Ian Leckie and Union lies

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An email from a principal…it is good to know that there are actually some good people challenging union shibboleths and lies:

Ian Leckie on TVNZ Breakfast this morning said that the Government is cancelling funding of specialist technology and arts teaching in Yrs 7 and 8 and if  intermediate schools want to carry on having specialists teaching the “fun” things like woodwork, sewing, music etc then they would have to push up class sizes in their ‘front line’ classrooms to “the mid to high 30s” to keep their technology teachers and keep their Technology Blocks operating.  I call bullshit! Complete and utter union lies.

Intermediates that have Technology Blocks will keep their staffing funding for their students.  They can still be herded off  to the Tech Block for a few hours each week.  The change is that the funding for students from  ‘client schools’ (that is primary schools that have Yrs 7s and 8s who choose to bus their kids off to the local intermediate for a few hours each week to “do” technology) now receive the staffing funding for their children.  They have the control over that.  They can choose to carry on with the current arrangement and give their staffing component to the Intermediate and continue to send their kids there to use the technology block OR they can chose to educate their kids the whole week long in their own school.

“Provider schools with a technology centre will no longer automatically receive technology staffing resource for those learners that come from client schools.

However, most client schools have service agreements with technology centres and we anticipate they will want to continue and fund their relationship with their provider school.”

 …Secretary of Education

I, for one, will be very seriously considering the latter option because it allows my teachers to integrate the teaching of Technology with the rest of the curriculum.   This way we can infuse literacy and numeracy (and other learning areas)  into the teaching of Technology.  For many kids this will make much more sense than being bussed off to the local intermediate to be shown how to make a wooden pencil case!!!  What better way to supplement the maths lesson on measurement from earlier in the day than by designing a wooden planter box using Google SketchUp (3D design programme), to scale, and then building that planter box to be filled with the composting material that we learnt about in science yesterday so that we can grow the vegetables that we know are healthy because we learnt about them in health last week.  And it goes on……… Why did we learn about a 3x4x5 triangle this morning in maths?  (That’s geometry not measurement by the way but who cares!).  Why?  BECAUSE you need your planter box to be square.

For those schools that disagree and believe that technology is best taught by specialists then this is still a perfectly viable option.

Question: Does the union deliberately set about lying to the country in these ways (i.e. class sizes would have to be  35-39) or do they simply lack the intellectual capacity to get their head around very succinct budget announcements?

From an email from the Secretary of Educations this AM that clearly states that Intermediates will keep their funding for their kids but that ‘client schools’ now have the option of saying ‘You aren’t hitting the mark for our kids – we will do it ourselves and we will do it in ways that make sense for our kids’  And don’t let anyone tell you that that is what Intermediate Schools do already.


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  • Grizz30

    I remember being bussed off to Manual during form 1 and 2 years. It gave the teacher a free morning. I suspect Ian Leckie and union types are bemoaning their loss of their free morning and now need to use it to teach children.

  • Dave

    Very happy the union lies have been exposed This move seems very logical, it allows the feeder schools the opportunity to negotiate a more efficient and effective arrangement with the local tech block IF they still want to send their kids there. Better educational outcomes are a definately possibility.

    If only the budget included a 20% (base) pay reduction and a bigger bonus for achievement and performance for teachers and principles. Hi Kosh !!

  • Kosh103

    So Ian hasnt explained it correctly but he is right. Esp when it comes to small rual schools – they will be screwed over and the Year 7/8s will miss out. Well done National screwing over kids yet again.

    Most small schools DONT have expert metal work, wood work, cooking, sewing teachers. Most small schools with Yr 7/8s will suffer because of the attacks from National. Its disgusting when the only way a Govt can think to save the economy is to screw over 12 year olds.

    • Fuck and you teach children….he hasn’t explained it correctly is weasel words for GOT IT WRONG.

      If you GET IT WRONG, then it does not follow that that he is right…he is WRONG.

      • Johnbronkhorst

        In Kosh’s world…black is white….here’s hoping he gets run over on a zebra crossing.

      • Kosh103

        No whale, the truth is national have again attacked education, again put kids learning at risk and for no good reason than thats the way they like to do things when it comes to education.

        Their whole view on education is never backed up by ANYTHING that can be called credible. And now they are going to put at risk even more oppertunities for kids.

