Hide on journalists


Rodney Hide has a great column in the NBR. I love his comments on journalists:

The government is built on policy that serves no useful public purpose.

Insiders know it. Outsiders don’t.

The reason for the disjunct is that journalists serve as the intermediary between insiders and outsiders. Journalists have arts degrees and lost their ability to think while still quite young. They can’t distinguish good policy from the bad.

In my early days – when too young to know better – I would try to engage journalists in rudimentary policy discussion. I mean really, really rudimentary, like there are tough trade-offs and always opportunity costs.

The eyes would glaze. The attention span was less than 30 seconds. I gave up. I am slow. I don’t give up easily. But even I quickly learned that basic policy analysis is beyond the intellectual reach and interest of New Zealand journalists.

Public policy is forged and determined in the grubby, glorious world of politics. There are no philosopher kings in the bowels of the Beehive.


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  • Deep blue

    Hide will turn out like Michael Laws – desperate for attention and the need to feel important (and relevant). He’s bitter, twisted and now feels as though he should chuck stones at anyone he feels slighted him at some stage of his career. It’s really quite sad.

    • Tom

      Do you think anything in that quote was untrue?

  • Ross

    I think Rodney Hide’s columns in the NBR are great. I don’t agree with everything he says but at least he is raising some interesting points/issues worthy of discussion which is more than can be said about the MSM , in general. I also like the way he responds to most of the comments made on his column. I certainly don’t think he is bitter and twisted.
    PS. I’m not an ACT supporter.

  • Rodney_Hide

    Thanks for your kind words Whale.

    Deep blue:  You are fully entitled to your own opinion.  But just for the record I have always regarded myself as especially blessed and never more so than now.  Please don’t concern yourself about me.  And just consider for a moment that perhaps your comments are more a projection of yourself.  I respectfully suggest that say more about you than me.

    All the very best.


    • Mooloo

      Classy reply Rodney, it do’s say more about DB and the left. 

  • jabba

    I think Rodney is going to have lots of fun ,, maybe more than when he was a MP

  • MrV

     Good to have someone commenting in the media who isn’t a stark raving pinko.

    • maninblack

      i agree!!

  • Roger

    I absolutely agree Rodney!  In many ways you just have to observe the stories that the journalists fail to cover to see the way that their minds work-or don’t work