Highly Suspicious

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The judge in the Bill Liu case has released his written judgement and it isn’t good reading for Shane Jones.

A High Court judge has ruled that the way Chinese millionaire Yong Ming Yan was granted citizenship was “highly suspicious”.

Justice Timothy Brewer has just published his full written verdict against Yan – also known as Liu Yang and Bill Liu – who last week was found not guilty on charges of using documents to fraudulently gain immigration status and citizenship.

Then acting Internal Affairs Minister Shane Jones granted citizenship despite the Department of Internal Affairs advising against it.

The Labour MP has been stood down from the party’s front bench pending an investigation as to why citizenship was granted.

Justice Brewer said looking at the evidence as a whole, “it proves a situation that is highly suspicious”.


Rob Hosking isn’t so generous:

“It’s clear, from what is on the public record, that the likelihood of Mr Liu passing any objective good character test may be about as high as Kim Dotcom becoming Weight Watcher of the Year”

Here is the paragraph from the judgement: