Is Andrew describing a union boss?

NZ Herald

Andrew Little is hell bent on being a world class cock. I think he will find that Judith Collins process server will be a nice lawyer in a suit and tie not some imagined thug akin to a union boss. A John Key said yesterday, you can run but you can’t hide:

Labour MP Andrew Little says he intends making Judith Collins’ defamation action against him as difficult as possible and will film any attempt to serve him with court papers and post the video online to embarrass the Justice Minister.

Ms Collins this week initiated defamation proceedings in the High Court at Auckland against Mr Little and his colleague Trevor Mallard.

Ms Collins has said she is protecting her reputation after the pair claimed she had a hand in leaking a sensitive email from former National Party President Michelle Boag to the media. Mr Little and Mr Mallard have refused requests from Ms Collins’ lawyers to co-operate with their attempts to serve them with court papers.

Mr Little said Ms Collins would have to hire process servers to track him down outside Parliament grounds and issue him with the papers.

“They tend to be leather jacket-wearing thuggish guys, which is fair enough because they have a tough job to do.

“It won’t be a good look.”

If they caught up with him, he planned to film them and post the video online. “I’m going to make it as public as I can … people should be able to see the lengths to which this minister is prepared to go in what is a political exercise.

“I have absolutely no respect for the litigation, the process or the person behind it so I’m going to do what I can to make it as difficult as possible for her and anyone else involved in it.”

Leather jacket-wearing thuggish guys? Yep sounds like a union boss on the picket line to me.


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  • jabba

    “I have absolutely no respect for the litigation, the process ..” if this clown somehow became PM, these few words could haunt him for his term, which I suspect would not be long

    • Macca

      The meer fact that this idiot is even in Parliament hardly bares thinking about – let alone hoping to one day be PM!

      Do these two wankers somehow percieve that these actions are going to endear them to normal hard working Kiwi’s?  That this is their example to us of how tax payer funded politicians should behave?  Give me fucken strength!

      • jabba

        It would take  all of my PAYE tax over 5 years to pay the salary of one of these clowns or 2 nurses or 2 policeman or indeed 2 teachers .. no wonder Labour were against the recent tax cuts

  • Callum

    Based on the Stuff story –
    ”The letter is somewhat threatening. It says having to serve you can be
    inconvenient because these guys tend to be pretty thuggish kind of

    If that is what the letter says then his coments are fine as he is using the description provided to him from Judith Collins, if not he looks like a dick.

    • I doubt the letter says that…and that can soon be proved.

  • Beenthere

    “I have absolutely no respect for the litigation, the process ..”
    So he has no respect for the process of law then…

  • Grandstream

    The only thing Little has acheived is as WO points out “being a world class cock”.
    I am embarrassed for those in the labour party who might actaully be good people although somewhat deluded and polictically retarded.

    • Troy

      Even if it goes their way in court, they have lost – it’s the manner in which they have proceeded is what people will remember, not the outcome – a couple of dumbfucks in my opinion, but that’s how Mallard and Little operate – they enjoy the fight but lose sight that they are supposedly the people’s representatives and should behave as such.  Not a sensible way of catching votes.

  • Petal

    Wow.  I can not believe Little and Mallard have chosen this route.  It’s like little schoolboys rebelling against being put on detention.

    Is “Grow up” too late?  I suspect it is.

    What an utter embarrassment to New Zealand, their colleagues and “real men” in general.

    Man the fuck up boys!  If you say something, stand behind it or apologise.  But this?   Absolutely unbelievable.

  • Bunswalla

    What he means is “…people should be able to see the lengths to which a soft-cock little weasel is prepared to go to avoid being accountable for his actions in what is clearly a political exercise that will undoubtedly back-fire on me.”

  • Wayne

    Me thinks ‘duck’ & ‘chicken’ are running scared. The bully boy’s know whats coming when this hits court – total embarassment at being exposed as liars and dicks. Bring it on Judith! 

  • Phar Lap

    To think Little tried to be the elected MP for New Plymouth. He tried to pull the wool over the eyes of the Taranakians,,thinking they were a soft touch,for a union carpetbagger to easily manipulate them.Little found out when the electors,through a secret election vote didn’t want him.Up till then he always got his way with a show of hands with dictatorialtendencies   Seems he is performing,as if he  is still a union bully boy,or are all the Lie-bour Party de-facto union bullies.

  • Euan Rt

    The song  ‘ You can’t get me I’m part of the union’, came to mind so I googled the words and they really fit Little so well. Especially this verse for a soft cock –
    So though I’m a working manI can ruin the government’s planAnd though I’m not hard, the sight of my cardMakes me some kind of superman 

  • SJ00

    Whats the bet the video of the thugs never sees the light of day.. because it won’t be thugs. The process server company should get some little old lady to try to serve him and film that. That would be gold.
    What a dick head.

  • johnbronkhorst

    “I’m going to make this as public as I can…” Begs a couple of comments…..First….What, so you finally get it……….you are being sued because you went PUBLIC with FALSE information (pull your head in, is my advice). Second……Film it, I dare you. Having now show your whole hand, I would send the whimpiest looking attorny to serve you the papers…….It will be you, by your own hand, that will look like the bully…………IDIOT!!!!!

  • Grizz30

    Judith does not need to send in leather coated thugs. A middle age woman or a skiiny little girl would look far better. Lets see old fuckface trying to fight off one of them and post video of it.

    Quite frankly this cock needs to man up. If he has nothing to hide, them prove it. If he does not respect the system, them introduce a private members bill and change it.

  • Gazzaw

    Does anyone know much about Little? Is he a bit of a mummy’s boy?

    • Rum

      Apparently his Mum didn’t even vote for him last election.

  • Phronesis

    If he wanted to make it public he could easily name the time and the place…

  • AnonWgtn

    Shearer/Robertson should hide their heads in shame for these stupid children.
    Doing Labour no good whatsoever – only project the favouring of Robertson and Street.
    Shearer get off your arse.
    Wussell would.

  • morgy

    Why isn’t this leading all the main news stories? Sorry I know that is a stupid question but really!

    • Gazzaw

      We got a very impartial (not) cartoon by Emerson in Pravda this morning.

  • Agent BallSack

    Labour have always hidden behind parliamentary privilege and parliament is notorious for its schoolyard/boy behaviour so why should we expect any different? Mallard is a pussy anywhere else….twitching behind his Khandallah curtains at night and sneaking out to Clares hotel like a dirty little hound dog in the early hours.