Jones to leave, Beaumont packing her bags, Ctd

More info has come in to the tipline concerning the imminent resignation of Shane Jones.

It seems he has been talking loud and long up in Kaitaia about his resignation to anyone who will listen.

He has also just recently leased an office in Whangarei in his own name.

Tick tock.


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  • guest

    oh goody just what we need up here another wanker next you’ll be telling me mattjik is hiding back home in Whanagrei as well.

    • You’re surely not calling yourself a wanker are you? Or are you in the minority group of hippies in a commune…

  • Blokeintakapuna

    A new “independant” about the bolster the credibility of the Mana Party?

    • nellie

      Won’t the MP need a new leader into the next election?

      • Guest

        Yes or Maori Party maybe?? Coalition with National though?

    • guest

      can’t see him being a good fit for Mana Party but I could see him in Winnies party.

      • nellie

        I actually meant the other raced based party starting with M…but NZF might be a better bet with a new leader too!

    • Blokeintakapuna

      He’s going to open a carpet cleaning business! He knows all about stain removal…

      • Roland

         Very funny Bloke, I like it…. Wheres Kosh today, got a Detention?

      • Gazzaw

        Maybe got some grief from the Kokopu locals?

  • Guest

    Or maybe off to NZ First?

  • tarkwin

    It’s hard being a Northlander these days. We aren’t all like Matt and Shane up this way.

    • Troy

      This is true – i feel sorry for Northlanders having to suffer the idiotic theories and behaviours of the likes of Jones and Harawira – but maybe this message hasn’t been made clear enough to them by the public there – there’s a chance to do that at the next election of course!

    • TravisPoulson

      Sorry to ruin your evening, but kosh103 is from Northland too.

      • Guest

        You’re kidding!

  • mara

    I suppose he could go and get a proper job. You know, an “off the public tit” real, productive job.

    • AngryTory

      But who would employ him?

  • Doug

    Anyone know when the film Censor’s job Job comes up for renewal,
    Jones would make the perfect Film Censor.    

  • Roland

    Very funny Bloke, I like it…. Whers Kosh today, got a Detention?

    • Euan Rt

      probably getting his class to write letters to the minister of education. Then he’ll be busy getting ready for his strike.

  • Basal

    Jones is Maori right? He’ll fall on his feet. Remember Tuku? These people don’t fade away they just pop up on some sweet job somewhere.

    • Mediaan

      Jones is a Jones. Tuku is a Morgan.

  • Guest

    Only ones that get airtime are radicals, maori and beneficiaries up here so people get a distorted view of the place.

    •  Nah – never – what ever gave you that idea? See my other post……

  • Vlad

    Pity really, not the worst of the Labour MP’s. 

    • Pukakidon

       He has been sacrificed by the others.   Silent T and many others are mixed up in this I am very sure.    I hope the Master Debater Mr Jones does a tell all, and who else is behind this donations for citizenship corruption.

      • Gazzaw

        Jones is unlikely to do a tell all. He’s been playing in a big league should the enquiry turn up immigration rorts. That’s concrete boots territory.

  • Alan

    Does it have a big screen tv and DVD player and Playboy Channel