He will come out with a sore arse

NZ Herald

Emily Longley’s killer has been convicted and her family hopes he suffers long and hard:

Outside court, Emily’s father, Mark Longley, said Turner had caused a ‘deep, deep sorrow.’

He added: “I hope he suffers every day in prison for what he’s done.”

Reading a statement from him, Emily’s mother Caroline and sister, Hannah, he said: “These last five weeks have been all about finding justice for Emily and that has been done today.

“Caroline, Hannah and I have been in limbo for the last year.

“What we have heard has shocked and disgusted us.

“That a man so evil can treat a gentle, loving girl like Emily so violently is beyond belief.

“Emily was a strong willed girl who at times could be challenging to a parent.

“She was also a loving, caring and beautiful girl who lived to have fun and she loved life.

“She came to England to study and we are proud of the fact she had come half way around the world to make a better life for herself.

“That is the life that Turner decided to end.


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  • Patrick

    He will come out with a sore arse

    Is there a fund we can contribute to so as to make sure this is a reality for this scroat?

  • David Garrett

    It will be an interesting comparison between the British and New Zealand legal systems. The poms apparently don’t need six weeks or two months between conviction and sentence; Turner is going to find out tomorrow  what his minimum parole period.

    The Brits also got more serious long  before we did, introducing “natural life” sentences for the worst murderers (Fred West got one I think, and Harold Shipton, the murdering doctor.) I don’t mean to sound at all unsympathetic, but this is a relatively ordinary murder, albeit of a beautiful young girl. He would be unlikely to get more than the 10 year minimum here, so it will be interesting to see what this kind of murder attracts in the UK.

    I really feel for the parents…their nightmare will never end.

    • Johno1234

      The sentencing will take into account aggravating and mitigating circumstances. Aggravating factors will include the offender’s callous lack of remorse. I can’t see too many mitigating factors. In the UK the starting point for murder sentencing is 15 years. I expect it will be closer to 15 than 10, David.

      I don’t know what the guide in the UK for parole is, but I suspect it is not the namby pamby get out of jail free card we have in NZ.

      • David Garrett

         Thanks Johno…I think many people would think 15 years is a much more fitting minimum parole period than 10…His lack of remorse and his showing off in the dock (Did I read he read the paper while the Judge was talking?) certainly won’t help him any. Interesting though that the sentencing is so quick compared with here. And apparently the one day delay  is unusual; they usually sentence on the day. Clearly  they don’t do pre-sentence reports for killers… or perhaps they do them in advance?

    • Richard B.

      Yes David.
      I also like that they were able to use the evidence of the bugs planted in the family home.
      The nambie pambies here would not allow that evidence as it was gained illegally.
      Urewera spings to mind.

      • Roland

         They use it when it suits them, eg The kidnapping of the Judges Daughter….

    • AnonWgtn

      Sadly she was a beautiful young woman,who probably unintentially acknowledged Helen Clark’s philosophy “Women Can Do anything”.
      Very sad for one so young.

  • Leata

    I hope he suffers viciously. He looks like a pretty boy so he wil be loved accordingly inside.

  • Gazzaw

    He’ll have to take a shower some time.

    • Blokeintakapuna

      never would a gift of soap on a rope be more appreciated by the recipient me thinks!

      Hope he gets to share a cell with Bubba… who likes to play mummy and daddy when the lights go out! Guess who will be mummy?

  • Dave

    They might knock all his teeth out as well.   He won’t need them in there.  

  • Agent BallSack

    Yes because we all know GAY ANAL SEX is WRONG. Its a fitting PUNISHMENT not a LIFESTYLE CHOICE

    • Mediaan

      Anyone forcing their physical attentions on anyone is wrong, in prison as in wider society. That’s why we spend millions of dollars and thousands of hours looking for a way to prevent it. Your constructive suggestions are …?

      • Agent BallSack

        Not the Finnish solution…More a final solution. Bring back the black cap.

    • diane

      Agent BallSack you ignorant numb nuts – the issue is not gay anal sex, its RAPE. Oral rape, vaginal rape, anal rape – rape is rape is rape. You dumb fuck.
      But yes, I hope that arrogant, vicious, controlling little bastard gets what’s coming. He’s in for a long, long miserable haul, as he should be.

      • Agent BallSack

        Touch a sore point did I Diane? Wishing rape on another person is disgusting no matter who it comes from. You should be ashamed of yourself.

      • Shaun McC

        Gay rape is worse than straight rape. You dumb doughnut.

    • Mediaan

      ABS, the Final Solution is far from being likely.  

      We are talking here about an advanced economy and a major growth sector.  The ($74 billion) US prison industry employs 800,000 people.

      And it is income-producing.
      In many states prisons can rent out prisoner labour at from 17 – 50 cents per hour.

      It’s used by both defense industries and consumer industries (IBM, Boeing, Motorola, Microsoft, AT&T, Wireless, Texas Instrument, Lockheed, BAE, Dell, Honeywell, Hewlett-Packard, Nortel, Lucent Technologies, 3Com, Intel, Northern Telecom, TWA, Nordstroms, Revlon, Macys, Pierre Cardin, Target Stores…..)

      There is no union protection, overtime pay, holiday pay, health and safety protection…
      And prison rape is at 70,000 per year in the USA, with 2.3m prisoners,
      86,000 of them teenagers. 

      Think harder.

    • Gazzaw

      Kosh must have had a busy day today ABS.

  • Xhagarx

    Le Sphinter will go apeshit reading your headline.

  • Rufus

    Agent Ballsack – so you too picked up on the incongruity between Cam’s views on Homo “marriage” (positive), and him finding homo rape a suitable punishment (negative).

    In the distance, I can hear the faint sound of Kosh screaming “bigot…homophobe!…”

    • TravisPoulson

      Don’t worry Rufus, with this headline its bound to be the first post he reads when school gets out.

    • Landy

      Nonsense.   Reread his piece.   That’s not what he said.

  • Sorry to dampen the tone here – but I would have thought that rape in any instance should at least be frowned on – hmmm double standards indeed. 

    I would prefer he be kept in solitary confinement – he seems to glory in a supposed narcissistic personality disorder – much like Clayton Weatherston – so put him away and turn out the lights – that should do it…..

    • BG

      The Clayton comparison is quite fitting, as when this first came to light the simalarities between he and weatherston seemed identical.

      Also I think that Micheal Laws summed up Clayton the best of any broadcaster, ‘Clayton isn’t bad, he isn’t mad, he is just a wanker!’ and this guy is another self-centred wanker

    • BG

      The Clayton comparison is quite fitting, as when this first came to light the simalarities between he and weatherston seemed identical.

      Also I think that Micheal Laws summed up Clayton the best of any broadcaster, ‘Clayton isn’t bad, he isn’t mad, he is just a wanker!’ and this guy is another self-centred wanker

  • Rocky

    Lets not forget that a sexual fiend (name and all details suppressed including those of complainants who don’t want it.) is about to be released in this country after 27 remands since arrest, and because he is now allegedly suffering minor dementia.

  • kehua

    If this case had happened in NZ it would still be months away from Court and the Legal  Aid bill would be at least $100,000 and rising. I think for once we could learn from the Poms.