Questions for Delegates to ask at Regional Conference

The big question for delegates to ask board members and the regional chair is who is going to take one for the team and run in Palmerston North, Rimutaka, Hutt South and Wellington Central?

In 2014 National will be losing support, and will lose electorates. MPs who lose their electorates will be utterly convinced they are vital to National and demand safe list positions. So there will not be many new list MPs, especially if they parachute in a few people who do not stand in seats.

This makes it really difficult for National to get candidates to run for them, unless they have looked after the candidates over the previous few years. National are notorious for not looking after anyone, so they probably will do nothing for aspiring candidates, and will be shocked when candidates don’t want to take six months off work, spend a lot of their own money and get nothing back for it.


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  • Le Sphincter

    Could you set up a table in foyer to advertise your candidate school.
    The poster would say 

    • Don;t need a table, plenty of direct contacts thanks to Trevor Mallard promoting it for us.

    • Spanishbride

       Anyone ever wonder why Wo and Simon were approached to run the school?
      Could it be, perhaps that there was a gaping vacumn where an active effective candidates college used to be. It is not as if they are choosing it over Nationals. National via Badfellow have not pulled finger and supported or encouraged new & upcoming talent. Badfellow is not a strategic thinker or a long term planner.Wo & Simon want the National Party to succeed and they are planning for the future. Something the National Party have not been doing, hence the issue being discussed now re coalition partners.
      The sooner the Buggers Muddle is gone the better. The National Party needs strategic planners.

  • Apolonia

    The more important question is,” who will their coalition partners be? ” Especially with the demise of Act, United and the Maori party, who are all likely to be missing in 2014. 

  • Rick Rowling

    Hutt South would be winnable by National if they ever stood anyone with any redeeming features there.