Jones shaping up to go on attack

Labour and their MPs continue to be the nasty Party.

Fuming after the very close connection with Bill Liu was exposed by Government officials, Shane Jones appears ready to execute the time honoured Labour Party tradition of attacking public servants.

On RadioLive this morning ‘slow hand’ Shane threatened officials who brought the case into the sunlight.


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  • Troy

    Jones is just like the bull in a china store.  Some say he is intelligent (Harvard grad and all that), others say he has business acument (fisheries past), I say he’s a goat’s cock.. why?  Because he has forgotten that very simple principle about ministerial responsibility – he had it, didn’t use it well (probably) and when on the back foot will blame officials – this hotel wanker is heading for a brick wall – and the Labour Party likes this guy? Geesh.

  • Jester

    He kept some notes?

    What denomination were they 100s, 50s or 20s?

    • Paddles83

      The only notes he kept was which Porn Movie to hire on his next hotel stay

  • Wayne

    Ironic isn’t it, the Labour Party and it’s MP’s are happy to be recipients of leaked official documents to sling shit about, but “woe be tide” they are on the receiving end and boy do the go on the defensive and show their true colours – nasty snivelling bunch of whingeing cretins.

    • jay cee

      excuse me, but when national cabinet ministers were found using their  status to exert pressure on  departmental officials we got a lot of bluff and bluster before they were forced to quit, i seem to recall nick smith doing a bit of snivelling and blubbing.

      • Pukakidon

         And he did the right thing did he not.   What is the Master Debater doing?

  • In Vino Veritas

    Kept some notes when it came out in the 2008 election? So he in fact didnt make any notes at the time and made up his notes after the fact. Utterly brilliant. And he’s supposedly one of Labours best.

  • Davidp

    If Jones made some notes while a Minister then would he need to release them under the OIA?

  • johnbronkhorst

    So leaks by “officials” are not acceptable, according to labour. Unless of course they are from MFAT, attempting to embarrass a National Minister, or ACC for the same reason etc etc Yet neither of these cases involved CORRUPTION by a then govt. minister, did they Mr jones, cunliffe and cosgrove

  • Phar Lap

    How about the Asian who got the passport.When told there was no way,he sat back on his chair
    hands clasped at the back of his head and said, I am 99% sure i will get one.He knew that his associate who was a fund raiser for Lie-bour had greased the skids.Whats the saying,follow the middle man, and who got the money.Or better still follow the Four Lie-bour Cabinet Ministers who were in the Jade Cafe at the time.Coincidence or just a night out with the  Asian boys,as they collected up to $200k in  anonymous donations in the pass the bucket caper.

  • whalewatcher

    To compare Shane “blow arse” Jones with “Slow-hand” Clapton is almost sacrilege

    Please, Cam, don’t do this.

    Jones is a 2-bit nobody who speaks with an arrogance he cannot back up. He is a 2-D Labour dork, just like Chauvel. I don’t know why they have been previously touted as potential future leaders – perhaps it is the ol’race thing – but neither measure up.

    Meanwhile , Eric Clapton brings me great pleasure!

  • davcav

    If he’s kept official documents of this case in a private capacity is that legal?
    What would the case be if they held personal information?

    • Euan Rt

      I understand they were personal notes he made.

      • johnbronkhorst

        Inadmissable as evidence, without corroberation.

  • Patrick

    Shane Jones “Note to self” – must remember to get the chambermaid to change the sheets & restock the tissue box.