Jones story doesn’t add up, Ctd

There are many reasons why Shane Jones’ story on Bill Liu doesn’t stack up.

Liu claimed to be involved in ‘formalising’ agreements and good relations between NZ and China.  What agreements? Officials said they could not confirm this was true.  And how does a fugitive who supposedly faces torture and organ harvesting in China find himself helping develop good trade relations?

Of course, citizenship can be revoked if you tell porkies on your application, just like residency (and a fake name certainly qualifies) – extradition/deportation can then follow.

Jones knew this.

Furthermore – this advice to Jones (see the top of Page 7) explicitly rules out the humanitarian clause as a reason to grant citizenship.

“It is therefore considered that Mr Liu is not eligible for the grant of citizenship under the former section 9(1)(d) of the Citizenship Act 1977.”

Jones’ decision last night to parrot the claims made by Dover Samuels, made the whole thing look even more murky.

Time for David Shearer to show some leadership and demand a full independent inquiry into this cash for citizenship scandal.


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  • In Vino Veritas

    This is just brilliant. Just when you think Labour may have gotten their teeth into National and Act, we find they are in fact tearing their own arm off! However dicey Banks (Nick Smith loods kitten cat compared to this stuff) may have looked, Jones & co are looking infinitely more so, and worse, are dragging Shearer into it by default.

    Bet Cunliffe is running around looking for heavy cover right now as well. Could this be the catalyst for Robertson?

  • Tamati

     In the supporting letters from Dover Samuels (2), Pansy Wong and Cris Carter, there is no mention of humanitarian grounds.  Surely had there been grave concerns for Yan’s life should he be returned to China, these were the calibre of people who should have been making a song and dance about it.  Had there been any substance to Mr Jones’ explanation of YAN being executed and his bodily organs harvested then, I’m sure Dover would have mentioned this rather than Yan’s “mental torture” and lack of sleep as a result of Immigration delays.

  • Gazzaw

    Fantastic that you are pursuing this scandal with the intensity that the MSM should be Cam. We know full well that they won’t until it becomes abundantly clear that there’s no way back for Jones & the others who are equally complicit in attempting to cover up this crime. Then the churnalists will show their true colours and turn on Jones like a pack of piranha espousing their crusade against corruption to a gullible populace.

  • Le Sphincter

    Well once he is a NZ citizen, then the Chinese cant touch him on his visits to the ‘motherland’

    N’est pas

    You will all have to do better than that

    • toby_toby

       Really? You think they wouldn’t just make him disappear? Defenestrate him? How naive you are.

    • Phronesis

      I think you will find being a citizen of a foreign country does not make you above the law in any country you visit. Particularly if that country is China.

    • Callum

      Did you even think that comment through at all ? If he is wanted on fraud charges his citizenship here would not stop him being arrested on arrival in China.

    • ConwayCaptain

      Bollocks once again.  Chines born Aus citizens of BHP are now in prison in PRC.

      Once again you are speaking out of your ARSE

    • johnbronkhorst

      This comment appears to confirm your rampant…stupidity and lack of even basic knowledge of either crime & criminality or international travel regarding law breaking. Besides that, what exactly does it have to do with a scandle involving donations to the labour party and ministerial favours regarding residency and citizenship?

    • Vlad

      N’est ce pas, not N’est pas dummy. Don’t know your politics but your attempts to use French as an indicator of …. something … reveal … something else.  Dimwit.    

    • Apolonia

       Are you the guy advising Shearer. Moron

  • BJ

    To coin a favourite Labour phrase – this sure looks like a shonky deal. Maybe its time for Labour to just lay down and die. 

    • Wayne

      I think it’s now official – the Labour Party is dead, I can smell the stench of decay wafting out of Wellington.

  • Notrotsky

    Shearer has cut him loose.

  • Phar Lap

    Breaking news Shearer calls in Auditor General stands down Shane Jones.I reckon he has got a whiff of the JUDGES ruling on Liu and has  jumped the gun ahead of the ruling.

  • Jimmie

    Yeah being an Aussie citizen really helped Schapele Corby aye? And that dimwit woman in Argentina?

    I think Le’ Bum muscle that you need to make up a new handle coz after that dumb comment you’ve burnt the last thread of credibility.

    Maybe you could choose the following: Le’ numb-nuts, Le’ think-little, Le’ don’t think

    Perhaps you could start your new religion as Labouranity with Mr Shearer & Mr Jones as the priests thereof….

    • Kiwidon

      Jimmie, get it right – it’s “liarbore”

  • AnonWgtn

    Who is the Senior Immigration Official who gave Wanker advice to accept Liu’s application.

    Was Mary Ann Thompson have been around at that time,  or had she left by then ?

  • Ommadawn

    Dig deeper Cameron! This has been building since the 90s when Communist officials sent their kids overseas to buy up real estate, launder under the table payments and set up exit strategies should things take a radical turn for the worse back in China!
    This is just the tip of the shadowy sub culture that has developed in Auckland and other NZ cities as a result!

    We are naive if we associate these behaviours with ‘globalisation’- what this is is a meeting of radically different civilizations.
    China is the last of the ancient empires and maintains its intelligence in the most unlikely manner- spies on street corners etc.
    Go deeper into the cultural factors and you will see how all of these factors are connected in contemporary NZ!