Need Marmite, problem solved

Last week I received and email from Habitual Fix:


The fresh food chain, have successfully imported a small amount of British Marmite via Columbia to spread amongst their nutrition-hungry customers. British Marmiteis the original Marmite, which is ‘the original yeast spread’.


For more information or interviews please contact:

Kate McGahan
[email protected]

Coincidentally I heard Leighton Smith raving about a package he had delivered and he was impressed that they had caught him and so pumped their little marketing ploy.

He at least had received a package…I hadn’t, so I replied:

You sent a box of stuff to Leighton Smith and a press release to me?

Obviously you value my audience at zero.

Much and all as I like Marmite I just can’t see a value proposition in this for me.

My personal policy for pimping product is “nothing for nothing”, which is what you will get.

Kate replied to me:

Hi Cam,

Yes we did send a box of sammies to Leighton Smith this morning – and I understand your position on nothing for nothing – fair enough!

The goal of this mornings package drop was to target radio stations in the central city (so the food stayed fresh) with more activity around other media rolled out throughout the week – I do apologise that you were not involved in the first round of activity.

Nothing to do with how we value your audience but I do see your point!

We don’t expect you to cover the news or Habitual Fix at all now, but in the spirit of smoothing things over and because I know the Habitual Fix team are bloody good buggers at heart,  given the nature of your email I would love to organise a delivery to you for this afternoon – you may as well try the sandwich now right?


Kate McGahan

40 minutes later this turned up:

Inside the two bags was several wrapped sandwiches plus two fruit smoothies:

And inside each package were sandwiches like this:

The sandwiches were fresh and delicious and included some of their supplied black gold. The sandwiches were outstanding and the smoothies, not something I normally drink were super tasty and refreshing too. Thanks Habitual Fix, from the bottom of my stomach!

Habitual Fix didn’t even have to reply to my surly message but they did and really outdid themselves. Since they met my posting policy requirements for product placement this post is to tell readers that if you need some British Marmite then the place to get it is from Habitual Fix.

They deserve your patronage simply for their ability to respond (many wouldn’t have!) So order online (the deliver) or find a store close to you to get your fix.


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  • James Stephenson

    Available from any supermarket, branded as Our Mate, but the jar looks the same. HF will no doubt be receiving a sniffy lawyers letter from Sanitarium

  • Petal

    Wow Cam. Are you for sale or what??



    • Yep, I am…got to pay the bills somehow.

  • Arnold

    love a feisty chick..great reply back to you and pleased to see you got some goodies….cant stand marmit, the only one in the family…

  • Jono

    If you are a fan of English Marmite, try and get your hands on a jar of Marmite XO,  treasured, but not shared!

    • Dave

      Marmite XO is available from the English shop, Browns Bay

      • Le Sphincter

        English Marmite – a word stolen from the french, again- is available here as 
        Our Mate. Countdown seems to have it

      • ConwayCaptain

        To the dodgy Frenchman, yes Marmite is stolen from the French.  The cooking pot issued to Les Poilus.

        English is full of words taken from other languages the French However are fighting a rearguard action through L’Acdemie Fransaise to stop the French adopting words from other languages.  They are trying to keep the language PURE ubnlike the mongrel lot the Frogs are.

  • Horace the Grump

    Good on HF for coming to the rescue – now New Zealanders might just discover what Marmite is supposed to taste like, instead of that sweet black crap Sanitarium tries to force on the populace.

    English Marmite is truly the nectar of the Gods… at $4.95 for a 125g go Our Mate at the supermarket its pretty expensive, but if you know someone going to England get them to grab a couple of 500g jars from Tescoes of it they are going through HK for a stopover go to Great in Pacific Place and pick up some 250g jars there…

    Sanitarium should he burned at the stake for foisting that disgusting black crap on us.  Everyone should switch to the true English Marmite at once!

    • Karlos

      I am in the UK at the moment, big fan of the Sanitarium marmite, tried the UK stuff, not impressed. Runny, snotty, flavourless crud. Definitely NOT a substitute for the Kiwi stuff.

  • ConwayCaptain

    Surely they cann import under // importing??

  • CommonSense404

    F**k marmite – try some of this…. “Firemite”

  • Le Sphincter

    Boy are Sanitarium going to whack these people hard. Stealing their property ( their product name).
     I hear the heavy boots of capitalist market power coming up the stairs of this back room outfit. When they open the door, or its battered down, they will find  Dog the bounty hunter, not one of your whimpy locavores, and its all legal.
    They should all checkout trademark 101.

    • Callum

      They are not selling it though,simply using it in their sandwiches. Would be a very hard case to make for breach of trademark.

  • Le Sphincter

    British made marmite shortage solved. Its imported to Australia and New Zealand under a different name- to comply with the law- which is called “Ourmate” 

  • Gazzaw

    Brit Marmite is crap. Karitane yellow in colour and Karitane in consistency. Our son lives in London and can’t tolerate the local crap (along wth his Aussie flatmates) – their NZ supply ran dry last month. I managed to score 2 x 500 gram jars off Trade Me at a fearful price and airfreighted them to the UK. Greater love hath no man………………….

    • Le Sphincter

      Your son,is just used to the  loaded with sugar Kiwi version,  just out of short pants is he?

      • Gazzaw

        He’d take you to pieces with one arm behind his back Arsehole.

  • Duncan Brown

    Who cares, no problem, there’s no shortage of Vegemite…

    • Groans

      You sad person.  Everyone knows vegemite is nothing like Marmite.

  • In terms of taste it goes.

    English Marmite (Our Mate) -> Vegemite -> Horse Manure -> NZ Marmite

    • ConwayCaptain

      Never realised that Our Mate was UK Marmite in disguise.

      Thanks for the tip.

      Is the smuggled stuff Columbian Black Gold!!