Hawking vs Benedict



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  • Gravedodger

    Beautiful! come in the defenders of the faith; 9 8 7 6 …………..

  • Agent BallSack

    Extremely poor taste but its freaking humorous!

  • Cameron W Browne

    Thanks for posting Whale!

  • P1LL

    That had me laughing out loud :)

  • Russell Belding

    As Trevor Mallard tells lies about opponents so Whale Oil features put-downs putting words in the mouth of those he dislikes such as Benedict. Another cheap shot WO. I doubt of Benedict would jest over Hawking’s disability and I doubt if Hawking would jest over paedophiles in clerical dress. Will this boost your ratings WO? For your next quote from Proverbs try: 15:2.

    Lampooning big targets is easy. Seeking effective solutions is harder.

    • The Baron

      Save me from these humourous god botherers. So come on then, Serious Saint Russell – how wouldest thou solve the problem of massive amounts of priest buggery and coverup in the Catholic Church?

      Lampoon and ridicule is a legitimate strategy in the face of a moribund and defunct organisation that sought to cover up, rather than seek effective solutions, for one of the worst cases of systemic child abuse ever seen. What else are we meant to do as the public apart from ridicule?
      There is no high horse for you to ride here.

      • Bunswalla

        Surely you mean humour-less god botherers, not humourous. Not only did the catholic church cover up the systemic buggery, it perpetuated it in the process – “moving on” dodgy priests and shirt-lifters from one parish or school to another.

      • The Baron

        How embarrassing. Yes, humourless, not humourous.

        But then again, Russell’s outrage would be humourous if it wasn’t so pathetic.

    • Rodger T

      Poor Wussel, his liddle butt hurts.

      • Russell Belding

        Ah three brave men hiding behind aliases. “Roget T”, “The Baron” and “Bunswala”. Little content to your comments just nasty remarks.

        To “Baron”. Effectively deal with paedophiles by outing them in court. Read my comment “Baron”. I said Lampoon is easy. Zero toelrance for sexual abuse. Could you handle this? You tolerance for verbal abuse is high and you hide inside an alias.

        To “Bunswalla”, only empty words no content.Not worth replying.

        To “Roger T”. Did you see the comments I made a day or so ago from a day or so about you style on this blog? No content from you just more verbal abuse.
        ·         Hello “Roger T”
        I am informed by you that I am a “godbot obsessed by you with bestiality”. I had to look up “godbot” on google and guess at a definition you might be using. How about “a Christian who doesn’t thing much and responds mechically to issues”? Will this do? I never mentioned “bestiality” nor thought about it till you brought it up. Then you tell me I am a “religious numpty”, I have ” ridiculous .. arguments ..”, I have no clear reasons about positions I support and from there you bring is a penis and instruct me about using them. Wow! What comments from one who does not know me.
        So I looked back through your comments using the functions on this blog.
        You have a record here of insulting Christians:1. “that little weasel the Pope …”2. “Well ,we all know the bible is full of shit and says whatever you want it to say,that is how it has kept the retarded in line for so long.”3. “FFS you vegan fucktards are worse than fucking christians, …”4. “Billy Connolly says all that needs to be said on christians and rock music.” Perhaps you could follow your own advice and leave out further insults.5. “Rowan Williams is the dumb cunt also …”
        Should I conclude you are in this conversation for sport and abuse not for friendly reasons?

      • Rodger Tocker, Helensville ,NZ

        Oh spare us the sanctimony Russel,you and your christian ilk have been insulting humanity for the last 2000 years.
        I daresay you should harden up, the minute you can present evidence for your particular  god ,then perhaps a serious discussion can ensue.
        Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.
        And yes ,you are quite correct ,I use the religious posts here as “sport” a little humour never hurt anyone,being offended on behalf of “your ” imaginary friend is a pointless, No? He can`t smite me  on his own? .
        Religion deserves nothing less than ridicule and insult.
        Never ceases to amaze me how otherwise intelligent and rational people are able to park their brains at the door when comes to believing religious nonsense.

