Perhaps a counter campaign?

 A campaign by the Service and Food Workers Union and supported by more than 50 organisations calling for all New Zealanders to be paid a ”living wage” will be launched ahead of this week’s Budget.

The union is concerned there will be little in Thursday’s Budget for low-income New Zealanders.

A living wage is defined as an income which allows workers and their families to not only survive but participate in society.

The launch in Auckland’s St Stephen’s church in Ponsonby on Wednesday follows similar campaigns overseas in the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada.

A coalition of organisations involved in the campaign have begun calculating how much a living wage would be in New Zealand using an independent economist.

But a figure is not expected to be announced at the launch.

So a bunch of union whingers are going to campaign for something they haven’t even worked out yet?

How about a bunch of employers launch a counter-campaign, called the “Productive and employable people” campaign, seeking staff who:

  • Look for opportunities to improve their own employment situation, by up-skilling and moving up the employment ladder now and then rather than complain about being on minimum wage year after year.
  • Reflect on why they are still only earning minimum wage at, say age 40+ or after 10+ years in the employment market.  If you’re earning minimum wage at age 40+ and you’re not a very recent immigrant, had significant health issues or just had piss-poor bad luck in life, then most of the problem is looking at you in the mirror.
  • Put pressure on unions to earn their fees by assisting them to identify areas for improvement in their employability and help to bridge those gaps rather than spending their union fees on propping up the corrupt, inept and nasty Labour Party.
  • Don’t turn up to work late, stoned, drunk, overweight, generally useless and with an attitude to match.
  • Understand (or are prepared to learn) that employers set wages based on the value they perceive you add, and their ability to substitute you for another lemming.  Want a wage rise?  Then add value.  Employers can only raise their prices if they are confident their customers will agree that the value in the product or service remains after the price increase.  Employees need to reflect on the same.

This may perhaps a little harsh for a handful of people out there, but accurate for most of the vocal protestors.


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  • Blokeintakapuna

    Very, very well said.

    Why is reward v’s value so difficult for unions / Labour Party to understand?

    Is it because they have come from predominately State funded employment  – where accountability for your wage packet just didn’t / doesn’t exist – and money from the giveittomemint grows on trees?

  • Adolf Fiinkensein

    Of course it’s a Presbyterian church.   Says all you need to know about the decline and decline of the Presbyterian Movement.   Just as well it ain’t St David’s or St Aidan’s.

  • rouppe

    A living wage is defined as an income which allows workers and their families to not only survive but participate in society

    Define “participate”. It take a whole lot less money to participate in Sue Bradford’s type of society than it takes to participate in Graham Hart’s. It’s a wonderful way of implementing a moving goalpost

  • johnbronkhorst

    I love the way these people either say..”I don’t understand how people can live on the minimum wage”…or just “People can’t live on the minimum wage”………….BUT they do…there are no starving people living in cardboard boxes in NZ…… an aside…I have traveled a bit, on these travels I noticed that in the poorest of countries, the poor weren’t OBESE and didn’t suffer from Diabetise….how come the supposed poor here, do?? Just an observation.

    • Gazzaw

      And a good observation John. I was at the supermarket last week and had to wait in the queue while an ENORMOUS woman, about 30 & kept upright by a walking frame checked out her purchases. She didn’t have enough dosh & said her benny hadnt come through. Under normal circumstances you would have felt sorry for her, that is until you looked at her shopping – four large (& I mean large) botles of coke and three large potato chips. She left with what she was able to afford and enough left to pay for the cab that was waiting outside for her.

      Yeah, life is real tough.

    • AngryTory

      .there are no starving people living in cardboard boxes in NZ.

      And anyone who had even taken ECON101 and understood one out of every ten words would appreciate the fundamental fact that this is basically problem #1 with NZ’s economy

      that there are no starving people living in cardboard boxes in NZ

  • johnbronkhorst

    I also, as an asside, take issue with the latest Salvation Army add, with the mother sleeping, with her kids, in her car. Anyone else seen that? Ask yourself 2 things…….1. Have YOU ever seen it (someone sleeping intheir car)? and 2. Surely if she sold that car (not an old banger by any stretch), she would have enough money for a bond and advanced rent, giving her an address and ability to claim a HOUSING SUBSIDY. I just get so tired of the bullshit!!!!!

