shearer is mascarading as a sweet sauce.

    • Mooloo

      I like it different shades of red . All pinko’s should be shipped off to auntie helen
      The UN needs them .