Maybe they can lend a few to us

Foreign Policy

The seppos have too many nukes.

On Wednesday, May 16, just days before the leaders of NATO countries meet in Chicago to discuss the future of the military alliance, retired Gen. James Cartwright, former head of U.S. nuclear forces, dropped his own bomb: a report  arguing that the United States could reduce the number of nuclear weapons it deploys by two-thirds and the number of warheads it keeps in reserve by nearly 90 percent. Calls for lower numbers are not new, certainly not from groups dedicated to nuclear disarmament like the one Cartwright worked with — and not even among former heads of Strategic Command.

New Zealand needs a nuclear deterrent mainly to piss off the Greens.


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  • Razorlips81

    Problem is there are too many pathetic people who support the greens in this regards!

  • Rodger T

    You can never have too many nukes.

  • Guest

    Most greenies look they are the result of some nuclear fallout mishap – show me one hot looking greenie chick (c/w shaved legs, shaved top lip & shaved armpits please). Just check out Keith Locke & Nandor Ropehead those two have suffered some major overexposure to something

    • Phar Lap

       How about Turei ,she looks like she never missed a meal in her life.Wonder what type of green” food she eats.Seems she is the face of “sexy greens”,yuk.

    • Trishaattaipa

      Lucy Lawless…. maybe…. but then your interpretation of hot may be someone with 7777 jumpers on 

  • Kosh103

    We hardly need an army these days let alone nukes.

    • Rodger T

      You do realise K, when you need an army it`s too late to raise one.
      And with an eye to the future,do you understand how tempting all those minerals we are not allowed to mine will be to less scrupulous states ?