    • Euan Rt

      No need to sell the car, WINZ will pay bond and advance rent. 

    • Dave

      Good Lifestyle choice, Coke, Chippies and probably chocolate and ciggies as well.  Lots of nutrition in there, if you eat the packaging!!   

      Whereas, we can afford the rubbish in our household but don’t buy them, and grow our own veges.   It is their lifestyle, they chose it.

      Take away the benefit, provide vouchers for BASIC STAPLE items only.  If they want Coke, chip pies etc, let them work for them.

  • Zappa

    “The union is concerned there will be little in Thursday’s Budget for low-income New Zealanders.”
    Boo fucken hoo !

    • johnbronkhorst

      Translated……there won’t be any extra money taken off of working NZer’s in Tax to give to non working nzers on benefits!!!

      • AngryTory

        Rather: Billions upon billions will continue to be taken from the few hardworking Kiwis and flushed down the crapper on WFF, ACC, EQC, DPB, Dole, Health, Education and Super!

        Even The State House Kid must know what needs to be done, but he hasn’t got the guts.

  • thor42

    The welfare system was originally envisaged as a trampoline, not a hammock. The founders of the welfare state in NZ would be horrified to see tens of thousands of able-bodied people lazing away their days on sofas watching TV. 

    Events in Europe are now showing us that the left’s economic “policy” is utterly bankrupt in every meaning of the word.
    Moronic leftwing governments, addicted as they are to borrowing, eventually run out of other countries’ money to dole out to the lazy feckless losers.
    Greece has found this out the hard way, and they’ll soon be followed by many other countries.  

    If the lefties think that times are “hard” now in New Zealand, they should head over to Greece (implementer of the policies that they love so much) and see how they go with magaing to make a living over there.   

    • AngryTory

      Well at least Greece is tackling it’s economic problems.

      Unlike Smile’b’Wave the State House Kid, and his mate Borrowing Bill – who are just smiling, waving, and borrowing up billions and billions more, rather than do what we all know needs to be done!

    • wiltinpenis

      I like your opening line.

  • FergusZ

    JUst saw this idiot from the SFWU on campbell….I notice he wasn’t asked WHO was going to pay for this “living wage”, or even what it was. Hands up all those employers, who will have to increase the unemployment queue (lay people off) if the minimum wage is raised to say $15. Then these morons will be asking, where are the Jobs John Key?…My answer, ask the unions, they are the ones who lost you your job.

  • AngryTory

    Is it because they have come from predominately State funded employment

    you don’t get it – it’s not just the state funded employment – it’s state funded everything

    State funded hospital when you’re born
    State house 
    State funded plunket, preschool, kindy, primary, intermediate, secondary, uni
    State funded GPs
    State funded super
    State funded DPB EQC WFF ACC…
    State funded rest home
    State funded funeral


  • wiltinpenis

    they are called the Left, because there is nothing

  • jay cee

    and they’re called right because of all those tui ads?

  • Jimmie

    participate in society? Don’t they mean par-piss-partake? Yup might as well give the bludgers coupons for their local bottle store…..

  • Sarrs

    I missed the Campbell live thing tonight – here are my calculations
    Weekly wage (40 hours x $13.50) = $540
    Less PAYE ($84.83) and 2% KiwiSaver ($10.80) = $444.37

    Single, no kids, live in shared accommodation (flatting) – $150 per week rent + $50 per week utilities + $100 per week food = $300 (tell me if my numbers are off, would be much less in Invercargill but trying find an average for the whole country)

    That leaves you with $144.37 per week for non-essentials.

    • Jimmie

      Ummm you’re forgetting a few things……$50 a week for a 50 gram rollies, $30 a week for a dozen stubbies and a few rtd’s, $60 for hp’s for useless crap ya don’t need and that only leaves $4.37 to live off.

      No way thats fair – the governmint should be giving more….how bout a top up of $40 bucks for a couple of tinnies a week, and $20 for phone top up………..see stupid national all about looking after their phat kat mates, and not the poor strugglers with nuffin left ova for the pokies……

      • Gazzaw

        Yeah yer right Jimmie. That’s what comes off giving big tax cuts to the rich. Fucken nats.

