Irony Alert

I find it ironic that Mr Martyn Bradbury snivels about there being not enough Police on Queen Street.

He said that years ago police would be out in force dealing with anyone causing trouble.

“I used to watch the old school police coming in with the paddy wagon, the pushy-shove type of police. But in the last six months they’ve dissipated overnight.

“There are a lot of foot patrols during the day, but after 8pm you don’t see them like you used to.”

However, police say they are out in force and have dedicated significant resources to covering the worst areas in the CBD.

Is this the same snivelly Martyn Bradbury who constantly posts anti-police propaganda as represented in the image on the linked post?

Martyn “DBD” Bradbury better hope that the cops don’t remember his anti-police tirades and decided that wee Martyn can be left to his own devices when confronted with scum on Queen Street.



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  • jabba

    when I saw his photo then the story I couldn’t belive it .. I would suggest that many if not all of the drunks are left voters, in other words, his people .. what a girl. If he doesn’t like it then move like we did. He is like those who bitch about airports and western springs

  • Nero

     Regardless, what he’s saying is true. Queen St on a weekend after midnight is full of drunken angry meatsacks looking for a fight.. It’s a fact. And accordingly, the police should really have more of a presence down there than they do.

    • And the cocksmoker will be the first one filming the cops rousting drunks and telling us how bad it all is.

  • toby_toby

    He must be desperate for attention.

    I seem to recall a police officer’s hat going missing and they turned up at Bradbury’s house looking for it This was yeeeeears ago.

  • Nero

    So I take it you won’t be going back on Citizen A any time soon? :)

    • Never, so long as my arse points at the ground.

  • Bunswalla

    “…in the last six months, they’ve dissipated overnight.” Which is it, you fool – 6 months or overnight?

  • Adybombs

    DJ Bomber??  WTF???  fucking boring show that would be 

    • Mark

      Yep he’d be playing music by Billy Bragg, The Smiths, Clash, Jam et al all the while congratulating himself how “down with the kids” he is. It’s as if Rik “the people’s poet” never existed.

      • double d

        nice music selection ….. but seriously this guy is a prize tool
        got stuck in a b grade hotel in auckland last year aon business. the tv was tuned to about 5 channels and was bored and ended up on a music channel (??) and this absolute nuttter came on raving about tories/how bad the gummint was etc. you guessed it …. the one and only Martyn Bradnury. is the bomber part of the self-promo? he is a nasty piece of work. half glass empty …..

  • Mully

    Nah, it’s not the same bloke – he’s described as “Martyn Bradbury, a broadcaster and blogger”

    Unless they’re talking about three separate people. Bradbury, a broadcaster, and a blogger.

  • Mully

    The hypocrisy doesn’t surprise me – the “fuck da po-lice” brigade are the first to call plod when they need them.
    It’s like those Maori who are anti the “whitey gummint” until their benefit comes due.

  • Notrotsky

    He is a fucking cunt who I wouldn’t piss on if he was on fire

  • Mickrodge

    Martin must be so desperate for some sort of relevance that he’s shopping himself to the Herald now.

    Just embarrassing fella.

  • Beans

    Bummer Bradbury is a clod whose bark is far, far greater than his bite (though you’d be forgiven for not noticing considering his width).

    I also note that the Horrid regurgitates Bummer’s sensationalist agitprop instead of chucking it in the bin like a sensible newspaper would do. Bias? You what? Nah, none here.

  • lovinthatchangefeeling

    WTF … Marvyn DBD Bradbury, the useful village idiot of the leftards, purporting to be a broadcaster and blogger. Someone
    once noted that Bumber considers himself to be a combination of Michael
    Moore, Chris Trotter, Chomsky and Pilger. Yet his problem is that he is no
    longer relevant.
    He’s an
    aging politically compromised activist way past his use by date that no amount
    of tattooing and overinflated self-importance can redeem.

    But as is
    the way in NZ with ‘hasbeens’ he will continue to grace our screen at timeslots
    and on stations where he will slowly sink into anonymity and end up with only
    his sycophantic supporters to share and delight in his sheltered existence.

  • Pukakidon

    Isn’t he a Herald sycophant? He can no longer class himself as independent. 

  • Patrick Murphy

    I used to watch the old school police coming in with the paddy wagon

    Paddy Wagon? How racist is that? Where is Jols the Brie?

  • maninblack

    “DBD” is a stupid cunt. Always moaning and so biased.

  • Crusher

    There is only one way that Cameron and Bomber will every settle their differences…topless sumo wrestling.