Nick Smith on the Talleys

Nick Smith makes some telling points. The Meat Workers Union may think the Talleys are ripping them off, but as Nick points out they have not relocated off shore.

Nelson MP Nick Smith describes them as tough but fair. “They are very patriotic New Zealanders and very loyal to Nelson. If they were driven purely by profit, they would have relocated long ago.”

Interesting choice of word, patriotic. My understanding is the Talleys have been massive benefactors to New Zealand, and care passionately about the direction New Zealand is going in.

The union movement might like to consider Peter Talley’s campaign to keep fishing jobs in New Zealand.

But at the same time he was outspoken against foreign-owned trawlers plundering New Zealand waters.

Peter Talley took an ethical stand that other prominent New Zealand companies like Sanfords have not.


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  • Fozzie

    Why relocate off shore when you can beat the wages of the locals down with support from the Government and it’s cronies ? Mr English proffers New Zealand’s wage rates as a way of attracting businesses here – low wages, crap conditions – no wonder the exodus of NZ to Australia increases by the day – even a casual shop assistant earns $22 minimum – and that is AUD $
    Wake up NZ you pays peanuts – all you get are the monkeys !

    • Actually fool, other fishing companies like Sanfords and the Maori Fishing Consortium largely employ Filipino or Indonesian fisherman.

      26% of Talleys fishing fleet is Maori. Talleys are providing Kiwis with jobs but other fishing companies are providing foreigners with jobs.

      • Pukakidon

         Hence the reason that there is no one to go on strike at Sanfords and the Maori Fisheries.    They do not create any work for New Zealanders it all goes off shore to Asian factory and fishing vessels.    Talleys employs NZers with NZ owned and provisioned boats..  The others don’t give a toss about employment of Kiwis it is all about greed and exploitation.

        The Unions wont be happy until they drive all employment off shore.

      • dyannt

        My son is an engineer on one of Sandfords ships and I’m pretty sure that the crew is all New Zealanders.

    • Blokeintakapuna

      Fozzie – was it cold on the picket line?

      • Gazzaw

        I fucken hope so BIT.

    • ConwayCaptain


      Have you seen photos of the crew accommodation and facilities on Talley’s vessels???  They are of the highest quality.  There will be no campaign by people worried about “slave like” conditions on them.

      Gave you seen reports about the vessels chartered by Sealord etc al???

      • ConwayCaptain

        BTW Fozzie when that Korean vesel sank the Talley;s vessel stopped fishing and went to the rescue.  What did the other Korean ships do???  Kept fishing.

    • Doug_S

      Muppet by name, Muppet by nature!

    • Gazzaw

      How do you have your peanuts Fozzie? Raw or roasted.

    • mister nui

      Fozzie, ever looked at the cost of living in Oz, you dropkick. Furthermore, if you’re not involved in resources, the Oz economy is fucked and most shop assistants find themselves out on their ass, let alone earning $22 an hour.

      • AnonWgtn

        Was recently in both Sydney and Melbourne – saw many shops empty so A$22 for the risk.
        The larger Department stores were quite empty – people are not spending I  think. Some large stores in Melbourne were erie even – my wife says she could not afford to shop there (any more) – and she is a well known shopper.

      • AngryTory

        AnonWgtn – yep of course. 

        Meanwhile Smile’n’Wave the State House Kid keeps NZ going full steam ahead, lights blazing & bands playing because he hasn’t got the guts to turn hard right to avoid the Iceberg we all know we’re rushing straight towards!

    • johnbronkhorst

      Really fozzie….ever lived in Aus????…I have, rent is higher, if you want to live within 1 hours travel of your job, of course that travel costs you, buy a house…only in the middle of nowhere. Your $22 doesn’t go far when you take these things into consideration. No Working for Famillies…..or other “in work welfare” in Aus either. Not sure but aren’t taxrs higher there too……Tell the whole story ….I D I O T!!!

      • Dave

        John  I agree with you.   I lived in Brissie and Sydney for many many years.   It’s a great place to live.

        But Fozzie, lets not compare wages to NZ.  if your going to do that, also convert the cost of rent, food, living, power and phone to NZ$ as well, you will really find the cost of living in any major Aussie city is a lot more.   Last week my son brought a 3 bed unit in an outer Sydney suburb (38KM drive to the city), its pretty basic, $720K.   That would likely be under $500K within a 8 km radius of central Auckland.   Monthly train ticket $194….   (just checked on CityRail)

        John:  Taxes on lower incomes are slightly less in Aussie than in NZ, but on higher incomes (plus 100K) Tax starts to get higher than NZ) from memory, but then, they have free Medicare (and the levy).

        Fozzie:   Please don’t take my word for it, please move there, raise the IQ of both countries  NZ will be better off, and you won’t be noticed in Aussie.

    • Roland

      Well fuck off then Fozie, do you know how much dosh the Indonesians are getting working on the foreign vessel? I million per month, thats INR, about NZ$135

  • Scanner

    Ask the people of Nelson what they think of the Talley family, you will find huge respect, both as employers in Nelson and many other areas, as community benefactors, amongst many other things.
    Ask the people of Nelson what they think of the current union movement and it’s leadership – weapons grade cunts top to bottom.

    BTW – We still haven’t seen Ms Kelly s remuneration package, whats the matter Helen cat got your tongue or is it yet another one of these “off balance sheet transactions” that seem to keep popping up at the most inopportune of times.  

    • acting up

      Funny you should say this, scanner. People I know in Nelson don’t like the Talleys at all. Their own mate appears to be Nick Smith, and even he is giving highly qualified praise.

      Maybe I don’t know enough Talley’s employees with those great “fire at will” clauses that they seem to have in their employment agreements.

