Ian Leckie and Union lies

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An email from a principal…it is good to know that there are actually some good people challenging union shibboleths and lies:

Ian Leckie on TVNZ Breakfast this morning said that the Government is cancelling funding of specialist technology and arts teaching in Yrs 7 and 8 and if? intermediate schools want to carry on having specialists teaching the “fun” things like woodwork, sewing, music etc then they would have to push up class sizes in their ?front line? classrooms to ?the mid to high 30s? to keep their technology teachers and keep their Technology Blocks operating. ?I call bullshit! Complete and utter union lies.

Intermediates that have Technology Blocks will keep their staffing funding for?their students.? They can still be herded off? to the Tech Block for a few hours each week. ?The change is that the funding for students from ??client schools’ (that is primary schools that have Yrs 7s and 8s who choose to bus their kids off to the local intermediate for a few hours each week to ?do? technology) now receive the staffing funding for their children.? They have the control over that.? They can choose to carry on with the current arrangement and give their staffing component to the Intermediate and continue to send their kids there to use the technology block?OR?they can chose to educate their kids the whole week long in their own school.

?Provider schools with a technology centre will?no longer automatically?receive technology staffing resource?for those learners that come from client schools.

However, most client schools have service agreements with technology centres and we anticipate they will want to continue and fund their relationship with their provider school.?

?…Secretary of Education

I, for one, will be very seriously considering the latter option because it allows my teachers to integrate the teaching of Technology with the rest of the curriculum.? ?This way we can infuse literacy and numeracy (and other learning areas) ?into the teaching of Technology.? For many kids this will make much more sense than being bussed off to the local intermediate to be shown how to make a?wooden pencil case!!!? What better way to supplement the maths lesson on measurement from earlier in the day than by designing a wooden planter box using Google SketchUp (3D design programme), to scale, and then building that planter box to be filled with the composting material that we learnt about in science yesterday so that we can grow the vegetables that we know are healthy because we learnt about them in health last week.? And it goes on??? Why did we learn about a 3x4x5 triangle this morning in maths?? (That?s geometry not measurement by the way but who cares!). ?Why?? BECAUSE you need your planter box to be square.

For those schools that disagree and believe that technology is best taught by specialists then this is still a perfectly viable option.

Question:?Does the union deliberately set about lying to the country in these ways (i.e. class sizes would have to be? 35-39) or do they simply lack the intellectual capacity to get their head around very succinct budget announcements?

From an email from the Secretary of Educations this AM that clearly states that Intermediates will keep their funding for?their?kids but that ?client schools? now have the option of saying ?You aren?t hitting the mark for our kids ? we will do it ourselves and we will do it in ways that make sense for our kids?? And don?t let anyone tell you that that is what Intermediate Schools do already.