Good news, Europe is rooted and the Poms have finally worked it out

 The Telegraph

Only in Westminster could this be considered an extreme position: according to the latest research, the British public are more hostile to Europe than even the Greeks. Euroscepticism is now the opinion of mainstream Britain.

Lord only knows they joined in the first place, having spent most of their history having to beat the crap out of unscrupulous European ratbags.


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  • ConwayCaptain

    With Boris about to stab Posh Boy Dave in the next few years, Daniel Hannan in the ascendency along with Nigel Farage of UKIP, we will see the UK leave the EU and look outwards and towards its old friends in the Anglosphere.

    The EU will lose one of its biggest contributors and if UK goes you can bet your bottom POUND that many others will leave.  It is like a pack of dominos.

    If Hollande gets in as President of France we will see a return to the failed socialist policies of Mitterand and France will stagnate with entrenched unions, a bloated socialist state and the largest Muslim population in Europe.

    If France goes the way of Greece, Portugal etc which is likely it is TOO BIG TO BAIL OUT>

    A Bas Les Socialistes, A Bas les Eurocrats, Au Tumbrils avec tout les Bastards. 

    • Boss Hogg

      Captain – well said, you beat me to it as I just having my first look on this site for the day.  Daniel Hannan speaks the most sense I have heard from any politician in years – he should be compulsory reading/listening in our senior schools to get a little bit of balance as to what sensible politics is about.

      I wish that JK would invite him on a speaking and debating tour as he recently completed in Australia.

      The truth about the failed politics of the EU are very close to being exposed in the thier horror and D Hannan will have the dubious pleasure of “I told you so” to all the tax and spend idiots around him.


      • ConwayCaptain

        I know thatb someone is trying to get Daniel Hannan out here to speak.

      • ConwayCaptain


        In 1973 I got my Masters FG cerrt in Akl and I worked fpor Port Line.  I got back to ther UK and was offered a Mate’s job on a T&J Brocklebank ship to India.  Part of the Cunard Group and Port Line was in the Group.

        It was the time of Darling Harold and Ted Heath.  Unions running the show and strikes left right and centre.

        Thoughtb stuff this and came to NZ and worked for SCONZ

      • Apolonia

         The UK is to involved in the EU to leave, and tragically successive NZ governments have given away our sovereignty to the UN, so we are no better off.  

      • Boss Hogg

        Cheers Captain.  I did my training in the RNZAF starting in 1979.  A strike was called by it’s real name in the services – a Mutiny.

        Punishable by death in times of war.

        I think this makes my position on unions clear.

        Keep up the excellent postings.

    • Mooloo

      The Commonwealth has always been their strongest allies. It’s taken 40 years for them to finally realize this. France is still smarting from getting pants 200 years ago by les roast beef 

    • ConwayCaptain

      If Hollande gets in and instigates his big tax policies the Fr Banks will move their operations to London thus losing Hollande huge amounts of tax.

      If Hollande SPENDS and SPENDS then France will go thye same way of Greece, Portugal,Spain etc.

  • ConwayCaptain

    I sailed with a Master in Port Line, a WW 2 veteran and he had an Aussie wife.  He RFEFUSED to go through the Brit ish Passport and EU passport holders file because he said the Uussies/Kiwis/Candians fought for us and he thought it beneath contempt that the Krauts, Eyties, Frogs got preferential treatment.

  • thor42

    It’s *great* that the Brits are becoming more “Euro-sceptical” every day!

    CC made a very important point too, about the French having the largest population of Muslims in Europe. It was therefore no surprise to see the right-wing “Front Nationale” get 20% of the votes in the recent French elections. The French have seen what Muslims can do to Western cities (the best example being Malmo in Sweden) and they are slowly waking up to this fact. It is heartening to see the right-wing parties (like that of Geert Wilders in the Netherlands) gaining increasing support as Europeans wake up to the danger that Islamisation (and immigration of Muslims) is posing for them. 

    Oddly enough, the UK is alone in not having its voters move to the right. This may be for two reasons – (a) they may have their heads in the sand, and (b) there is not really a moderate right-wing party in the UK for voters to flock to – only the BNP.
    ( There is, of course, the EDL, but they are not a party ).    

    • Gazzaw

      Let’s hope that the Brit local elections aren’t an indication of a trend back to the left. 36 local bodies won by labour.

    • Hey Jude

      There is now the British Freedom Party too.

    • AngryTory

      Oddly enough, the UK is alone in not having its voters move to the right.

      Please explain how the largest UKIP vote ever in council elections doesn’t count as “a move to the right”.  At the next euro-elections, UKIP will push the “Conservatives” into third place. 

  • AngryTory

    You’re all fucking dreaming.

    If the Euro goes down – then that’s more than half of the UK’s export markets gone too.
    Not to mention something like 1/4 of ours (directly) and 1/3 of China.

    If the Euro goes down we’re all fucked

    • nzd.gbp

      what are you talking about we’re all fucked? The Euro is in the state it’s in because it’s been fucked for ages and the state remedies are not working because they’ve been part of the problem all along. Admitting it’s fucked isn’t going to change what we already know. The market will step in and fix it like it always does after political clusterfucks like this. If the trading zone is maintained then the markets won’t go away. It’s the Euro parliament and the currency that are holding up a much needed realignment. THe signals are so distorted by constant printing of money and low rates and state intervention that the bad apples have been able to infect the whole bunch. If you are a proper hard working and productive nation you’ll be better off to shake off the poor performers. The only ones who will be fucked are those who have been riding on the proper economies within the zone.

      • AngryTory

        The ECB doesn’t print money: the German constitution court doesn’t let them.

        That’s why the Euro is worth $1.30 USD,  $1.60NZD, 0.81p

        Funnily enough, printing Euros is about the only thing that could save Greece, Spain, Portugal… 

      • nzd.gbp

        no what could save those countries are getting them on to a tier 2 euro ccy or their own. you do realise what printing money does don’t you?

  • Tony

    The UK policy towards Europe is actually the same as it has always been. London has always wanted to be stronger than the two largest continental powers combined or at least have the two strongest powers divided (usually by siding with one of them against the other).

    UK therefore needed to be part of the EU in order to ensure that they were not able to be ganged up on in secret.

    In the words of Sir Humphrey Appleby, the UK is in the EU to make a dog’s breakfast out of it (i.e. make ‘Europe’ fail).