      • Russell Belding

        Hello Roger Tocker
        Well done Roger you have come out from behind the alias. Please keep on using your real name. I don’t see how to reply to your post below as there is no [Reply] button. How did you reply to me below?
        Life is more interesting than you indicate below Roger. I have some Christian friends I talk with and others not Christian. None are as theologically minded as you. You seem to be hitting out as sport on Christians in particular, perhaps all who are theists. Not sure. And not sure if you’d care to elaborate.

        You don’t need to live in hatred as your words indicate. The first message of God in Christ is you and I both are welcome at the table in God’s family. There are a few conditions, such as a willingness to change your mind and things. As for leaving my mind at the door when going into a worship service … why not meet with me to discuss this? I delight in designing things (software mainly) but I have worked in mathematics and real time radar systems.  

  • Pharmachick


  • Hilarious – and Hawking has that sense of hunour too!!! Thanks for repeating it Cam.

  • Big Bruv

    Love it!

  • thor42

    Very good!  

  • Gaz

    No love of the RC Church here, but this is in really poor taste.

    How’s that Seventh Day Adventist utopia, otherwise known as Pitcairn Island, doing Cam? 

    Any more child abuse and incest happening there lately? 

    Those are your brothers and sisters in the faith are they not?

    Why no similar jokes featuring school teachers – as we know their child abuse rates are similar if not worse than that of RC priests ?

    Lame, lame, lame.

    • Riskit


    • Isumbras

      Seventh Day Adventist huh …. 

      that certainly explains the constant sniping against Catholicism…. Once worked with a lovely but not very smart woman who was SDA…. got a bit sick of the whole Whore of Babylon, Pope is the Antichrist thing …. so did she in the end and left the clubMy annoyance has been replaced by a contented sense of amusement……

      • Eds52

        I just think has only one intention and that is to insult. There is certainly nothing clever or funny about it.

    • I was brought up a Presbyterian.

      • Gaz

        Why not mock Presbyterians? – plenty of ammo there.

        Anyway, those are weasel words, as your upbringing means squat – with which bunch do you align yourself now?

        “Regular readers will know that I am a Christian. They will also know that though I was brought up a Presbyterian and lost my way for a time that a good friend brought me back to God in my darkest years. He is a Seventh Day Adventist and since that time 6 years ago I have every Monday having lunch with a small group of business blokes sharing our experiences and learning about God. It is a journey and it is hugely educational”http://www.whaleoil.co.nz/2011/12/thoughts-for-the-sabbath/

        So, how are those SDA kiddy fiddlers down in Pitcairn, SDA paradise doing these days? 

        I mean if a small, conservative, tight-knit “christian” group, isolated from the evil world around them, couldn’t get it right, how can you expect such a huge and diverse organization such as the RC Church to?

        I look forward to the SDA jokes.  And the teacher jokes.

  • Rodger T

    A Jehovahs Witless? Surely not, say it `aint so Whale.

  • Stevo

    I see most religious rantings  aimed at children as child abuse, albeit not sexual.

  • Guest

    I’m Catholic and I laughed out loud! Very poor taste but very, very funny!

  • Stevo

    I just don’t understand how people can say in the same breath something is in poor taste but very funny. Are those people  just picking and choosing as to what is poor taste and funny?
    (not picking on you Guest)   

    • Stevo

      And yes, it is  very funny!!

  • Greg M

    Hilarious, and so very true.
    To those who are “offended” , Suck my balls and then fuck off.
    The system that you support has allowed this behaviour to happen and you have done nothing to stop it for centuries.
    Thank you for posting it WO.

    • Eds52

      Wow “Suck my balls and then fuck off.” What a command of the language. I can see why you found this funny.

  • nzd.gbp

    Of course the Pope could well have asked Steven Hawking how creationism is working out for him personally.