Jones to leave, Beaumont packing her bags

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the tipline

The tipline has been humming this morning with news about Shane Jones.

Several sources have confirmed that he is not happy with David Shearer for throwing him under the bus…the word is he even dropped the C-bomb in terse discussions with Shearer. He is set to announce his exit rather than wait around for up to year while the Auditor-General peers into his affairs as a minister.

On that note it is also rumoured that Carol Beaumont is packing her bags to take up her place on the list when Jones exits in short order.

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  • Sthnjeff

    Almost as bad as the Tizard effect!

  • Hush your mouth Jeff; let Ms Beaumont be sworn in before you start talking like that.

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  • Alloytoo

    Pyrric victory I guess.

  • Blokeintakapuna

    Out with the old, corrupt and decrepid… and in with… more of the same

    • Dumrse

      And on the Benches….. same shit different skirt.

    • Quintin Hogg

      The word that came to mind was “rancid”

    • Sthnjeff

      Should that not be out with the scapegoat who at least had some talent and personality, if a little lazy, and in with another old frizzled ex Union Hack 

  • sbw

    Who’s that new bloke from Labour in the photo?

    • Dr Wang

      The bass player from Slade.

  • BM

    That Beaumont is one good looking woman

    • Gazzaw

      She’ll fit well into the lineup BM. Beaumont & Fenton would make great models for a set of bookends. Could be a top fundraiser.

      • Richard McGrath

        I’m think nude calendar potential here guys… place your orders with Cam. 

  • Roger

    Shearer’s rejuvenation is well underway, not. The follower is Kelvin Davis, with Carmel Sepuloni next. Beaumont before Davis? Illustrates the power of the trade union sector in composing the list.  

    • Troy

      And that’s the problem with Labour, and always will be until they shed that monkey on their backs – unions.

  • Blokeintakapuna

    On a related matter – I see on NBR they are reporting that the AG also has others in their sights – not only Jones! How excellent – FINALLY the authorities will be acting… just watch the cockroaches scurry from the brillinat sunlight the OAG shines on their dodgy, corrupt practices.

    One hopes the OAG also looks in to the missing $4,000,000 or so from the unions they aren’t legally accounting for since 2006 – YES 2006 – plus all the “training grants” fed to the unions by the Labour Government around that time also. There’s some highly suspicious obfuscating of accounts and reporting and numerous “related party” murky going’s on that the OAG needs to clear up for the credibility of NZ’s Parliment – especially in light of these corrupt passports for cash dealings by Labour Party Ministers of the Crown.

    Please investigate OAG – innocent unions and Labour Party will have nothing to hide and therefore should welcome a full investigation with full cooperation… unless of course there actually is something to hide… like $4Million or so…

    • Le Sphincter

      Unions are not government entities, so OAG doesnt touch that sort of stuff

      • Roger

        And there’s the rub, Ani. Labour in government channeled funds to their mates in Unions through “training services” contracts so it was outside the political donations system. And you grizzle about whether Dotcom’s donation was anonymous or not. At least the funds were declared. 

      • Polishpride

        Roger – The same way National does to their corporate mates. When will everyone realised the whole system is corrupt and in need of replacement. Bring in Open transparent governance with true democracy. Not the shambles representative democracy has left us with  

      • AngryTory

        Systemic electoral and financial fraud that has undermined NZs democracy – I think they’ll be interested!

  • Agent BallSack

    At least you can shake her hand, it’s only covered with the blood of hard working Kiwi Business Owners.

  • AngryTory

    the word is he even dropped the C-bomb in terse discussions with Shearer

    So Jones admitted Labour was corrupt?  Why am I completely and utterly unsurprised.

     innocent unions and Labour Party

    But there aren’t any innocent unions or Labour – by definition.

    Hopefully the AG will do what Johnkey didn’t have the guts to – remove unions & Labour from NZ forever!

    • Guest27.5

      And I thought Whale meant he dropped the ‘Cunliffe’ word. As in “Cunliffe would have done a better job than you.”

      • Roger

        The C-bomb correlation to Cunliffe was the silent T I think. 