      BTW Helen Kelly – fess up! How much are you paid? Once you announce that, all the anti-union blather will stop.

      • acting up

        Come on Helen – still waiting.

  • Fozzie

    Whew that blew the maggots out …. yes I have lived in Aus and yes was there for a month in December – yes things are hard in retail – just like here – but they do not make the excuse of paying $13.50 per hour  – waiil I am no defender of Sanfords or Sealord – it is a disgrace that we allow such practices as foreign crew – but that doesn’t change my point – Talley’s and the Government seem hell bent on creating a low wages casualised work force – that way they can keep the ”workers’ in line !  Talley’s are acting  like the lord of the manor  in Nelson – as i recall doesn’t pay in Nelson to cross their path…..

    • Blokeintakapuna

      The National government actually raised Labour’s minimum wage to $13.50 hour…. oopps, there goes your arguement for the shot to your foot…

      Fozzie – the government, any government. doesn’t owe anyone a job.

      The governments role is to create the environment to stimulate investers investing in business’s to create jobs – and for business’s to invest they need certainty around regulatory law and employment law, just like with Warner Bro’s, before they invested nearly half a Billion dollars here in NZ making movies, they needed our employment law clarified. Labour had written our employment law with so many holes in it, it required National to amend the law, thereby giving certainty to this investor.

      The investor didn’t want to find themselves held to ransom by a union because the coffee was too hot, or not hot enough, or too late or too early – everyone on strike… kinda BS – so the National government fixed that for NZ.

      The unions spat the dummy, because they seemed to think they had some form of entitlement to be able to dictate who can or can’t come into NZ to work.. and they were rightly given a slap down… although not far enough for my likings!

      • Euan Rt

        Well said BiT. The govt of the day sets the minimum wage that can be paid. It does not set wages in the work place. Useful employees find they can get a better rate from management. Others get what they can. Fozzie seems to have no idea about the tough economic conditions businesses are facing. He would force borderline business into liquidation thereby screwing the rest of the workers just to get himself a payrise. If you like Aussie Fozzie, buy a ticket – oneway!

    • johnbronkhorst

      What BOLLOCKS fozzie, you muppet!!! The minimum take home wage has risen higher under national than it ever has under labour. The Talleys could if they wished, pack their tent and move to the Bahama’s, they haven’t. So thabk you is in order, for all those kiwi’s who have a JOB as a result!!!!!

    • Jester

      “yes I have lived in Aus and yes was there for a month in December”

      With your attitude it’s hardly suprising you only held the job down for a month :)

    • acting up

      Yeah Fozzie, off to Aussie with you, you non-patriotic botherer, you … fancy asking questions and maybe bringing in the beginnings of a factual argument. Bet the torrent of nit-picking and personal abuse taught you a lesson, eh?

      Oh, while you’re in Aussie, can you please send some money over? We’re a bit skint here at the moment.

  • AngryTory

    Workers in OZ are at least 1/3rd more productive than those in NZ.

    NZ wages need to drop by about half & we’d need to aim for a 60-hour mean work week to provide the same value to employers.

    But then, leftists unionists have no scope for facts. 

    Freedom is the freedom to say 2 + 2 = 4. 

    But where NZ and unions are concerned 2 + 2 = 1

    • AnonymousCoward

       So low wages are the path to prosperity AngryTory?

      I havent seen any reports of employers in Norway or Switzerland paying low wages in garment sweat-shops as they struggle to maufacture white cotton T shirts at a lower cost than in Bengaladesh.

  • Fozzie

    Wow – you people are quick to call names and make assumptions – as accolites of the right, there is no wonder this country is a basket case !  The government owes no one a job, but it does create the environment and direction of the economy – this government has made it clear – a low wage economy is for them … nuts in a country with so much going for it.
    Interesting to see the silly name calling that happens on this site – says more about the attackers than me. I am a business owner. I work with many small and emerging and innovative  businesses. Seems there is no chance of  rational debate here – so I bid you all adieu.

    • Blokeintakapuna

      Nice baiting Fozzie – now zap off back to the Stranded where your myopic view of the world will be more appreciated and welcomed.

      Yes – the abuse directed at you does dilute the overall arguement, but when your comments are based on rhetoric and propaganda regurgatated from the union propaganda sheet – it’s no wonder.

      Want a sensible response – write a sensible comment…

      Please qualify how the government wants a low-wage economy when they’re actually lifted the minimum wage from where Labour had it pegged? And as others have already commented – low / minimum wages are usually for those just starting out. Those that add value for their employer get paid more so the business owner doesn’t need to keep hiring new replacements on minimum wages… or are you, as a business owner, only paying your staff minimum wages and wondering why people keep leaving?

    • Dave

      Foozie, I am an employer, and employ quite a few.  I pay MOST of my employees WELL above minimum, and provide all sorts of advantages for the ones that work hard, and perform.   My company probably spends over $200K per anum rewarding and educating our staff – money I could take as profits or extra for me and my family, just like Talleys could.   

      I suggest if you are an employer, you need to PAY all your employees FAR more than they are worth, and way above minimum, as you obviously don’t agree with the minimum wage.   Would love to have some facts on what you actually pay your staff, it might clarify your statements.

  • Scanner

    and on that note we say a fond farewell to Fozzie as he rides off into the sunset holding hands with Philip Ure, just Kosh to go now and we can call it a hat trick.

    • TravisPoulson

      Stick kosh in the middle and he can go skiing……..

    • AngryTory

      Hell yeah – ban the fucking lot of ’em. 

      OK, I’d hang the fucking lot of ’em, but failing that we should ban ’em.