Jordan Carter for Policy Council…the hard left choice

the tipline

Jordan Carter is once again putting himself forward for the policy council of Labour.

Here is his email begging for a vote and here is his CV/brochure.

So here we have Jordan Carter campaigning on an explicitly left ticket.

Let’s take a closer look…

“I’ve held that role for the past three years”

Yeah, and how did policy work out at the last election, Jordan? Was that a triumph you’re seeking to better this time around.

“we need bold, left wing policy in 2014”.

Really, that’s his pitch? Understand clearly that a vote for Carter on policy council is a vote for Labour to shift further left than it was last year.

“I also want us to be, and become, a party that welcomes debate about ideas and the future.”

“Be and become” eh? I think I see what you’re trying to fudge there Jordan. How about you think about being a party that welcomes debate.

No doubt Chris Trotter and Martyn “DBD” Bradbury will blog forth in support.


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  • Gazzaw

    Let’s start with a rational debate on Cunliffe then Jordan. Let Cunners have the first say.  

  • Jordan Carter

    Cameron, I’ve always run from the left of the Labour party. Nothing new there. And while it is flattering in a way that you credit me with any role in Labour’s result last time, I have to confess I fear my influence is rather more limited than you make out. 

    • Karlos

      I applaud you for coming on to defend yourself, however, it seams pretty obvious to everyone that for Labour to gain traction they need more centerist policies, the last thing they need to do is move further to the ……..on second thoughts, best of luck to you Jordan, from the bottom of my heart I hope you make it onto the policy council.

  • Guest

    Another play by the Robertson faction?