Global Warming cops one in the chook

It looks like Global Warming has come a gutser. Looks like we better crank up the carbon emissions to stave off the freeze. On the plus side, it will be better weather for duck shooting

The world could be heading for a new ‘solar minimum’ period, possibly plummeting the planet into an Ice Age, scientists say.

Researchers say the present increase in sun activity with solar flares and storms could be followed by this minimum period.

The period would see a cooling of the planet, refuting predictions of further global-warming.

The research for this comes from the GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences.

Its scientists analysed sediment in Lake Meerfelder Maar and found direct evidence of a ‘solar minimum’ causing a sudden cooling in Europe 2800 years ago.

Dr Achim Brauer of the GFZ said the research shows there was an increase in humidity and windiness at the same time as the sustained reduction in solar activity.

He said the measurements of lake sediment allow precise dating of short-term climate changes.


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  • Jimmie

    I like the little one liner at the end about consensus that man made emissions blah blah blah – its like the whole article was poking the global warming nutters in the eye and then but the little disclaimer at the end – just highlights how stupid the religion of global warming is becoming.

  • Orangestud

    The whole goblal warming thing is a scam so that the “powers that be” can syphon our money though carbon credits, and force us to take in more third world people under the guise of “climate change refugees”.  This global cooling thing sounds a lot better to me!

    • Guest2012

      I think you’ll find that the scientific community has been leading the charge on this one – for the majority of time that global warming has been a topic of discussion in the scientific field, the ‘powers that be’ have denied the evidence for it, as they have been afraid of losing power by having to make political unpalatable decisions.

      As for global cooling sounding better… if that were to be the case (which isn’t really what the article is saying), what makes you think that a global cooling would be any better? It could still be associated with extreme weather phenomena, crop failures, increases in disease pandemics. It’s 6 of one, half a dozen of the other really.

      • Tony

        Not sure that you have fully grasped the point 2012. My reading of things was that the scientific community was behaving in a spectacularly unscientific way. They behaved this way b/c of personal issues, either in order to gain funding or b/c they have a political bent that would like more (world) government.

        The community misused data to convince the non-scientific community and tried to destroy, both personally and professionally, those who disagreed with them.

        Now that the data is providing a level of evidence that cannot be ignored, the scientific community is attempting to cover its tracks.  

        These people are clearly not scientists. They are a fraud and they should be ashamed. 

        At last, the truth is winning out

      • Patriot

        Scientists are there for the payday —
        They are looking to explain climate whether it be warmer or cooler — so they can be in a paid job — they cant even make rain , when they tell us Co2 causes floods

        Co2 — causes nothing , we breath out Co2 , so Co2 aint a pollutant – and it dont cause Rain, Tornados or Hurricane Katrina .

        Al Gore – ipcc and climate scientists trumpeting global warming or Global cooling & are crap shooting in the dark with no solid evidence to make the claims – they are overpaid to make .

        They cant even set up a simple experiment to prove their Co2 claims or Warming Claims of  Co2 caused crop devastation , Co2 sea level rise, Co2 Antarctic melt –

        Climate scientists are full of guesses , computer models with assumptions , and Conferences in Resorts for 12 days achieving nothing .

        Global warming theory is unproven — so is Global cooling ….


      • Orangestud

        I am just thinking of the extended Skiing season :-)

    • Doug_S

      As of July the Aussies will be paying carbon taxes. That nice fat handout they just got will be nulled instantly. If Gillard wasn’t fucked before she certainly will be come July. 

  • Cadwallader

    All I can say is: “Up yours Gore!”

  • Mr_Blobby

    Is this the same science that tells us in the next 24 Hours it will be fine then it rains, will rain then it is fine?
    If the answer to a problem is to TAX it then it is a CON.

  • Ken

    Greta illustration of the danger of taking jounralist reports of science at face value.

    The Stuff report grossly misrepresetns nthe findings – as any reader here can check by going to SciBlogs (see An object lesson in the danger of poor science reporting
    or Hot Topic -Stuff stuff up (another bloody ice age).

    There’s a lesson here somewhere – something to do with comfirmation bias?

    • More worth while reading – thanks so much for the new links for us ordinary folk Ken.

  • The world could be heading for a new ‘solar minimum’ period like bats could fly out of my butt.Both are possibilities with a non-zero but very low probability.
    You can get away with a lot by using that word ‘could’.
    Whaleoil COULD become scientifically literate.
    Climate change deniers COULD realise their desperation when spinning the conclusions of any scientific paper that shows the merest possibility of cooling mechanisms.

    Stuff has the honesty to post a link to an rebuttal.
    Which mentions an abstract to the actual paper on Sciencedaily.