Horrid on Sunday – 20 May


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  • Russell Belding

    In today’s online Herald (monday) is
    is this article by Nocholas Jones. I sent him a response.
    Hello Nicholas
    Interesting article on Queen St after dark. Do you have any point to writing? Would you prefer the situation was different? There is no indication in the article you have any intent for the article. It does provide titilating amusement. Maybe the Herald appreciates this attempt as sensationalism.

  • parorchestia

    You missed the ill-informed and unresearched  article on class sizes etc.   

    Suggest “Expose: How we write on stuff we know nuffin about.”


    well lets be honest, any rag that has Wendyl Nissen listed as one of the best columnists is obviously full of garbage amd just like Woman’s Day, is full of badly taken paparazi shots and so called articles that seem to come from “unnamed sources”. Perhaps both these rags should rise up to a challenge and print some articles with substance and based around fact instead of invading peoples privacy, lowering their self esteem with pics of whose getting fat and writing stories about people who otherrwise wouldn’t interest most of us with an IQ above ten!