How many wives does Mitt Romney have?

There are birthers….those who believe that Barack Obama wasn’t born in the US…and therefore ineligible to be the President of the USA.

Bill Maher though raises some serious questions about Mitt Romney…what he called the Wifer questions:


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  • Le Sphincter

    I know of west africans from muslim states who have more than one wife- in Auckland. Its usually described as a ‘niece’

    But back to Romney , his grandfather had 5 wives but Mitt wasnt going to stick with tradition.

    As well his father was born in Mexico, but hes  doesnt support giving immigrants citizenship

    • Graeme Edgeler

      “As well his father was born in Mexico”

      And yet was able to run for the Republican nomination because back then everyone knew what natural born meant (i.e. it is to be contrasted with naturalised).

    •  I thought they called them Aunties these days?

    • Ed Snack

      Which is really funny, and of course a complete lie, talking out your sphincter as usual. Romney’s father was born in a polygamous commune in Mexico, but his grandparents were in a monogamous marriage. it was his great grandfather with 5 wives BTW.

      Then again, it is a documented fact that Obama’s grandfather DID have four wives, something not particularly unreasonable as he was a Luo tribesman and polygamy was common. And Obama’s father was a bigamist as well, having two wives, one in Kenya plus Obamas mother. So the laugh should be on the idiot Maher, targets Romney for something that is more accurately applied to Obama ! Odd too, the Obama campaign has said that it won’t be using charges of past polygamy against Romney, but seems perfectly happy for its proxies in the Huffpo to do it for them.

      • Le Sphincter

        grand- grand- pere ? Oh that makes all the difference.
        Still its Romney who is saying its only ‘one man one woman’ while my church hasnt all ways agreed with me, while Obama isnt fazed

    • carpentaro

      “but hes  doesnt support giving immigrants citizenship” He doesn’t support giving illegal immigrants citizenship.

  • Adolf Fiinkensein

    Bill Maher, serious?

    Are you mad?

    • Oh come on it was funny

      • TCrwdb

        Agreed!  Very good!

      • Yep you said it – bloody hilarious….

      • manuka416

        Yep, very funny! And I’m a Mormon (who’d vote for Obama per today’s NZ Horrid poll)

  • tarkwin

    He can have my wife real cheap.

  • Beans

    Bill Maher is a hack and a tosser.

    Gonna be no better than the MFM on this? Great.

    • carpentaro

      Definition of shill: Bill Maher. Filthy mouthed zealot.