Let’s talk about embarrassment

Since Andrew Little is dead keen on embarrassment perhaps he would like to answer some questions about his time as the boss at the EPMU. The matter of properly filing accounts is simple, rather like making yourself available for process servers.

The Owl writes:

The Owl has been asking that the audited 2006 Annual Accounts to be filed as only excel spreadsheets are filed.

The reason for the on-going request is because there is a variation that in my opinion does not make sense.

The filed 2006 excel spreadsheets shows a $1.28M loss and an equity position of $18.045M.

The filed 2007 audited accounts filed shows a comparative 2006 position (9 months) of $2.2M loss and an equity position of $10.338M.

The Owl’s observation:

What is the correct loss for 2006 $1.28M or $2.2M Loss? (that is an approximate $1M variation).

Filing the audited 2006 accounts may resolve this issue.

NOTE: All information is taken from the public domain and draws no other conclusions than showing why filing audited accounts are important.


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  • Guest

    What is that saying – keep your friends close and your enemies closer?
    Mr Shearer should consider this when one of his high profiles MP says employers are parasites and now he has contempt for the law.

    If Mr Shearer was to be seen as a true leader in control and ready to govern then now is the time to put order into his ranks.

    No one will elect a party based on contempt and gutter politics. Tony Abbott started that way and now he has a reputable opposition – he got rid of all the angry members – focussed on policy and appointed leaders to his front bench knowing that they would grow over time.

  • Russell Belding

    Andrew is a fearless person Judith … best be careful. He says on the main Labour web site
    ((“Through my work as a lawyer and in my union roles, I have always been a strong advocate. Dealing with anything from large corporates to small businesses, I have learnt when problem-solving and compromise is called for and when resolute firmness is needed.” ))

    In his role as citizen he is above due process as he was in his role as EPMU leader. In today’s Herald …
    (( Mr Little said Ms Collins would have to hire process servers to track him down outside Parliament grounds and issue him with the papers.
    “They tend to be leather jacket-wearing thuggish guys, which is fair enough because they have a tough job to do.
    “It won’t be a good look.” ))
    While you are in seclusion Andrew how about finding time to sort out the EPMU accounts?

  • AnonWgtn

    Little is a Little shitbag – and always has been – thinks he is a big man from being a Union leader:
    look forward to seeing him in Court as he explains himself.
    Collins is not obliged to be there as the onus lies with the two labour dicks to prove their allegations, not the other way round.
    Hope the EPMU has enough money to pay.