  • ConwayCaptain


    Kinit one, purl one, drop one THUNK

    • Mark

      Actually, I believe she and two of her sisters gave Macbeth a prophecy that he shall be king, and also gave his companion, Banquo a prophecy that he shall generate a line of kings.

      • ConwayCaptain

        They also said

        “Macbeth shall die when Burnham Wood doth come to Dunsinane”

        Is the wood marching up Parliament Hill as we speak. 

      • Roger

        Banquo’s ghost will continue to haunt Labour long after the deed is done – oh the amusement of watching Shearer addressing the empty chair. 

        “Prithee, see there! behold! look! lo! how say you?/Why, what care I? If thou canst nod, speak too” (3.4.68-70) 

  • Mediaan

    My view is that Jones was set up.

    This Liu application had been underway since 2005. Years later, having skipped past many others, it lands on the desk of Shane Jones, who has just been, that minute, appointed Associate Minister of Immigration.

    Pressure is applied, new Minister, good friends, old buddies.

    Being Shane Jones and lazy, he takes a few months to look at it. Then it’s signed

    • Le Sphincter

      It will all come out in the OAG report

      • Roger

        Yep, that it will. The sort of stuff you exude will sink Labour for a long time. 

    • Petal

      Good thinking.

    • BJ

      I tend to agree – he was the ‘tail end charlie’

      • Dumrse

        With all those movies he watching at our expense, perhaps he was actually a tail gunner.

  • Team Shearer shrinks by one; Team Cunners grows by one…

    • In Vino Veritas

      There is some discussion that Cunliffe may have his finger in the Liu pie as well…..

  • Dph

    Good replacement for Jones, she looks the similar to him, obviously never been short of a good meal or three.

    • Gazzaw

      The Onehunga pie shops will be pleased to hear about her return.

      Northey currently seems to have ‘ownership’ of the local labour party vehicle so maybe he won’t be quite so pleased as the pie sellers.

    • @BoJangles

       She shaves more often than Jones too !

  • Riskit

    One down… only one more corrupt bastard to go. Only I can’t imagine John Banks using the “C” word as he departs. 

    • AngryTory

       only one more corrupt bastard to go.

      WTF?  only one?
      But there are 34 Labour, 14 Green, 8 NZF, 3 Maori, 1 Mana so I make that 60. The AG will have lots of work to do.

      but the real problem of course is that there’s no effective sanction under the electoral act should an entire party be found guilty of system electoral and financial corruption.

      • Polishpride

        Get rid of party politics – problem solved

    • Markm

      Riskit you clearly don’t understand the differences between Jones and Banks.

      Banks took a donation , legally .
      The only issue is should we the public know who it came from or not.
      Labour took the same amount of money and another $450 k odd and declared it anonymous by lawful means , channelling it through a trust.

      Covering up donations is as old as time and is lawful.
      I once donated to Labour and had to write 3 cheques to remain anonymous .
      They wanted me anonymous as it wouldn’t have been a good look that I had donated to a left wing party.

      Banks was inept in his explanations.
      He was a private citizen when this happened.
      Jones was a cabinet minister allegedly selling immigration in return for citizenship .
      Labour were allegedly taking donations for the same and a Labour Party operative was taking money for the citizenship , not to mention Labour accepting money from a non existent person living in a Labour staffers house.

      Not sure why you and others from the left have difficulty differentiating the two .

      • Riskit

        Sorry… It appears Banks lied (when questioned by the press) as a member of parliament. You can’t do that about funds and not lose your job  end of story. .  U assume I am from the left…wrong. Sit in the middle I do which is why I say good riddance to both of them. both dishonest scum bags.

    • Riskit

      So I meant only one…. obviously in your face. oh my God how does the guy show his face in public…. corrupt bastard to go

  • Lofty

    Well I suppose one could call him a soft cock and a wanker for resigning so easily, but somhow those descriptors seem some what icky in his case.

  • Guest

    Question – which Union gives its staff Staff Mortgages at lower than trading banks rates?

    • Randomreader

       actually why is a unions giving members funds to union staff for mortgages?

      Interesting – whats the go here Guest?

      • Guest

         was just following a story today – went and looked at their accounts – thought it was interesting

    • Guest

       wheres the OWL on this – he good at analysis

    • rolla

       Almost all of them. IRD should investigate really, and try and work out some way to apply FBT to such practices.