        Disgusting. Just as anyone who is supporting this hack and slash of NZ education is disgusting.

      • Johnbronkhorst

        No Kosh…just asking teacher to stop bullshitting and actually do a REAL days work for a change.

      • Kosh103

        John I can tell you now that most teachers will work harder than you ever would. So that tired pathetic old garbage about teaching being an easy gig only shows how stupid a person is when they parrot some form of it.

    • Roland

       You spelt opportunity, amongst others wrong Kosh, please use spell checker, it makes a better impression from a Teacher

  • Kjsdh

    Kosh – many schools don’t have access to manual/tech hubs anyway.  Smart teachers integrate technology into learning.  Yes, they even cook, plant, use forms of measurement, draw, plan, project manage etc with the kids.  

    Computer rooms are the next big waste of space and time… I still find it surprising that new schools are getting sign off for computer rooms.  Um… has anyone noticed that most ICT is now mobile and wireless.  The on-to-it schools (at all deciles) have worked it out and are going for leases, touch technology etc.  There are some real dinosaurs in the management of education that need to transition to the new world.  

  • Quinnjin

    Yeah right, I also heard Steve Joyce wank on un-challenged about how we have the most “generous tertiary eduction system in the world.” What a crock of utter shit. Ever heard of a place called England numb nuts, you know , where our law comes from? Fucking illiterate wood work teacher can go fuck himself. He should be teaching kids to make wooden stools, rather than being handed the responsibility for that which he lacks the intellectual capacity to comprehend, much as most of the dip shits who comment on this site fail to understand that neo-libralism is a self defeating pseudo philosophy for pretentious deluded fuckwits, that substitutes government hierarchy for corporate oligarchy. Hence less then 2 percent support in any known democracy.

     What we get from the media is unchallenged sound bites with no context, and as for lying and bending the truth, everyone knows the righties are the king of that shit. 

    Here’s my no bullshit propaganda for the day… Just to counter all the sycophantic right wing moronic group think neo lib pap on this shit blog. 

    “This government is the most pathetic, ideologically blinded, vision less, moronic, dishonest, sort-your-mates-out (among whom are those that screwed the economy ie Goldman Shitsachs and Merril Lynch and their filty bean trader ilk) at everyone else’s expense and blame the poor and most vulnerable, heap of shit I think I’ve seen in my lifetime, since Muldoon. Quit fucking taxing the smokers for fuck sake, people are addicted, among them the poorest, the hardest working, and many who struggle with mental health issues, and we’re sick of subsidising your fucking tax bill. ( Do I hear nanny state from the right now? No cause it’s just a fukn rugby game to you knobs, what’s best for the country has nothing to do with it, just back your team no matter how fucking inept they are.)  If they really gave a shit, and weren’t just scabbing money, they would subsidise a readily available alternative, like nicorette gum in every supermarket and dairy in the country. Instead of stealing money from early childhood education, they’d reverse the tax cuts they gave the wealthiest. We can’t afford a super class of multi millionaires in this country. If you want to be one of those guys, piss of overseas you greedy piece of shit. Better yet, just do us all a favour and shoot yourself in the face. We don’t need ya. Plenty of people can do your overblown bullshit job for a shit load less.”
    I like.


    • Who is the illiterate uninformed cocksmoker now. Steven Joyce was never a woodwork teacher, he is a millionaire who ran radio stations and media companies…Gerry Brownlee was a woodwork teacher.

      That was an error in your first “paragraph”…another leftwing educationalist fail on your part…I ignored the rest of your rant after that, presuming that if you couldn’t get simple biographical facts correct you would have failed to say anything useful in the rest of your tirade.

      • Gazzaw

        You didn’t miss much WO but the post does represent a real challenge to the validity of Darwin’s theory.

    • Northern

       Keep on taking your pills! BTW, in all your amusing rant I couldn’t see anything at all on the topic of primary schools being given control of their own technology budgets?

    • Blokeintakapuna

      Your credibility is only exceeded by the size of your knob! Typical union / Labour hack – all they can do is bleat, throw around expletives and yell and shout… when reasoned, thoughtful insights would get you far more respect.

      Ohh – and if you didn’t spend so much energy throwing tantrums, you’d find that there’s nocotene patches either free or heavily subsidised available…

      Have a fabulous weekend dickhead!

