Nevada licences driverless cars

The Telegraph

Len Brown should be looking at this initiative in Nevada instead of wasting billions on a silly trainset:

Driverless cars are to be allowed on the roads of Nevada, which has become the first state in America to allow the vehicles to licence their use.

Google which has embarked on an extensive testing programme of the cars secured the approval of the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles.

Motor manufacturers have been working on taking human error out of driving for more than a decade with innovations such as lane departure warning, self applying brakes and cars which park themselves.

Google, however, has come up with the ultimate version of cruise control, by removing the driver completely with the help of video cameras, lasers and radar sensors.

It relies on mapping which is created by Google’s own staff who drive the route filling in the location of lane markings and road signs.

Despite being controlled by a computer, two people must sit in the car at all times.

They will be held responsible for the car’s behaviour. As the vehicle will only be able to break the speed limit if the driver takes control, he or she would receive the speeding fine.

But he or she will be able to spend the journey on the phone or even texting without putting other road users at risk.

A test car, which has already been tested in California, has already covered 140,000 miles without any mishap – apart from being nudged from behind at a set of traffic lights.


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  • Blokeintakapuna

    Just wait for Labour to scream, bleat, bitch and moan that this will take away the jobs of taxi and bus drivers…

    • Richard B.

      But what will it do for the Panel Beaters?

      • Send them broke, less accidents with autonomous cars…computers don;t break rules, people do.

  • Can’t wait for the first court case when the software fails and there’s a collision!!!!

    • Blokeintakapuna

      Faulty hard drive?

      • Steve (North Shore)

        More like the Operating System was hijacked

      • Actually Steve’s come up with a great idea – I mean imagine the mess you could make by hacking into it’s OS – and you can do it……easier than an iphone….!!