  • Aside from the nonsense above – sorry guys (actually no I’m not) but why on earth is it going to take a year – this is just crap – too much of our justice systems take forEVER to deal with – and everyone involved even on the periphery put their lives on hold.

    This has nothing to do with justice being seen to be done and everything to do with money for lawyers.

    As well we’re going to have to put up with MSM spewing their crap out for a year – give me strength….!!

    • ConwayCaptain

      Why does it take a year??>  Because the lawyers drag the chain to get more money.

      I did cargo claims as a Marine Surveyor and was involved with several which were open and shut cases as far as I was concverned.

      The lawyers on t’other side dragged the chain and obfuscated until about 2 days before th ecase was to be hjeard and then caved in.  Made them thousands.

      On another I thought we would lose and wondered why it was being defended as ther was only 20K involved.

      T’other side put up their case with a young lawyer and he meandered here there and everywhere.  Our side lawyer stood up, only a young bloke and said to me

      Captain I want you to answer this question Yes of No.  I cant even remember what the answer was and we won.

      T’othjer side charged the Shipping Co 10’s of thousands for a case worth 20K

      •  My thoughts exactly money……as I already said in my post.

  • Shoreboy57

    More nutters on the opposition benches -. Good for Nats

  • Grandstream

    Such a sad day for the labour party, and for teh state of parliamnet if Jones does call it a day. Beaumont or the Labour Thulsa Doom look-a-like is unlikely to help labour win any more votes – to parapharse Muldoon, the  average IQ of Parliamanet and the unemployed has risen ! 

    • Salacious T Crumb

      Nice Conan reference – cant wait to trample the enemy underfoot and hear the lamentation of their women.

  • Galantisuk

    Yes Labour know how to pick them. Another teacher who never taught but became a union activist! The trouble with teaching is the training colleges are full of rampant reds more interested in politics than in training kids. You can see that in what’s going on right now!

    • Guest

       yep but maybe there is some interesting things that will come out – what uion is she a member of ?

      • Galantisuk

        Nursing union ,teachers union in Aus and secretary to council of trade unions, suggest you google if interested!

    • So I guess we should ask why there are not more teachers who aren’t rampant reds – surely they are brighter and would therefore be perfect for our new efficient larger class sizes…..? After all they surely wouldn’t turn rampant red just because they were taught by such in training college as you seem to suggest.

      Certainly they will be getting paid more than any rampant reds currently teaching – who will surely be forced out through lack of performance…!!

      Cam – your lovely lady isn’t a rampant red is she?

  • BG

    Personally I will miss Jones. Quick wit and a good comunicator who gave as good as he got, but seems to have been shafted. Him and JC on Radio Live with Marcus was always amusing.

    HIghly unlikely he was a leadership threat due those video nasties, but it did amaze me that he somehow avoided castration by comrade Clark and the gay elite in the labour caucaus. I actually thought there were no red-blooded males left in Labour until the pay for view fiasco got a hold of him, I guess being maori saved him for a while.

    well plenty of time for that now.

  • ConwayCaptain

    It has come to pass that the best looking female on the Labour side is Socialist Cindy!!!!

    • No argument there – but then who’s her competition on a other side?

  • Phar Lap

    Lie-bour could keep her out,the same way they kept Judith Tizard out.Just a matter of massaging the list,a little bit here  and there.

    • BG

      Chicken Little would love to have another union stooge in the ranks to tell him how great he is.


    given Shane Jones is a wanker and loves wanking to porn on the NZ public purse its good riddence. maybe Shane and the guy from the Target TV show can get a room together

    • Blokeintakapuna

      Jones – the carpet cleaner guy! Love it!

  • Cadwallader

    “Beaumont packing her bags…” Jones emptied his sacs in front of a taxpayer-funded porno DVD! 

  • BR

    “Get rid of party politics – problem solved”

     Good idea!

    Let’s just have one party.

    That will stop all the bickering.


    •  But it will kill off this blog site…..

      • la la land

        not quite… we’ll still have Matt Blomfield…

    • Polishpride

      If thats what you wnt why don’t you emmigrate to North Korea or China I think they have just what your after