Police brutality? You be the judge


Last night TV3 tried to outdo recent media coverage focusing on the poor crims, such as the Nazi noodle boy in Masterton.

In their wisdom, TV3 decided that claims of brutality from this woman were legitimate enough to warrant a feature on the news.

Before you watch and decide for yourself if there is a case to answer, here are the facts as described (very quietly) in the story:

  • She has been in trouble with the cops before.
  • She was drink-driving and failed to stop for police.
  • She is to appear in court charged with assaulting a police officer.

Having read all that, watch the story and try and work out where the reporter’s sympathies lie.

Interesting, wasn’t it? And a special “stupidest comment of the week so far” award for this reporter, for the line:

“Pahina admits she has broken the law before, but says this is the first time the law has left her broken.”

Well done to all involved in this story. They must be very proud.


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  • CJA

    I saw this last night on TV3 and the first thing I said was “I bet you there is more to this story” and clearly there is. Fricking MSM doing their level best to warp a story into something it’s not.

  • 4077th

    “The law done this to my face” When you drink and drive and don’t stop for the police WTF do you expect young lady? A hug and pat on the head from a nice police constable? The dubious honor of being known to the police (if you had a brain you would know they already ran your details before they nabbed you) affords you a firm hand. Diddums!

  • She was pissed – refused to pull over and fled to “her” house. I imagine she meekly submitted to their arriving on her driveway – Yeah Right!!! Consequences lady, you have a totally the wrong attitude to the Police – you only run from them if you’re in the wrong – get it?

  • Mickrodge

    Piss weak reporting…again.

    What are the odds of John Campbell trying to squeeze more blood out of this stone this week?

    • Pukakidon

       He might have a different story had this bitch crashed head on into his families car!

      Bloddy Idiiot!!!

  • toby_toby

    ‘Pahina, who had been drinking, didn’t pull over and went to her Papakura home instead.

    “I was scared. That’s all I know. I thought that if I went home that I would be safer, but obviously not.” ‘

    What the hell? I just can’t understand that logic.


    Pissed and fell over.Just anouther example of the bullshit the police have to put up with from some sectors of this country,media included.

  • Bob

    I saw this and thought yeah-right, she is lucky that’s all she suffered, in the US she would have been tazzerd and had a good chance of being shot at. Pathetic of TV 3 as usual.

  • guest

    How much is this person bludging from the taxpayer per year to support her boozing and lawless activities? Fortunately we have a Police Department that helps to protect other motorists, pedestrians , children and society from the likes of this!
     GET A JOB !