      • Sarrs

        Jimmie – I stand corrected. 
        I’ll put my hand up and say that I don’t live that frugally but I would if I had to. I just happened to have worked hard at school and university and picked a career with good employment prospects. Of course people who dropped out of school at 16 and didn’t bother to word hard deserve the same lifestyle as me. They can take the $30k student loan that I pay off at $100 per week as well!

    • Fozzie

       This lady was doing it with three kids – Sarrs – doing the right thing taking the jobs available to her  …. sometimes I wonder if this is New Zealand  when I read some of  the ignorance on this blog …..

      • Sarrs

        Well what was her WFF entitlement? Accommodation supplement from WINZ? Child support from that childrens’ father? Childcare subsidy from the government?
        Three kids would give her another $281 per week – more if her children are between 14 and 16. At the very least a working mother of three would receive $725 a week in the hand. Tell me how she can’t live on that? 

        Sometimes I wonder if this is New Zealand when I read some of the stupidity of people on this blog who take what they are told on television at face value. 

      • Greg M

         Nice work Sarah.
        Good to hear the numbers from a CA, thank you. G.

    • Dave

      Sarrs.      Daughter at uni in Auckland in a 4 bed flat lives as follows   accom.  $140, utilities $40, food kittie, $75, personal spend $50, fuel, $25.   $330 a week.     With a small allowance from us and 2 part time jobs and she has a great life!!    I asked her if she would like the min wage, she replied, yes.   All up she earns around $380 with our allowance.  there is no alcohol, smokes etc.    it can be done.

    • johnbronkhorst

      Wish I had $44.37 left for non essenials. Let alone the extra $100.

  • Greg M

    Well I am debt free thanks to hard work and going without.
    I really want to spend 100% of my income on piss , fags, pokies, dirty girls and other shit, but I can’t because the gummint takes a third of what I have worked for to hand out to losers that have contributed nothing.
    As Sarrs says above, a solo mum with three kids will take home around $725 p.w.
     I was earning not much more than that after serving frontline in the NZDF for 22 years.
    Thanks NZ, My contribution to the country seems really valued.

  • Russell Belding

    Many Labour party supporters  and MPs have an interest in keeping segments of the population in financial and other stress. Why is this? It is a way to keep the stressed encouraged to vote Labour. A post by Darien Fenton on Red Alert recently demonstrates this. Comments by Eugenie Sage (Green MP) demonstrate this.

    Darien Fenton supports “stronger” laws for work places – more benefits for workers paid for by employers – without any suggestion of encouraging workers to work harder or smarter. Darien tends to justify these practices and elevates these goals by speaking in “justice and fairness” terms, with little linkage betweeen “justice and fairness” and the on-the-job performance by workers. There should be justice and fairnes as well as helping workers upskill and get more satisfaction out of doing a job well. By pitting “worker” against “employer” (think Helen Kelly, Andrew Little) the welfare of some is benefitted (think Helen Kelley and Andrew Little keeping their high salaries). We should have 0-tolerance for abusive employers when these are found. In parallel we can encourage workers to lift their game and find pleasure in doing things well and carefully.

    Eugenie Sage recentlly complained we had too many cows and run-off was poluting waterways. Her solution was to restrict the number of cows. Here is Green Party self interest. Cows pooh and Greens complain. Waterways can become dirty with cow pooh. So we can be smart and develop cleaner farming.( Looking at her comments in isolation one could thing the Green’s are following Labour in wallowing in misery). Almost all NZ Farmers agree. Fonterra agrees. Fonterra funds NZ.

    So the call here by WO for workers to
    Look for opportunities to improve their own employment situation, by up-skilling and moving up the employment ladder now and then rather than complain about being on minimum wage year after year.
    is a positive step. May it happen. We all have and interest in prospering.

  • Eddy

    I couldn’t agree more with this post. I’m probably a living example of what you just outlayed. I was hired at 17 on home detention (a *slight* youthful indiscretion) at a business here in Nelson earning minimum wage. I’m 21 years old now, head of IT at the same business and about to move to a contract allowing me to work 20 hours a week for a 40 hour-a-week income. Mean that unless my steady upward stream of success is violently changed, I will be making 6+ figures by the time i’m 23. If that isn’t testimony to what being a good employee and working toward improving oneself (did I mention I also completed a diploma in software development while working full time?) can do for your income, I don’t know what is.

    tl;dr young and successful due to not being a worthless lump.