More popular than a dictator

The Press

The Press has commissioned a leadership survey of local personalities. The result are astonishing for one person in particular:

Tousle-haired Student Volunteer Army head Sam Johnson and controversial Christchurch City Council boss Tony Marryatt find themselves at opposite ends of the leadership spectrum in The Press’s Local Issues Survey.

In a time of crisis Christchurch residents have looked to their leaders for guidance and reassurance.

The Opinions Market Research survey shows some have inspired us with their efforts, others have dispirited us, and the work of others remains seemingly unknown.

The top dogs of local and central government agencies, and of business and community organisations, came under the spotlight in The Press survey of 300 Christchurch, 33 Waimakariri and 26 Selwyn residents.

Johnson’s performance was head and shoulders above the rest, with a staggering 98 per cent of the 359 surveyed considering he had done a good job.

Fifty-eight per cent said his leadership had been “extremely good” and 33 per cent said it was “very good”.

With figures like that  he will be giving lessons to the Kim, Assad and Putin. Perhaps he should stand for Mayor?


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  • Le Sphincter

    Yawn… Santa Claus wins an award .

  • Michael Keith

    Every now and then a bright star shines through.Its just unfortunate that big mouthed,ego head losers push their way to the forefront to the detriment of good work that could be done by the bright stars.Good luck to that young man,i look forward to hearing more of him.

  • Scanner

     Tony Marryattis certainly a popular man with his employers, 9 votes at this time, so counting him Parker and Mrs Parker that leaves six others in dire need of a drug test.

  • Nisugo_Neep

    It’s been a while now but I still remember watching a news clip after the first quake where Anderton was out on some liquifacted street in clean gumboots, holding a spade and droning on and on in his dreary grey way about how he was determined to do his bit to clean up the city: if it takes all week, all month, all year, he’ll be there, working, working, working for the little people…
    Nek minnit the interview is over, the camera moves on to someone else, and in the background we see Anderton drop his spade, duck into a waiting car …and sod off.

    • dogbox64

      The problem is Anderton didnt sod off far enough.After all these years of listening to his drivel i think we are entitled to be rid of the useless prick whos only claim to fame is he can party hop faster than Dunne.

  • Mediaan

    The top nine employees at Chch City Council are paid an average wage of $300,000.

    • Guest

      pay peanuts – get moneys.    no surprise with such uncompetitive salaries internationally.

  • AnonWgtn

    Where is Jim – leading a forlorn crusade to rebuild Christchurch Anglican Cathedral – a bit rich for a Catholic.
    But as Lianne D has “said” she will not stand for mayoralty Jim is back to take up the role.

  • All this proves is why Parker got into politics in the first place….”People think they know me from my time on TV as a script reader”
    – Easy peasy….Look at how many other media jockeys and jockets are in local or central government and you’ll see it’s all about face recognition these days and noone cares about what they stand for…