      • Grizz30

        Nicotine Patches, gum and lozenges are avaliable on a stardard prescription charge. Was 3 dollars, now increasing slightly, but still less than half a pack of cigarettes.

    • Johnbronkhorst

      Really quinnin…..I think it is you with numb nuts, and whats more think with them!!! Remeber the riots in ENGLAND just a month or 2 ago??? What were they about again??? OH YES, the increase in student fees, reduction of allowances and tightening of loan criteria….NUMBNUTS!!!!!

    • Grizz30

      “We don’t need ya. Plenty of people can do your overblown bullshit job for a shit load less.”

      I will remember you next time I think about people needing heart surgery or an engineer for a major infrastructure project. Any knob from the dole queue or even you could do just as good a job. I might think about recording you playing the guitar rather than listening to my Dire Straits albums as clearly you can perfrom just as well as Mark Knopfler. Perhaps it just happens that some people can command higher wages as they carry special skills.

      Maybe you kneed to define yourself a little more. Perhaps you object to people saving, investing, being smart with money and accumulating wealth. Maybe after years of hard work and sacrifice to finally get ahead, your just jealous they have something to show for it. Looking on the bright side, at least they are paying a shitload of tax more than you are.

    • Grizz30

      I forgot. Please keep smoking. Your habit is benefitting the country. Each death from smoking is on average 20 years premature. Hence if you were to live to 85, you will die at 65. This is before we have to spend 20 years of superannuation and other geriatric healthcare and other care related costs on you. This and your taxes outweighs the costs of smoking related illnesses until you die.

      Of course you could call  0800 778 778 (quitline) and pick up a $3 prescription for nicotine replacement therapy and stop smoking just to piss me off. Think of it as a challenge.

    • Pukakidon

       Hey expletive man were you too cool for school? You sound like an uneducated buffoon.  You should run for leadership of the Labour party at least you can speak better than Shearer and you have all the negative attributes for the job.   

  • Adolf Fiinkensein

    I see Stuff now is parroting the same junk – unquestioned.

    You’d think even a dumb arse cub reporter with a B Arts majoring in text language might think twice before typing ‘1,000 teachers will lose their jobs.’

    • Dave

      Adolf   That was a typo, and he only got half the story right.   What he meant today was….     1000  teachers will lose their jobs when performance pay comes in for teachers as they don’t have any performance.

  • Ionmannz

    There is some very wrong information being
    placed here from people that are ill informed.


    Compare the two scenarios…



    Current staffing ratios in an intermediate school
    of 290 students staffed on a 1:29 ratio for classroom teachers pus 1:120 for technology


    290 students divided by 29 = 10 teachers

    290 students divided by 120 = 2.4 teachers

    Total staffing is 10 + 2.4 teachers = 12.4




    New staffing ratios in an intermediate school
    of 290 students staffed on a 1:27.5 ratio for classroom teachers


    290 students divided by 27.5 = 10.5

    Total staffing is 10.54 teachers



    So the school will be 1.9 teachers less
    next year

    • PauliePaul2012

      Firstly, all they have to do to get their 1.9 teachers back is convince 3 or 4 primary schools to continue to contract them to teach Tech to their kids (as per current arrangements). If they can’t then they don’t need or deserve the 1.9 teachers.

      In that case the 290 divided by 27.5 would be supplemented by what the client schools contributed. Another 100 kids, once per week for two hours would be roughly enough 1 teacher.

      Secondlly, you probably know very well that in most Intermediates, when a class is at Tech the teacher gets their CRT (Classroom ReleasevTime). Intermediates use this staff funding to fund the tech teachers too so it is not solely dependent on the overall staffing formula.

  • Bawaugh

    A storm in a tea cup. It is simply a way of using the resources more efficiently.

    Anyway what are the unions worried about. I’m in Korea and I have 12 year olds stressing out over the national test next month. 

    • Kosh103

       And if National had its way thats the position our 12 year olds would be in. I will say this for the Dept of Education, they saved us from that little National gem.

    • Roland

      Same, I have a Daughter in Indonesia, 11 years who is so sick for the same reason she is barely able to get to school, is all about performance there, my wife goes to school each term and if the Teacher marks down Daughters performance for native language, she demands to know why the Teacher isn’t doing her or his job… I correct the Teachers grammar and spelling for English, sometimes I think Kosh is at work there as well