Is the enemy of the free market really on the right?

Sydney Morning Herald

Sometimes the enemy is within:

Not long after his 1983 defeat by Hawke, Fraser himself lost faith in the Liberal Party. As Patrick Morgan documents in his book B.A. Santamaria: Running the Show, by 1992 Santamaria was working with Fraser and La Trobe University academics Robert Manne and John Carroll with a view to setting up a new protectionist and interventionist political party. This is confirmed by Fraser in his book Malcolm Fraser: The Political Memoirs.


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  • I actually agree with this – in that confusion with Right as being Free market is a myth that should have been destroyed years ago here – we should refer to them as conservative (note no captial letter) in ideology and therefore very much protectionist. 

  • TCrwdb

    Fraser’s one redeeming act is that he saved Australia from Whitlam.