More morally bankrupt than corrupt

Sydney Morning Herald

Bob Carr has been drafted to help save Labor…they should have done due diligence:

Sartor’s chat held moments of genuine entertainment, like his rendering of Michael Egan’s quip that ”Bob Carr’s not in charge – he’s just an effing journo we hired to win elections.” Or when he told us ”of course, Carr was a total hypochondriac” and twice mimicked his orotund baritone.

There was much on the importance of compromise – as if Labor’s problem was simply being too principled – and even a degree of honesty. ”We were more morally bankrupt than corrupt …” fessed Sartor. ”Transport was our No.1 big sin, and we were very poor at policy, on energy and a few other things …”

Hard to argue with him when he said, ”it was a very weak cabinet …” He noted: ”It was obvious we were on the nose … We’d been giving mining companies exemptions from pollution charges for ages … We just wouldn’t address the long-term issues …”

And of course that’s part of why a government with a massive mandate and over a decade in power failed to produce anything remotely resembling sensible strategic planning across the state.


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  • Le Sphincter

    Yeah right . The liberals are standing in the way of the Labour governments plans for a second airport.
    Strategic … fou !

  • Le Sphincter

    Had to laugh about the author Elizabeth Farrelly. Shes a PhD in architecture who has written a book called the Dangers of Happiness-

     Im not making it up